15 Tips to Weight loss plan Without Sweating

Can it really get the weight loss plan without sweating, whether you can burn calories and keep your beautiful figure?

All of us want weight loss fast. But in the day has many activities, that are a chance to burn calories without feeling anxiety and staying air free.

We will show you in which situations you can burn calories, at least the calories from the last meal.

1. When driving on a bus, practice standing.

While on the bus, go to work or at a university, stand as much as you can, not sit on the bus.

when we stand, our muscles are activated to maintain balance and safety.

As long as we put forth the effort to stay on our feet. Then muscles are strengthened, and we consume much more calories than if we sit on the bus seats.

2. Drink cold water.

The cool water in addition which is refreshing burns more calories.

The body of a man constantly maintains the same temperature, when we bring cold water, the body works with more power.

In this way, it burns more calories. If we drink 8 glasses of cold water a day, our body will burn 70 calories more, than to drink 8 glasses of water at room temperature.

3. Have fun with your children.

All of us when we get back from work is very tired, the only thing we want is to rest. However, if we join the children and we play with them, we can burn additional calories.

For 30 minutes the game with children, we will burn 150 calories.

4. Sit down restlessly.

When you sit on a chair, try imitating nervous personals.

For example, often switching to your feet, shortstops, and sitting, stretching your hands and like things, burn 300 to 350 calories a day.

5. Learn how often you can shop.

Paradise shopping in the markets burns about 150 calories per hour.

Certainly, this number of burn calories will change if shopping is more than an hour.

Place the products in bags to take them to a car with hands, without a wheelbarrow.

6. On the workplace, watch to move as much.

Move more during lunch breaks while talking to colleagues, practicing how much more can you stand.

Be creative using every opportunity that is provided. Standing burns 40% more calories than seeds.

7. Eat more angry foods.

Angry food such as chili, angry spices, can accelerate metabolism by 50 percent.

The effect lasts up to 3 hours after you eat.

8. Park out as far away.

For a beautiful line, every step is extremely important. Make a plan, for example, exit earlier 20 minutes from home, so you have time to move more.

Usually walking burns 90 calories in 20 minutes. If you manage to do this several times a day, you will spend more calorie.

9. Body massage.

Massage helps with calorie burning. Only 30 minutes of massage is sufficient to burn 90 calories.

10. Home cleaning competition.

Make a plan when cleaning your home, for example, the toilet or kitchen to be more energetic, quicker cleaning will allow you to burn twice as many calories than slow or regular cleaning.

11. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator.

The lift is a useful thing, it helps to climb a certain floor, but climbing stairs will not only tighten your leg muscles, but you also burn 50 calories every 5 minutes climbing the stairs.

12. Cut the grass in the garden.

We often leave this job to the other members of our family. It’s best to you itself cut the grass in the yard. For 30 minutes, arranging the yard, you will burn about 140 calories.

13. Washing your car.

Washing your car yourself, not only saving you money, you will burn about 200 calories for an hour car wash.

Caring for the car requires more energetic movements that burn calories.

If outside you cleaned, then clean the car inside it, it will mean even more calories reduced.

14.Experiments with the wardrobe.

The dressing up of the wardrobe and the trials of various pieces of clothing burns up to 200 calories per hour.

15. Watch a horror movie.

Do you think about the movie you watch for the weekend? Watch the horror movie. The heartbeat’s heartbeat burns 113 calories while watching in an hour. According to research, some of the more scary films burn up to 184 calories.