17 Steps for White Hair How to Stop?

We all often ask ourselves and we try to find a response to why the hair gets whiter. Scientists and dermatologists reveal all about the myths about white hair.

They also share ways to prevent the early appearance of white hairs on the hair. Here are myths and the truth about our hair and how to best care for it.

1. The hair is whitening out of stressful moments?

Many people believe that hair gets stressed out. Scientific evidence is not proven that it is really the case.

According to dermatologists, hair does not get stressed, but can temporarily fade more than usual.

Stress can only cause a slight change in the very pigment of the hair that will grow.

2. Which period of our lives whitening our hair?

Genes play a big role in bleaching our hair. Most often so we know when it starts to whiten our hair, we just have to look at our parents, because most often the hair whitens, in the same or similar time period as to them.

3. Let’s take the white hair in the hope that they will not grow new ones?

Randy Schuler has an explanation for this. Hair loss on the hair does not have any effect on the rest of the hair.

It can only happen with a hair loss, it can damage the follicle, which in turn can cause the new hair to not grow.

4. It relates hair whites to ethnicity.

That is true, the hair of the people of Asia and the African Americans is whiter than the others later.

5. Is it true the rule 50- 50- 50?

It is not true that with the very process of aging the body is gradually changing are in our body, so hair itself is not true.

Some of the caregivers made to determine if 50 percent of the population will have 50 percent white hair until their age of 50.

In 2013, a study showed that about 7 to 23 percent of people in 50 years of age had 50 Percent of gray hair.

6. Does dyeing hair accelerate her whitening?

It is certainly not true that hair dyeing does not affect the speed and time period of natural hair whitening.

7. The sun has no effect on hair whitening.

The sun may adversely affect the skin in some situations when it comes to hair, it’s not so dramatic.

In 2009, research was carried out according to which hair cells naturally produce hydrogen peroxide.

The skin begins to whiten when the secretion of these cells begins.

8 The style of life affects our hair.

Vitamin B12 is responsible for the hair’s pigment. According to a 2013 survey, smokers’ hair is whiter than those who do not smoke.

There is a link between smoking and faces that begin with to white their hair in front of them 30 years old.

9. Alcohol, fast food, and coffee.

These three things are harmful not only to hair but also to the full health of people. They can accelerate the aging and whitening of our hair.

To stay healthy and young hair, we need less to eat fast foods, flour, and refined sugar.

This type of food causes a decrease in energy input, and in return, we do not get anything useful.

10. Water plays an important role.

Its true water is very important for the hair, as well as for the general health of our body. When we do not enter enough in yes, we cause dehydration,

then nutrients cannot easily reach the hair follicles.

Insufficient hydration can cause premature hair whitening.

11. The good dream helps for healthy hair.

Very important work and very important is good quality and good sleep.

Dreaming helps to keep the hair young and slow down aging, and thus whitening.

12. The exercise helps for healthier hair.

With daily exercise, blood circulation increases, along with normal blood pressure, important elements in maintaining the hair.

With the circulation to the hair, all the essential nutrients that are needed are reached.

Simultaneous massage of the scalp of the hair will help to better the supply with all hope bin ingredients.

13 Melanin-rich foods.

Melanin is responsible for hair color, and for its production, it is necessary to eat protein-rich foods.

Make sure that chicken and turkey meat, soybeans and cereals are essential.

14. Copper is an important element.

The copper is exceptionally important, its deficiency causes early hair whitening.

Foods rich in copper are spinach, sunflower, lentils, almonds, mushrooms, and seafood.

15. Food was rich in iodine.

The iodine is an important mineral for healthy hair. It can be found in fish, carrot, banana, and spinach.

16. Do not forget the selenium.

The selenium we need to use it in our diet for the hair, by eating tuna, shellfish, salmon, corn, Brazilian nuts.

17.  Massage the scalp.

It’s best to massage the scalp with lemon and coconut oil.

This will give you youthful looks and freshness. To have a better effect, massage should be performed regularly and success will be inevitable.