Which Sport Today is best for your Health

To be in great shape you need to exercise and you are physically active and of course good and quality nutrition. Every organism needs exercise sports today and activity so that we have a healthy heart and lungs, of course, healthy and healthy. strong muscles.

We all have favorite sports today that suits us with the opportunities and time we have.

An example of lifting weights is a sport with. which increases the muscle mass, but for everyone that sport does not fit,

anyone who passes the whole day in his office needs the more intense exercise of 60 minutes, which will activate all the muscles of the body.

In the following article, we will show you sports today that is good for the whole body, sports that will improve your health in the long run, and not with short duration.

1. Running.

Running is in the group of aerobic sports. Great sports today for getting fitness, strengthening the legs and abdominal part of the body.

For all who want to reduce their weight, running is an ideal spot. Because more benefit is the lower body, for the upper part besides running, scientists recommend swimming or lifting weights.

Care should be taken on the joints because of possible injuries. As for calories in half an hour running, an average of 430 calories is lost.

2. Cycling.

Another very good aerobic exercise is cycling. Very good sport for the cardiovascular system, for a good body figure and for the appearance of muscles.

The risk of injury is very small, but you still need to wear a helmet and ride on marked bicycle paths.

Calorie consumption is about half an hour about 300 calories.

3. Basketball.

Playing basketball moves all parts of the body. Basketball as a sport helps for a good heartbeat and is useful for the lungs.

The very way of playing contributes positively to endurance and strength.

Constant jumping contributes to increased flexibility. In this sport, as in other similar ones, there is physical contact,

so that injuries can occur, most commonly stretching. In 30 minutes, 500 calories are consumed by this sport.

4. Swimwear.

One of the best sports for the whole body, especially for the cardiovascular system and respiratory organs.

For the best effect, you need a proper swimming technique, if you do not swim regularly,

you probably will not have much time at the same pace.

Coaches recommend after a certain distance of swimming, a little rest to get to the air.

This sport consumes about 345 calories in half an hour.


The sport that requires a lot of power to skip from one cliff to another.

Such sweats are not very useful for the heart, but on the other hand, they are excellent for durability, strength.

Due to the constant tension, these athletes have long and thin muscles.

Alpinists spend about 475 calories for half an hour climbing the rocks.


The sport that makes miracles for the heart, respiratory organs, endurance.

Whether you train in the water, or in a gym, this sport activates the muscles of your whole body.

The right thing to do when rowing is to do with the muscles of your arms, legs, and back, and not your shoulders. In 30 minutes, 300 calories are lost.


Play very much like tennis, a very popular game where the ball is being dropped from the wall, affecting the mobility of the entire body.

Permanent and intense exercise positively affects the cardiovascular system, strengthens the lower body and improves fitness.

Playing with the racket and jumps strengthen the upper part and back, and flexibility increases.

About half an hour is spent about 520 calories.

It is up to you to choose one of these sports, which suits you most according to the opportunities and time available to you.