A Simple But Effective Women’s best Diet plan

Women over the years need a change in diet plan because of the hormones they need in foods enriched with different nutrients. Apart from nutrition, good sleep, recreation, relaxation, and fun are needed. Women’s best Diet plan is something every woman should have for itself.

Some of the necessary nutrients the body does not always get through the diet, so they should be supplemented by supplements.

What supplements or supplements do women need in their diet?

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a major factor when it comes to maintaining bone health, being strong and overall better health for the whole body.

Good sources of Vitamin D are found in the following foods: eggs, cheese, salmon, cereals and milk. Let’s not forget about the natural way of getting vitamin D, which is through the sun and the rays.

Omega 3 fatty acids

These healthy fatty acids are good for cardiovascular health. Their consumption improves mood and improves our body’s immunity.

The foods that can be found are beans, pumpkin, flaxseed, nuts, salmon, leafy green vegetables, cold-pressed olive oil, algae, and other products.


They are very important for overall health and muscle tissue. Proteins maintain a youthful metabolism in women.

The most important sources of protein in the diet are meat, eggs, animal foods, while plant-rich foods, protein-rich mushrooms, green pepper, beans, peas, parsley, and other foods.

What are the nutrients needed for all stages of a woman’s life by their age?


During this period the following ingredients should be consumed:

– Zink
It is a very important mineral for improving healthy endocrine function and improving the immune system.

-Calcium and Vitamin D
These vitamins help the young skeleton have good bone mass, needed for long and vital life.

Iron is an important factor especially for girls in adolescence during the menstrual cycle. Since they lose a certain amount of blood, iron, and its stability help in a crucial way during this period of life.

Nutrition of women in their teens

-Vitamin B complex
During this period of development of girls, it is necessary to consume B complex vitamins. Their use provides support for cognitive development that is of great importance in this period of life.

Nutrition during the period of motherhood

In this most important part of women’s life when they need the most nutrients for themselves and their baby it is very important that their diet be rich in many nutritious foods.

– Omega 3 fatty acids
These healthy essential fatty acids serve to maintain healthy immunity as well as support in coping with physical and psychologically stressful situations.

– Folic acid (a B vitamin), is the most important part of the proper development of the baby’s brain and spine.

– Iodine consumption is great for normal thyroid function.

– The use of collagen is extremely important, but many do not know that after 20 years of life its production gradually begins to decline.


-In this period one should pay attention to several ingredients that do the following:

Keratin and biotin help maintain hair health, which has been gradually thinning over the years. Let’s not forget the magnesium that helps to relax the nervous system and allow us to have healthy sleep.

What to do after this menopause is over

Consuming curcumin can help maintain a healthy and balanced immune response in support of pain, and healthy heart and brain function.

Vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium are important for healthy bones. Then vitamin K2 helps our bones to get it. retain calcium, and allow the blood vessels to remain flexible.

Up to 30 years of age women can eat anything without impacting their health. After 30 years of life, the situation is changing.

The thirties

In the thirties of life women balance work, children, friends, and homework. Because of these obligations, the fast and stressful life the female body needs to consume iron, folic acid, and calcium.

18 mg of iron daily is needed to prevent the occurrence of anemia and stronger immunity. In the thirties, women need 1000 mg of calcium daily.

The forties

During this period of life, women find it harder to lose any extra pounds. Therefore, their daily diet must include as much fiber, calcium, and other nutrients as possible, but be of low-calorie value.

In these years the danger is increasing. Heart disease and type 2 diabetes. A daily intake of 25 grams of fiber per day is recommended, and potassium-rich foods.

You should eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. By consuming such foods, the body is fed and not consumed. an excessive amount of calories.

Over 50 years old

Regardless of her appearance, a woman should consume antioxidants, vitamin D and B, calcium, and other foods.


In today’s article, we get to know the best and healthiest diet for women. From puberty to fifties, we have summarized what diet to consume by age, as the years themselves require different needs

and amounts of vitamins, minerals. Use every woman your age to get good health and better immunity and overall better health.