What Healthy Food to Eat for our Body

What healthy food to eat for a great body and excellent health.? A combination of several nutrients is a powerful basis for food for extra health protection against many diseases. Food for extra health is very important in our life. At the same time, you improve the health and the thin line.

We will present you with a combination of foods you should use in your diet.

Green tea and lemon for a better heart and for a lower risk for the occurrence of cancer-related diseases.

And lemon and green tea are a superb combination that we need to use on our daily basis. It’s even better when they are consumed together in combination.

We know that lemon juice increases catechins, are present in green tea, which, with their greater presence, reduce the chances of cancer and heart disease.

Many times we put lemon juice in green tea for a better taste. In fact, something better allows, the absorption of antioxidants.

Green tea with black pepper for a better line of the waist.

Scientific research has proven that the absorption is increased by 130 percent. The ingredient is a substance found in the composition of green tea, which helps in faster calorie burning in the body.

If you directed me to a combination of half a teaspoon of black pepper, in green tea, the taste will not be the best.

But it will be great for achieving a thin line on the body, better than holding a diet.

Eggs together with red peppers for smoother skin.

Vitamin C in large quantities It’s found in red peppers.

Research shows that those women who have more vitamin C in their bodies have fewer wrinkles and the skin has enough moisture, so they do not have dry skin.

When preparing eggs to add red pepper and your skin will be grateful and beautiful.

Tomatoes and together with broccoli, a perfect combination of strong cancer protection. 

Both broccoli and tomatoes contain anti-cancer properties, and together they are a powerful combination of food extra health in the fight against cancer.

Scientific research reveals that this combination of foods successfully reduces the development of tumors in the prostate, but they have not revealed why it is so.

Professor Erdman of the University of Illinois has done a lot of research on the subject.

He said they know that tomatoes and broccoli slow down the growth of prostate tumors, however, it will take more time to find out the exact reasons for this.

Olive oil and tomatoes for better immunity and firmer skin.

The combination of tomatoes with olive oil is very tasty for consumption, and of course very healthy.

Eating tomatoes with olive oil improves the structure on the skin itself, improves its firmness, and keeps it young and beautiful.

In addition, research suggests that olive oil is good for lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that has it in large quantities in tomatoes.

Cereals and sunflowers improve immunity

The sunflower, in particular, its seeds contain an active form of vitamin E in its composition, which, as an antioxidant.

Protects the cell from free radicals. Simply put, vitamin E helps protect against cancer and heart disease.

The best combination is half a glass of sunflower seeds to put in the meal with cereals In this way, you will enter the daily dose of these substances.

Oat with strawberries for a healthy heart.

The oats contain a lot of important phytochemicals, which with vitamin C of strawberries reduce the bad cholesterol.

This has decreased it is possible for heart disease and reduced chance of heart attack. In the morning, eat oatmeal with fresh strawberries.

In case you do not have strawberries, you can put other fruits, the most important thing is to be rich in vitamin C such as blueberries.

Cranberry and apples protecting the whole organism

The cranberry and apples are rich in many antioxidants. When you get together you get a huge amount of antioxidants, much more than you consume it separately.

When eating an apple, take a handful of cranberries, and you have the maximum possible health benefits.

We hope to offer you great text to better know how to use the good food features that we listed and described.