3 Effective Weight Loss Strategies to Have a Slim Body

How to use effective weight-loss strategies and successfully have a perfect dream figure? Is it enough just to last 7 days to lose 5 kg, or do you need something more?

Weight loss will be followed by diet and exercise. Excess weight afflicts a huge part of the world’s population.

That’s why losing weight is one of the most common health and fitness goals.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly half of the US population has attempted to lose weight in the last 12 months.

The desire to lose weight results in countless weight-loss strategies and methods. Some methods are more difficult and some much easier, all together based on science, more on “experience”.

A recent study in one of the better obesity journals came up with some interesting details. The research seeks to identify effective behavioral (a set of habits and behaviors) and psychological strategies.

All this shared by people who have managed to permanently lose excess weight. The study analyzed volunteers who managed to lose 9 or more kilograms permanently over 3 years.

The study found several specific differences that set these individuals apart from other less-successful weight loss efforts.

Aside from the main difference – eating healthy foods, the differences included developing strong eating habits and regular physical activity.

They then included self-evaluation techniques (self-examination and supervision) and strategies for dealing with psychological stress.

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness

According to experts, this study once again confirms that permanent weight loss is a process that requires a careful and complete, comprehensive approach.

So it is not only the calorie deficit (which will bring results without a doubt, that is why most diets are successful, but only in the beginning) that will bring us results.

Only building healthy eating habits, but also physical activity, sleep and successful coping with stress can lead to lasting results.effective weight loss strategies

Another indisputable factor is an education in relation to all the previously listed factors. So when it comes to losing weight, you need to do more. we think with the head, not just the stomach.

In today’s article we will cover 3 strategies for easier and permanent weight loss, but let’s go in order.

3 Effective weight loss strategies

1) Form “firm” habits

Every successful, long-term weight loss plan has a need, ie it should contain ideas for lasting changes inhabits.

Taking steps to form lasting, firm habits reduces the chances of significantly varying weight in the future or regaining lost weight.

According to the results of the mentioned study, the volunteers who achieved the greatest success had adopted strong habits. These habits were related to a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

All of this makes sense and is not something completely new, but how do we get it or how do we acquire such strong habits?

One of the researchers in the study says that motivation, proper positive thinking, and perseverance are the necessary components for success.

One of the best ways to build good habits is to establish them first. Only then do we come to the point of finding the most acceptable way we can accomplish them.

For example, shopping only for healthy foods and their constant availability in the kitchen makes it easier for most people to resist the temptations that are common.

It is also easier for many, instead of completely changing a habit, to make it at least a little healthier.

Thus, gradually and much easier will come to the healthiest option. Take snacks as an example.

Healthy snacks may have a lot of calories, but they will saturate you faster and over time you will be able to handle the quantities more easily.

Another example, if you often eat out of boredom or stress, when that moment of need for food comes, find something else to make a place to eat.

Do some other fun activity or do some healthy activity, like walking or cycling.

Finally, something very important to understand is that progress towards weight loss is almost never linear.

What does that mean?

This means that progress is not always of the same intensity and that most people have periods when things do not go “according to plan”.

This should not demotivate anyone, on the contrary, it is normal and therefore weight loss is called a process.

You use diets in vain and you starve when the idea of ​​the “last day” and the return of old habits comes to your mind.

Nor should a good result motivate you to return to an old and bad habit.effective weight loss strategies

2) The process of self-evaluation or self-monitoring

There are several ways to successfully monitor weight loss. In the study, writing the weight of a graph proved to be the most effective strategy in this regard.

Calorie intake was monitored daily, setting a target value (usually in an application).

Monitoring physical activity has also been very helpful. The point of this monitoring is to create a sense of how decisions affect calorie deficit.

Also the overall feeling and how it is reflected in the progress in reality.

After a while, you will not even need such detailed monitoring, because the calculations for the calorie deficit will go “to mind”, and you will know which products and activities affect the weight loss.

According to the experts from the study, monitoring the results, in addition to giving us insight into where we are wrong and what we need to fix, but also gives us a sense of success and satisfaction after a good result.

This feeling motivates, and the motive is key to lasting change.

3) Dealing with psychological stress is effective weight loss strategies

Any changes in life can create a certain amount of stress for you. This includes changes in diet and physical activity, which are necessary for proper weight loss.

Therefore, the mechanisms for dealing with the stress caused by these changes are very important.

In the study, specific strategies for dealing with stress, such as thinking about successes already achieved and thinking positively.

Positively about the weight loss process, proved to be quite important.

They are crucial at the moment when we think that “something is not going according to plan”.

Therefore, experts advise you to write down even the smallest successes that have been achieved in the weight loss process.

Then remind yourself of your time and, most importantly, your motivation – something that you need to establish at the outset.

They also advise a combination of an honest and caring attitude towards self-rationality.

That will allow your emotions to not prevail, which is a risk of being prone to stress and returning some “bad pleasures”.effective weight loss strategies

Awareness of past successes and a positive attitude towards the goal will help you realize that many things are under your control.


Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.

As many as half of the US population tries a variety of weight loss methods and diets over the course of a year.

Fast weight loss diets have a result that is immediately visible after only a few days. But permanent weight loss requires .effective weight loss strategies.

A strategy that will not allow you to gain weight after completing the diet. Diet, physical activity, and overall lifestyle are prerequisites for an ideal body shape.

In today’s article, we have shown you 3 strategies that will successfully help you for permanent and not instant weight loss.

Good luck to everyone who wants to lose weight, and writes us a comment if we have successfully helped you with today’s tips for permanent weight loss.