What is Heart attack Symptoms month days earlier

Heart attack symptoms month days earlier? When it comes to heart attack, it is often a sudden stroke, which unfortunately no one can predict with certainty. But nowadays with all the new technology and scientific research in this field are bearing fruit.

Research shows that people can feel for themselves the signals that their body sometimes sends to them a month before a heart attack.

In the United States, about 350,000 people die each year from heart failure. Heart attack and heart failure are two different things.

Heart condition is worse because the heart suddenly stops working.

Unfortunately, there has been a study recently that has seen patients who have had problems with the sudden stopping of heart function for 10 years.

During that time, people who were close to the victims and survivors were interviewed and their health records

The conclusion was that half of the patients had signs or symptoms before heart failure, in the form of shortness of breath and chest pain months before the heart failure.

How does a heart attack come about

For a heart attack to occur, the coronary artery is clogged first. When that happens, the blood does not reach the heart and it stops functioning.

It’s the easiest way to explain how a heart attack occurs. The tissue begins to die due to lack of blood and the person feels great pain in that place.

Only if medical personnel are currently available can prevent the attack, otherwise, the tissue is dead, and this can be fatal to the patient.

Heed the signals from the body

It is interesting to note that some of these patients realized that these symptoms were worrisome and called for immediate relief before the collapse.

They were most likely to survive cardiac arrest. This is a clear indication that one should not ignore symptoms of air and chest pains, but go to the hospital promptly.

How to recognize symptoms

What to do and how to recognize your symptoms before you have a heart attack.

Symptoms can vary with different heart diseases. The most important is to recognize the symptoms before an acute heart attack.

However, there are other symptoms that are unusual for a heart attack and many people ignore them.

They are nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. The problem with these symptoms is that they also have people with stomach ulcers, food.

But if these symptoms occur in patients at higher risk of coronary diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, higher levels of fat, then they should see a doctor immediately.

Also, flu and cold symptoms can mean a heart attack. Many people who have survived a heart attack say they had a cold or flu a few days before the stroke.

Women and men have different symptoms

In the elderly, or people with diabetes, it may be that they have not been

shown to have a cardiac arrest, except for shortness of breath and fatigue during low effort.

One-quarter of people who had heart failure had no symptoms,

half of them had one symptom, with most symptoms occurring 24 hours before heart failure.

symptoms are a pain in radio, while women often lack the air,.symptoms that need to pay attention are fainting and uneven operation.

coronary disease and heredity can play a major role in the possibility of stopping the heart.

Such persons may need to have a defibrillator pre-installed in order for the heart to function properly.


In today’s article, we have covered a topic that we hope will help many. A heart attack is something that no one wants.

So we tried to explain to all of us to know the signs, symptoms that occur before the heart stops.

Take care of your health because it is invaluable and worth keeping and nurturing. The saying should be respected, rather than cured.