Women Sleep need 20 Minutes more than Men

Studies show that men fall asleep faster than women sleep. That’s why they wake up harder than women. Women need more sleep than men, the question is why?

Various studies on sleep have shown that the female brain works harder than the male brain. Therefore it needs more time to rest and therefore needs more sleep.

There is a difference between a man and a woman if they are not sufficiently sleepy.

Men who are not sleepy enough will only feel tired, while women, if not sufficiently sleepy, may lead them to anger, depression, misconduct, and hostile behavior toward others.

Women, unlike men, usually do more things at once, so they are more tired and need more time to rest or sleep.

Research done at Loughbrow University in England confirms that women need more sleep than men.

The reason for their claim is that women’s brains are more complicated than men’s, which in practice simply means they need more rest and more sleep.

Their research included 210 middle-aged men and women. And the results show that men are more likely to withstand sleep deprivation.

While women, as we have already said, work much harder if they are not asleep and rested.

Why women need more Sleep than Men

Why is a dream so important?

When we sleep, one of the most important things we get during sleep is refreshing and restoring the brain. Without sleep, we cannot function and live.

Experts in the field make it clear that when we sleep soundly, in deep sleep, the cortex – the part of the brain responsible for the memory, separates from the senses and thus renews.

The more we use the brain during the day, the more sleep we need to refresh the brain.women sleep is important

How much sleep do women need?

We have read many times that 8 hours is a recommended  time so that we can function fully and be productive.

Because more of the female brain is created for both analytical and emotional thinking, doing more work requires more sleep.

Women between the ages of 30 and 60 average sleep for 6 hours and 45 minutes. While men are more restricted in their daily work and sports activities.

Women have concerns about children, housekeeping, and other tasks and responsibilities. According to scientists, the difference is 20 minutes of extra sleep for women than men.

Insufficient sleep is the cause of diseases in women

Studies show that if men do not sleep enough they are not affected by the diseases they may only have a headache. While women are in a completely different situation.

Women who do not sleep enough are at risk for various types of illness, depression, the development of some psychological disorder, and even the possibility of stroke.

Make Better Sleep Conditions?

One of the most important things, in order to have a better sleep for both men and women, is, of course, a good bedroom temperature.

Because of the monthly cycle, women need an ever higher, sometimes lower, temperature to adjust to their needs, which will make their sleep better.

Pre-bed rest is a must for a good quality sleep

Women think a lot about things, so they are often under stressful situations like family or work.

Stress is a factor that seriously affects sleep when we are stressed we do not have good quality sleep. Especially mostly during menstruation.

Therefore, attention must be paid to relaxation and use before bed.

Always have a comfortable posture before bed

The sleeping position is very important for women to have a comfortable and comfortable sleep.women sleep better if comfortable posture before bed

It is especially important that sleep is comfortable during menstruation in women. As they then have pain in certain parts of the body, so they must adjust their posture to sleep.

Other tips for a better women’s dream

Women should engage in sporting activities that will certainly enable them to sleep better and quality. They should avoid drinking caffeine drinks, especially not at night before bedtime.

Turn off cell phone notifications, as their message sounds can easily wake you up, and women, as we’ve already mentioned, fall asleep very hard.

Final conclusion

Although men and women need sleep, their sleeping hours are different. Studies show that women need 20 minutes more sleep than men.

Women have more responsibilities around family and other households and business things and their brains require more rest than men.

The woman has poor sleep and can cause a variety of adverse events and illnesses, insomnia is badly affected and can cause a variety of adverse events and illnesses.

So recommend that all men in the morning when to wake up, let their wives sleep a little longer than they should.