You practice a lot, but without a result

Why does hard work does not reduce your weight? Do you practice, actively walk and work hard every day, yet do not drop the kilograms? All this stagnation of weight can disappoint you and affect your motivation.

Do not let it affect you and lose your desire to practice an active life. Perhaps the same weight is a consequence of some bad habits.

Here are some things that can make you feel that despite heavy workouts you do not cut your weight.

1. Take hungry.

Skipping a meal before starting a physical activity? If it’s so, it’s time to stop it.

People who practice with an empty stomach the calories they consume come from the muscles, not from fatty deposits.

The more muscle mass they have, the more calories the body burns.

The meal you consume after exercise will help you save your muscle mass, at the same time you will get more energy to finish the workout.

More training is more spent on calories and fewer kilograms.

The best meal time is 1 to 2 hours before starting training or physical activity

.2. The prize for good training.

Many times after strenuous training, you are allowed to eat a cake or something else as a reward.

You may think that you can reward yourself with a meal, but do not expect results in downloading the pounds.

Many make that mistake, that with the training they burn calories.

Often these ideas are not met, and kilograms start to go up.

Because the training does not burn calories like we like or imagine. An example of an hour of aerobics consumes about 450 calories, and one chocolate has 500 calories.

The best recommendation is a meal after training to have 150 calories.

3. Eat very little.

It’s true that if you want a stout body you need to consume fewer calories than you consume, but too little calorie intake can be an obstacle to weight loss.

The human body has a defensive mechanism to withstand very difficult conditions.

When you are consuming too little calories, it slows down the metabolism and burning of calories and begins to store fat.

So at a certain moment, despite heavy workouts, the weight will stagnate. Women generally do not need to invest more than 1,200 calories per day.

4. Exercise as a routine.

It’s great when your exercise becomes an everyday habit, but it’s not good when doing the exercise without any effort.

Exercise is always the same type of exercise is not good because the body gets used to exercises and starts to burn fewer calories.

Then the weight will start to stagnate, that is, you will cease to lose weight.

For the best effect of exercise, the exercises, order, time, and intensity should be changed to have maximum effect.

5. Minor weight of exercise.

Weighing exercises form the muscles, and they speed up the metabolism, which helps burn more calories.

If you exercise at lower weights you will not increase muscle mass.

The best effect is to pick a weight at which you will experience tiredness of your muscles after 12 repetitions.

When you feel that with 15 reps you can easily achieve without effort, then it’s time to increase the weight.

Small muscle pain is normal, it’s not good if you experience severe pain in the muscles.

6.More sleep.

You may think that with less sleep you will be able to complete all the tasks together with exercise, that’s not good.

Less sleep affects the results you want to get with exercise, the opposite effect is expected from the expected.

For correct and maximum muscle work, they need enough time to rest.

Insufficient sleep reduces energy and metabolism and increases the need for food, which certainly does not support the desired result of exercise.

7. Problems with health.

When you do everything that is right to reduce your weight, and if you fail in this, consult a specialist.

There are certain health conditions that may affect your weight, such as chronic monotherapy, thyroid problems,

Sometimes weight gain can be a consequence of some drugs that you use. In such situations, professional help is needed.

8. Want quick results.

People want quick results of 1 to 2 pounds in a week, then you will be disappointed.

To see the benefits of exercise should take 2 to 4 weeks, the result depends on the persistence of everyone individually,

each has its own way of exercise. Patience is the main factor for success.


You need not lose weight. When you exercise and the situation remains the same, perhaps the body itself will give you the knowledge that the current weight is ideal for your volume and height.

The more you approach your normal weight, the more difficult you will be to lose weight.

Kilograms do not show your condition despite exercising.

Sometimes it may happen that the kilograms remain the same, and the appearance can be improved.

For the best estimate of the results of exercise, the volume of some parts of the body should be measured.

Weight can remain the same, and. the volume example of the waist to reduce a few centimeters …