What to Eat at Night, and What to Avoid

Should we eat in the evening? What foods to eat at night, are good or bad for our body if consumed? Although many people think that eating in the evening is harmful, or that it will make us gain weight, it is not so!

But first, let’s find out exactly what happens to the food we eat in the evening. What causes and how it affects our body. Since our body does not use the same amount of energy during sleep as when we are awake, excess food is stored in fat deposits.

These fat deposits lead to overweight, so if you do not want that, you should forget about late meals. Still, many of us can not go to bed on an empty stomach without eating a bite.

Therefore, if you already have to eat in the late hours, it is desirable to choose the right foods. These are foods rich in fiber that will not slow down your digestion, and thus will not have negative effects.

Not all foods are suitable for bedtime consumption – the midnight snack should be a low-calorie food.

 What to eat at night

Every day we hear how we should not eat before going to bed and which foods most endanger our peaceful sleep.

But there are many foods that, experts say, we can always eat before bed. Here is a list of what food to eat at night that is more acceptable for consumption late at night.

Tuna is food to eat at night

A tuna is undoubtedly a healthy option, but it is also one of the groceries that you can eat at night if you already have to.

Tuna is a low-calorie food and contains a very small amount of sugar, which is especially important for us.

For this reason, this fish is an ideal choice for a late dinner, and for those who have to eat something at bedtime.

Young cheese

The young cheese is another tasty and healthy food, which is considered to be eaten in the evening.

The advantage of young cheese is its composition, and it contains the protein casein.Young cheese

This exceptional protein is digested more slowly, so it provides your body with enough energy during sleep.


And turkey with its composition is certainly a good option for dinner. Turkey is on this list as the most suitable meat for consumption in the later hours.

Turkey meat contains a very important amino acid called tryptophan.

The role of the amino acid tryptophan is to slow down the process of digestion in our

What to eat at night, freely eat Honey

Honey is one of the healthiest natural ingredients that nature gives us. Although it contains sugar, honey is certainly a healthy option for dinner, and here’s why!

Honey, in addition to all possible healthy properties, has this power, to saturate you before going to bed, without fear for your health.

In addition to satisfying your hunger, honey will help you sleep better and have a good night’s sleep.

The golden ingredient in honey is orexin. Thanks to the chemical orexin, honey helps brain cells relax and prepare for sleep.

Green salad

A healthy option has always been lettuce at every meal. Green salad should certainly be on the list for consuming an evening meal.

Lettuce is a great food for the late hours because it contains lactucin.

Lactucin is a substance that has a relaxing effect and prepares the body for a peaceful and restful sleep.

Banana is the food we need to eat at night too

What to eat at night? Banana is a fruit on today’s list, which is an ideal choice for eating at bedtime.

This great fruit contains tryptophan and potassium, two key ingredients that are perfect for peaceful and good sleep.

On the other hand, this fruit is sweet, which in any case is a better choice than chocolate.Banana is the food we need to eat at night too


Another great selection of fruits that will help you fall asleep is kiwi.

Its effect on sleep lies in the high level of antioxidants and serotonin in its composition.

Cherry juice

Among the foods that stimulate better sleep is cherry juice, which helps increase the level of melatonin hormones, which make us feel sleepy.

Healthy fish, such as salmon or tuna, also produce melatonin because they are rich in vitamin B6.

Therefore, we put tuna first in our selection because it can lead to better sleep.

Sweet potatoes

If you have a few sweet potatoes leftover from dinner or lunch, feel free to eat them at bedtime.

The reason is that they contain potassium which helps the muscles to relax and provide better sleep.

What food we should avoid

Recall some of the foods that are not recommended at bedtime are broccoli, ice cream, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, and coffee.

Never eat this healthy food before going to bed, so that you do not lose sleep and go to work the next day.

Fatty foods, heavy meats, but also fatty cheeses and cheeses, should not be eaten at bedtime because they cause insomnia and raise blood pressure.

But the quality of sleep is also affected by some types of healthy food.

In addition, check who they are and try to avoid them as much as you can.

Cauliflower, broccoli

They are full of vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

However, you should not eat them in the evening, especially not at bedtime.

The reason is their composition because they contain fiber that is “digested” in the body for a long time and disturbs sleep.


Lemon, orange, and grapefruit are great sources of vitamin C, but experts advise not to eat them after 5 pm!

The acid from this fruit can cause various stomach ailments.

It can also keep you awake longer in the evening when you don’t want to.


Tomatoes are powerful antioxidants, they contain lycopene which keeps the heart and bloodstream healthy.

But do not eat tomatoes and tomato sauces in the evening because this healthy food often causes discomfort in the stomach and stomach.Tomatoes

At least three hours should elapse between sleep and dinner to give your stomach a chance to “digest” the tomatoes without any problems.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate that contains a high percentage of cocoa is extremely healthy and recommended in any diet.

But still, save on chocolate for breakfast or snack after lunch.

Dark chocolate contains caffeine which can make you feel anxious at night or stay awake longer.

Cereals and oatmeal

They are perfect for breakfast, but this healthy food is wrong to consume in the evening.

How would you react to a sleep disorder?

They contain sugars that are industrially added to the production, and they wake up the body.

Cabbage, kale, celery, and beans

Four more healthy foods that are useful if eaten during the day, but not after 6 p.m.

They need a lot of time to “digest” in the body and thus disrupt sleep.


Eating food in the evening is a daily occurrence.

Maybe not all, but many of us still feel the need to eat in the evening.

That is why we need to know what is good and what is bad for both health and sleep.

In the evening you can eat young cheese, tuna, honey, bananas, cherry juice, kiwi, and other ingredients that will not adversely affect sleep.

Avoid eating dark chocolate, tomatoes, cauliflower, and more.

In any case, it is much more important to choose the right food for everyone who wants to eat in the evening.

Use today’s tips and apply them in your diet, you will sleep easier and will not have negative health effects.