Watermelon nutrition Benefits, and Why to eat

Watermelon calories and Benefits?The watermelon is a really sweet and refreshing fruit. In the summertime it is present at each table during lunch. The cold it is the tastier and the more beautiful it is to eat. It is a symbol during the summer, the True Symbol when it comes to healthy eating,

Watermelon was first discovered in Africa. In the 13th century, it was brought to Europe.

Then with the help of slaves, it was transferred to America. period of time nowadays it is grown everywhere in the world, but the leader in production in China.

Its prevalence is not accidental, because it has a lot of benefits and for human health.

Watermelon in its composition is rich with minerals and proteins.

The very important thing is its low caloric value, which makes it a superior food solution,

for everyone whether we are on a diet or not everyone can freely consume it the day regardless of the amount; we will bring.

With refreshment of the body, it has a hydrating property,

while due to the presence of vitamin C and beta carotene,

it guarantees extraordinary protection against various cardiac diseases and chronic inflammation of the organism.

The watermelon is successful in maintenance energy in the body. In the following,

we will get to know all the most important ingredients of the watermelon

and how they help maintain human health.

Vitamin A

The watermelon in its composition contains extremely important for our organism vitamin A.

This vitamin with its properties helps in the protection and health of our eyes and sight.

It is also known that vitamin A greatly helps to reduce the number of free radicals in the body,

for which we all know how they can impair our health.

Vitamin C

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, but many do not know that the delicious watermelon contains this vitamin.

Vitamin C is a true help our body when it comes to improving immunity.

In addition, it helps to easily recover wounds and injuries to the body,

prevents damage to the cells and preserves health and protects against dental caries.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6, which has the watermelon, is needed for the body to make a synthesis of serotonin and norepinephrine,

which are regulators of whether we will have a good mood?


It has always been thought that tomatoes are actually vegetables

that are the richest with lycopene, but that’s not true.

The watermelon. She contains the most lycopene, more than any other fruits or vegetables.

The task of lycopene is to protect our body from the onset of cardiovascular problems and diseases.


Bananas are a great source when it comes to Potassium.

However, all people do not like to eat bananas, for all of them, there is the watermelon.

And like bananas, it is rich in potassium. Potassium creates many benefits for our body.

Starting from strengthening muscles, improves our brain function.

The level of electrolytes keeps it always balanced and the right level.

It helps in reducing high blood pressure.

Amino acids

The watermelon has amino acids, arginine, and citrulline in its composition.

They are important elements for our organism, because of their capacity to improve circulation,

significantly protect the arteries and generally the overall health of the cardiovascular system.


Because of this fact, the watermelon makes real hydration of our body.

Due to its large amount of water, it has very few calories,

which is an ideal food for all those on a diet.

When buying a watermelon, it is important that the bark be smooth and not very shiny.

When we hit the bark, the sound should not be hollow,

and that part of the watermelon that was on the ground should be yellowish.

It can be stored in the refrigerator but no more than a week.

If we already cut it and eat only one-half, the other half is put in a foil in the refrigerator.

It is done to prevent drying and mixing odors from another type of food.

Watermelon oil.

Watermelon oil used traditionally is widely used in Africa and Central America.

Its ingredients are rich in protein.

It also contains a high percentage of unsaturated amino acids, of which the most common is linoleic acid.

at the same time as the moderate presence of saturated fatty acids.

despite the possibility that the healing properties of this oil are not yet scientifically proven.

The oil of watermelon has a taste like hazelnut,

with a pleasant and unusual taste, which is quite noticeable in salads.

Watermelon seeds

The watermelon seeds are very healthy and rich in magnesium and phosphorus are excellent for cleaning the kidneys.

In particular, tea from watermelon seeds is used for kidney stone,

because it successfully breaks down the kidney stone.

In today’s text, we have shown many properties and benefits of watermelon. meant for its nutrients, vitamins. The watermelon can be freely consumed without any negative effects on the human organism.