What Aerobic exercise and Pilates is Best for Health

Aerobics or Pilates? What aerobic exercise and Pilates combination we can do for our health. Many of us are wondering what is better for health, for better looks, fitness, and many other issues. In today’s article you will learn all about the benefits of aerobics and pilates, it may be best to decide for yourself, but first the benefits.

We often encounter the following issues

  1. will you lose more weight than pilates or aerobics?
  2. haven’t practiced so far, so what to start with?
  3. I am 40 years old, so what can I start practicing?
  4. I practice for a long time, whether to combine aerobics and pilates?

These are the most common everyday questions we ask

In today’s modern times we all become more aware of the importance of exercise and physical activity.

The number of people practicing is increasing and it is really great for all of us because with exercise we only get more health and less disease.

Which is increasing the number of people in their older years who practice and exercise.

The age range is from 7 to 77, but it should be noted that most people who work out are between 25 and 40 years old.

Surprisingly, as we get older, more and more people are starting to engage in aerobic activities and Pilates.

Young people are certainly better off looking at their body, but over the years we have all become aware that we need to always exercise

regardless of age, because physical activity has great benefits and benefits to our health.

But let’s go back to today’s topic and the question most commonly asked about aerobics and pilates.

What is more about losing aerobics or pilates?

The general rule is that any exercise or physical activity that contributes to weight loss if combined with a healthy diet will result in weight gain.what Aerobic exercise

When choosing between aerobics and pilates, however, aerobics is better because it is a cardio activity that usually uses the big muscles and accelerates the pulse.

Go exercise aerobics for 60 minutes you burn about 600 calories, although it also depends on the weight and height of the people who exercise.

When you exercise aerobics, followed by music and rhythmic movements the time goes really fast, so you won’t even notice that 60 minutes have passed.

Pilates consumes fewer calories, but it has a strong effect on the muscles of the body.

Pilates better shape muscles and muscle fibers, which will last you a lifetime. The best effect is achieved by doing a combination of multiple activities.

Aerobics will burn more calories and help lose weight, while Pilates improves coordination, posture, elasticity, and toning of body muscles.

Do a combination of 2 hours a week of aerobics and 2 hours a week of pilates, so it is best to get great results.

If you do not have the time you can practice fewer hours a week, but always do a workout routine.

What is the best way to start practicing?

Exercise is an activity that knows no bounds and years, you can start as early as 60.

The human body is able to adapt quickly to new things, so it will be easy to get used to it if you choose to start exercising. your body can only benefit and better health.

Your body knows no bounds, so feel free to start without hesitation and without any fears. you feel better circulation and you will be happier and filled with great feeling.

Is age 50 a problem for aerobics and pilates?

For young people exercise will certainly not be a problem, but people who are 50 years old for example can freely start exercising.

You may have known, and maybe not, that after 40 years of life the body needs exercise, which will improve overall body health.

You will reduce any problems with the musculoskeletal system and may disappear altogether.

A combination of aerobics and pilates

The combination of exercise is great for the body and metabolism.

Pilates and aerobics combined only contribute to great health, better muscle because it will move all the muscles in the body, even muscles that we may not even know exist.

Which will train your muscles for an extended period of time, they will give you a good body and toned muscles.  The results will be visible after a few weeks of training.

What kind of food to consume

When exercising aerobics and pilates apart from the workout, the most important thing is nutrition.

The healthier we eat, the better the effect of the workout. Consume more fruits and vegetables, with these foods having the maximum effect of exercise.


In today’s article, we covered two types of exercise aerobics and pilates.

Aerobics is great for better fitness and losing extra pounds. more energy and less fat, and you will also have less stress and be calmer.

With Pilates, we get firmer and stronger muscles. Pilates improves circulation, improves body flexibility and muscle strength naturally. A combination of aerobics and Pilates brings excellent results.

Currently, the combination will get a healthy heart, lungs, stronger and more toned muscles, and excellent circulation. You can freely exercise has nothing to lose, can only get more health and a nice body.