You have less iron in the body

8 foods for the elevation of iron in the blood. The less iron in the blood is medically known as sideropenia. It is the most common problem in our organism, caused by malnutrition.

While malnutrition occurs when ingesting foods that contain in its composition.

Foods, but foods that do not contain enough iron for normal value to have in our body.

If such a situation occurs, it should be treated immediately with appropriate treatment, because otherwise, iron deficiency anemia may occur, which I showed and the following symptoms.

The symptoms of anemia are fatigue, dizziness, headaches, pallor of the skin, rapid heartbeat, hair loss, and other symptoms and signs.

Then, normalization of iron in the blood should begin to iron deficiency anemia.

Nowadays, there are many ready-made preparations, but there are also natural ways of bringing iron into the blood with adequate nutrition.

In the following article, we will write to you about which type of food is high in iron.


It is food one of the richest with iron in its composition. In addition, this vegetable is abundant with calcium, fiber, vitamin A and vitamin E, and of course not forgetting protein.

The best use of spinach is if you consume raw, but if you can not eat it, then you can consume it as a pie supplement, omelet, etc.

2. Lentils.

It is an excellent source of iron and is very rich in fiber. Because of these nutrients, it keeps the organism for a long time to not need food.

Another good quality is that it helps regulate cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. You can buy it in multiple ways in salads, sandwiches, soups and similar dishes.


It is an excellent source. They also have many vitamins, proteins, and small amounts of zinc and copper.

It can be prepared in many ways, in soups, it is done on a grill, then in various combinations with green beans and peas, etc.

The liver’s conservation should be moderate because it contains a high percentage of cholesterol, which can make other health problems.

4.Pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are an invaluable treasure of minerals. Apart from iron, they are very rich in phosphorus forage, magnesium, zinc, manganese.

Pumpkin seeds improve immunity, thanks to the antioxidants they contain protects the body from cancerogenic changes.

Therefore, you have to obviously have it in your diet.

It can be purchased as a finished product, or you can prepare them, first remove them from the pumpkin, and then you can bake them.

5. Red meat.

The red meat, which means veal, pork, lamb is rich in zinc phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B.

For better stabilization of iron in the blood, it is best red meat should be turned on at least three paces.

You can take care not to consume too often, it can cause adverse health effects. It can cause cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

6. A lot of chocolate.

Chocolate more precisely darkens abundantly with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as polyphenols. To a large extent, it helps against cardiovascular diseases.

It has anticancer activity.

Other ingredients very important in its composition include iron, magnesium. In the case of iron deficiency, you should eat several which is 3-4 times a week.

Buy chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa, preferably 60-70 percent.


The tofu is made from soybean, an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium.

It contains low levels of cholesterol, vitamins B and K, thiamine, riboflavin, omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, and magnesium.

Because of the nutritional ingredients, this product helps in cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, breast cancer, and osteoporosis.

 8. sesame.

Another very nutritious and healthy food that is abundant with iron. In addition to iron, it is rich in zinc, copper and vitamin E, magnesium and phosphorus,

For example, sesame is a very good means of combating osteoporosis, reduces cholesterol, and helps maintain blood vessel health.