Water is the Most Important Thing

Water is the most important thing for the survival of the earth. Without it,  can not imagine the survival of people, plants, wildlife, nature are related to water.

People can live without food for a certain period of time, but not without water.

Of course, another thing that cannot be lived in the air. The liquid is the basic ingredient in our body.

It is represented by 60 to 70 percent in the human body. Each part of our body needs its use so it can function properly without no anomalies.

When the body comes in a situation so there is less water than necessary dehydration, in those moments the body does not function properly.

Even very little dehydration, immediately feels, there is headache, fatigue, less energy to work on everyday tasks.

It is great not only for maintaining vital functions, but the water also contributes to a more beautiful appearance and health.

It accelerates the metabolism, gives us more energy, hydrates the skin, helps us cleanse the body from various toxins.

In the following text, learn about the benefits we use with drinking the water, and how much they help us maintain our health and appearance.

1. Water helps with exercise.

It has the function of keeping the body temperature always in order, no oscillations. When we drink more water, we get more energy and strength so that we can exercise it more easily.

It also helps to regulate possible muscle spasms. We need to drink liquid always before we start during and after physical activity.

2. The liquid helps for faster metabolism and weight loss.

You may have noticed that with each diet is recommended consumed is on certain quantities of liquid to have a result in attenuation. If we drink 1-2 cups of water before each meal, our appetite will be reduced and we will bring in less food and calories.

When we drink the especially cold liquid, it accelerates the metabolism. In such moments the body consumes more energy to warm itself, and automatically to make it consume a lot of calories.

3. Increases the energy of the body.

The most common cause of which at the end of the day is that we are tired is dehydration. And on the whole a little dehydration, immediately our body gives signs that something is wrong, for example, we lose energy.

The water is the chief aide to the blood, to supply oxygen and other substances throughout the organism. Whenever the body has enough liquid, we have enough energy to work properly in our body.

4. Improves the processing of food in the body.

The water in combination with the fiber is excellent for easier and better digestion. When the situation is reversed, when there is not enough water, the body absorbs all the water, leaving the colon dry, what a challenging problem with the process of defecation.

5.More water, fewer kidney stones.

Experts in medicine say that when there is a water shortage in our body, kidney stone appears in adults and children.

The liquid is very important in the process of dissolving the minerals and salts that contribute to the formation of stone in the kidneys. We need to drink more often in order to reduce the chances of kidney stones.

6 The water as an ally against stress and better concentration.

The fact is that our brain contains 80 percent of water in its weight. Practically it means that with every slightest dehydration and less water intake, our brain immediately shows a reaction.

Inserting a small amount of liquid brings our body into a stressful state. The lack of this fluid counts and reduces the ability for good concentration in the performance of our tasks.

7. Successfully helps with headaches.

Headache can occur as a result of an insufficient amount of this liquid in the body. Often it happens when you drink water, stop the headache, because if we have previously mentioned our brain and with slight dehydration, it immediately shows symptoms that something is wrong.

8.How little wrinkles and acne by consuming this precious fluid

Water is a natural way to care for our skin in different ways. If we are in a state of small dehydration, it will immediately be felt on the face, with more pronounced wrinkles.

She affects the circulation, improves it and thus the skin becomes more beautiful.

It is only a work that should not be exaggerated, it is a frequent washing of the face.

the skin has its own natural oilskin protection, so if you frequently wash your skin, we will face dry skin and more pronounced lines and wrinkles on the face.

Council. Always have a bottle of water, carry it with you, when you notice that your body is looking for water, immediately Drink, because from drinking water you will have only benefit for your health and appearance.