Why The Aerobics Exercise is Good For Pregnancy

If for any reason you think that physical activity or Aerobics Exercise during pregnancy is a little dangerous and risky to your health or the health of the baby you are

wearing and decide not to exercise while you are pregnant, read the following modern scientific research on these topics.

Perhaps now is the right time to change your attitudes and prejudices,

most often because of the outdated views of the negative effect of Aerobics Exercise in this condition.

In contrast to these considerations, new research firmly shows that

moderate physical activity is good for the health of the mother and the baby.

In the past, it was thought that exercising during pregnancy in any form could lead to the premature birth of the baby,

due to increased secretion of the hormone noradrenaline – one of the hormones that are responsible for contractions of the uterus during pregnancy.

These days, these thoughts are slowly changing, as doctors today are increasingly recommending light exercises for hard-working women.

One of the positive exercises during pregnancy is lowering pain in the

waist, improving sleep, keeping the mother’s muscle activity, and preparing for an easier childbirth.

Another important thing about exercise,

new research shows that not only does not have any negative effect on physical activity but that while is positive for both the mother and the child.

Mothers who practice physical activity of any shape, have reduced their

chances of gestational diabetes and their chances of high blood pressure have decreased.

The percentage of natural births increased in proportion to those with cesarean section, all in percent looks like this,

those who had physical activity 76 percent naturally born, while those who did not exercise 67 percent had to give birth by cesarean section.

If all this information makes you start sporting during your pregnancy, be sure to first consult your doctor.

There are several conditions, for example, twins, anemia, high pressure where exercise would be contradictorily forbidden for the mother,

so you should be in consultation
with the expert before starting any exercises.

If everything is fine in that case there are many exercise exercises.

Try yoga that can help prepare for baby birth, especially for those who first give birth.

Mountaineering is always here for mothers with less fitness.

More active exercises are cycling, swimming, and light aerobic exercises. Weighing exercise with only small weights.

Press each activity should first heat the body well and inject enough fluid,

be careful not to overdo it with exercise.

Experts recommend to pregnant women about 150 minutes, total weekly activity with an intermediate level of activity …