what Are the Effect of Smoking on your beauty

10 ways in which smoking destroys your natural beauty. If you smoke cigarettes, you surely know how much smoking is harmful to the health of your lungs, your heart, your brain, and even your intimate life.

All these things suffer from your own and our bad habits. Many times in Discussions about smoking have been told

* I do not need to quit cigarettes, they do not count on me for my health or tomorrow it is not clear what will happen.

There is no need to shorten the pleasure of cigarette smoking. *

It is true that you do not see the negative moments of cigarettes and their ego

But if the bad outer appearance is the work of cigarettes, cigarettes do not only endanger your health,

they destroy your physical appearance.

The tooth, hair, skin, eyes, or in other words all the parameters of your beauty, will suffer as a consequence of cigarette smoking.

What are the consequences of smoking, which are visible and affect your natural beauty?

The natural glow of your skin loses. Smoking destroys what your mother gave you the natural splendor of your skin.

The term “smoking face” is accepted in medicine and a smoker who is used to describe the more beautiful those people

who are the result of smoking and are commonly common for most smokers, but not for non-smokers.

These symptoms are also visible as wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, prematurely aged skin and paleness of the tone.

The cigars in their composition contain carbon monoxide, which replaces oxygen in the

blood and nicotine that makes narrowing the blood vessels and in this way significantly reduce the flow of blood in the body.

By the fact that the body has reduced blood flow and lack of skin. The amount of oxygen and nutrients damages the skin,

making it dry and it loses its healthy color. Therefore, some smokers have a pale complexion, while others see inequality in the face of the face.

Fast aging and wrinkles. For the question of wrinkles are sometimes a sign of a smart and wise person with great life experience;

this is not the case when they appear on a young person who smokes cigarettes.

After exposure to the sun, smoking is the biggest cause of wrinkles.

With each smoking cigarette due to nicotine contains narrowing the blood vessels that feed our skin with oxidized blood and normal nutrients.

In this situation, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and creates a situation for the appearance of wrinkles,

most often in most around the mouth and eyes.

The eyes most suffer at the moment when we close them to prevent smoke from penetrating them,

and the mouth when we pull out of the cigarette.

The smoker’s skin is 4 to 5 times more likely to have wrinkles and be smoother than non-smokers.

The cigars reduce the intake of nutritious with, especially vitamin C,

which is an important antioxidant that protects the skin, as well as vitamin A.

In average, the face and skin of smokers look 1,4 years older than those who do not smoke cigarettes.

The skin is more relaxed. The tobacco of cigarettes contains more than 4000 chemicals.

Free radicals released during smoking cigarettes destroy elastin and collagen, which have the task of tightening the skin.

Swallowing the collagen, in turn, causes the skin around the eyes, throat, legs,

and hands slowly to lose its elasticity and strength, and then a so-called saggy skin.

Low wound healing. Nicotine is the cause of narrowing the blood vessels.

This reduces the oxygen-rich blood flow. Therefore, wounds need to heal for a long time.

Throws have more scars than non-smokers. Cracked lips yellow on teeth. All we want is a beautiful and shiny smile.

But cigarettes do the opposite.

Behind them, the lips lose color, they become pale and unattractive.

Also, you can notice the lips in the smokers are cracked, often with thin lines,

caused from frequent collection and movement If your lips are added to your lips,

you also add yellowish teeth that get this color from nicotine from cigarettes, you definitely lose it. the smile of your face.

The skin becomes thinner and diminishes. The effects of nicotine and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke affect hair,

it becomes thin and brittle without gloss. The carbon monoxide through the blood rapidly spreads to all parts of the body,

as well as in hair follicles and reduces the presence of oxygen in the scalp of hair.

Then the hair does not get enough nutrients and oxygen. It is shown that people who smoke cigarettes have twice as many chances of falling hair.

Strong circles around the eyes. Smoking is a cause of insufficient sleep, and the next morning it will be visible on the face.

It will appear swollen eyelids and dark circles around the eyes. Even smokers with a very long sleep do not guarantee that they have a night of quality sleep.

Thousands of times they feel not enough sleep rather than non-smokers. Why is that?

The reason for this is nicotine. It causes sleep interruption due to the need for nicotine.

We all know that poor sleep acts on the beauty of the face.

Cataract With smoking increases the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration which can ultimately lead to vision loss. The cataract means blurring the eye lens.

This condition is twice as likely to affect smokers than non-smokers, as sensitive blood vessels in the retina can easily be damaged.

Yellow teeth and brittle nails. Nicotine acts on teeth that receive yellow color, and the walls in the home also get yellow,

yellowing their fingers, and nails become brittle. All this happens because of less oxygen in the blood.

no femininity. You can try with various treatments for cleaning your hands, it’s best to quit smoking.

It destroys the natural smell. The cigarettes have an unpleasant smell, a bad odor of hair and clothes. It’s not pleasant when you embrace someone who has put out the cigarette.

For women, unfortunately, no perfume can hide the smell from cigarettes.

Most importantly, at the moment you quit smoking, your body will begin to regain its natural beauty, it is worth it try it, right?