What are Aronia Berries For Our Health

What are Aronia Berries For Our Health? Aronia (‎‎Aronia melanocarpa ), growing 2 meters in height. Its fruits are small, pale, dark in color. Most resembling a blueberry, the grapes are collected with about 15 berries. later it became known about all its healing properties.

According to the latest research, Aronia is a great anti-free radical. Its taste is slightly acidic, from which the lip gathers. It can be used as a dietary supplement and as a substitute for a whole meal.

Blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are the most popular fruit of the forest, but when it comes to the healthiest fruit, it is certainly the Aronia.

The time when the Aronia matures is the end of August and the beginning of September.

There are three species of Aronia

Black Aronia (Aronia melanocarpa), dark red (Aronia arbutifolia), and violet (Aronia prunitolia). Aronia is not sprayed by any means when it matures, therefore it is called environmentally-grown fruit.

Aronia is also called the food of the future because of its healing properties for humans. Of all the three types of Aronia, black Aronia is considered the best.

Much to the fact that it withstands extremely low temperatures, which leave no trace of fruit.

Dark red Aronia is the smallest of all grains. Three varieties, but it is the tastiest of all.

Aronia is also called a Siberian blueberry because of its resistance to low temperatures. It belongs to the berries. It resembles blueberries.

She contains many vitamins. Of the vitamins are A, C, E, B2, B6, B9 and exceptionally. an important vitamin that is very rarely found in vitamin P.

As for the minerals in the composition it has iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, and iodine. all these antioxidants rightly show that she is number one.

In today’s text, we will focus on Aronia and its best benefits for our health.

Aronia and its best benefits for our health

Aronia is the largest source of antioxidants

This is a fruit with more antioxidants than any other fruit. WHY ARE THE ANTIOXIDANTS IMPORTANT? Antioxidants are the guardians of cells in our bodies. Also, this fruit neutralizes free radicals.

The Aronia was compared with 276 other foods, with the result showing that Aronia is the number one antioxidant. The fact is that Aronia in 100 grams contains 3 times more antioxidants than the daily amount needed for our body.

It improves circulation and strengthens blood vessels

It is well known that Aronia improves circulation and strengthens blood vessels. She reduces the chances of heart disease. She also helps prevent other diseases such as diabetes.

Aronia contains a high percentage of phenol, which disinfects the blood, promotes faster wound healing. It removes toxins from the body, reduces inflammation and improves the elasticity of blood vessels.

With the Aronia to much better blood pressure.

Exactly so Aronia helps maintain blood pressure. Prevents spasms in the blood vessels themselves, which regulate blood pressure.

Those who have problems with circulation should drink Aronia juice or tea.

It helps people with diabetes

Research has been done on the effect of Aronia in people with diabetes.

Results show that Aronia not only does not increase the level of existing blood sugar. It even successfully reduces it. It is very useful for all people with diabetes.

Better stomach and digestive organs

All studies have shown that Aronia successfully helps reduce problems with ulcers, stomach, and diarrhea.

A 2004 study showed that Aronia possesses strong antioxidant properties, which help in acute gastric problems in mice.

This study suggests that Aronia can be a natural and very effective medicine for humans.

Dried Aronia can also be consumed, which is very good for people with kidney and gastric problems.

Aronia has an anti-cancer effect

The help of Aronia Cancer shows results and is very useful especially for people with bowel cancer.

Among the many studies done, it is interesting to see one done in 2003 that shows that Aronia is a natural protection against bowel cancer.

Protects the health of your eyes

The reason is the presence of carotene in the composition of Aronia, which has extremely good protection against cataracts.

Aronia is rich in flavonoids, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

Together we get excellent ear protection and protect older people from macular diseases.

With the Aronia to ideal body weight

Aronia helps our body stay slim. It does this by preventing it from creating fat in the abdomen. Which is one of the most common problems most of us face.

Aronia lowers bad cholesterol by turning it into good cholesterol.

Anti-inflammatory properties

All you need is regular consumption of Aronia, and in return, you get more protection from colds and flu.

With this great fruit, we get protection from bacteria, viruses, and better immunity.

This fruit gives us a better immune system

Collagen-containing Aronia is responsible for the regeneration and growth of new tissues, organs, cells, and blood vessels.

The presence of vitamin C is excellent for white blood cells, it provides protection of the immune system.

The composition of Aronia is 28.26% magnesium, 23.33% vitamin C, 13.95% dietary fiber, 7.80% vitamin E and 7.75% iron.


In today’s article, we have said a lot about Aronia, a fruit that is truly a rich source of healthy ingredients.

The mere fact that it can withstand the coldest temperatures, tells how special this forest fruit is.

It helps with its healing properties against many diseases. Aronia should be consumed, but not too much, 15 grains a day is enough for its benefits to our health.

Aronia is a natural healthy fruit that matures without using any chemicals, you should freely to consume.