Dietary Supplements for Vegans Food

All those who consume a vegan diet, eat exclusively vegans food. They do not eat meat, eggs, fish, dairy products, etc. To compensate for the nutrients of animal origin, they should find a suitable substitute for other foods. Many celebrities are vegan Bill Clinton, Jay Z, Beyonce.

These celebrities say vegan food is the healthiest and most humane. In today’s article, we will talk about exactly what supplements should be added to your daily diet.

Can you the organism to function normally without food of animal origin?

Omega-3 fatty acids

A vegan diet, or more precisely a plant-based diet, features foods that have omega-3 fatty acids somewhere higher and in some products less.

Consuming omega-3 fatty acids is particularly important for our body. Because they supply the body with healthy fats and contribute to human health.

For example, they reduce the chance of cardiovascular problems, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, improve children’s neurological development, prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

Alpha-linolenic acid is one of the essential fatty acids that the body does not produce, so you must enter through food.

The best option is linseed oil, beet, concentrates the algae are also an excellent solution.


Iron is needed in order for the body to have new and healthy cells.

It also helps to carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron can be obtained by both animal and plant nutrition.

Studies show that iron can also be absorbed through ration products. Iron-rich vegan grains are nuts, legumes, dried fruits,

dark leafy vegetables, mostly in spinach, and iron-enriched cereals. Iron is for easier processing and the use of iron in the body.

When it comes to ironing, care must be taken to ensure that it is present. in the body.


It is an indispensable nutrient for bones, teeth, muscles, and a better and healthier heart.

Calcium levels in vegans are lower than in vegetarians. The following foods are an excellent plant source of calcium, dark leafy vegetables, calcium-rich foods.

If someone is not getting enough calcium, they should replace it with dietary supplements.

For better absorption, it is recommended to consume it along with vitamin D.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an important role in a better immune system. it facilitates the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

This vitamin is absorbed exclusively by sunlight. In the day, it is enough to be exposed for 20 minutes in the sun to get the daily need of vitamin D

multiple sources of vitamin D are found in foods of animal origin.

Eventually, vitamin D can be found in cereals enriched with vitamin D. However, the best source of vitamin D remains the sun and its rays.

Vitamin K2

This Vitamin K helps to make blood clotting easier and wound healing.

Vitamin K can be found in two variants K1 and K2. K1 is mostly found in plants and dark-green vegetables. While K2 is found mainly in dairy products.


We all know that proteins are something without which the human body cannot function properly.

As a rule, every meal should be made with protein. They break down into amino acids.

Proteins stimulate cell growth and development. Vegans don’t eat meat, so they eat it. a new source of protein is needed.

The best options for protein intake of plant foods are beans, soybeans, and cinnamon.

What to use when eating a vegan diet

There is a lot to be careful about when choosing foods. Many, even when fasting, are obese because they eat a lot of bread and pasta instead of meat.

When you have already decided on a vegan diet, it should be because you have decided on a healthy diet.

Which is vegan food, which does not mean it is healthy food.

For example, if you eat chips, french fries, and the like it is vegan but not a very healthy food choice.

Be careful how much you eat soy

Soy is promoted as healthy food. Although many scientists have argued about it.

Many argue that it is not such a healthy choice, but the prevailing opinion is that it is okay to eat until it is overdone.

soybeans that contain a lot of sodium and preservatives. The best choice is soy milk.

You can dine at a restaurant

Nowadays, as vegetarian food is available in restaurants, more and more vegan food can be found on the restaurant menu.

Get used to the vegan diet slowly

getting used to a vegan diet is not easy. Getting started takes time and persistence.

It is best to gradually eliminate animal feeds and gradually replace them with vegan or vegetable foods.

The gradual change will help you get used to it. a vegan diet without stress because of a change in diet.

Always read the packaging

Be sure to read vegan packaging when you consume vegan food when buying a particular product.

Vegan food and its price?

Meat is the most expensive, although many people think that a vegan diet is expensive because you have to buy a lot of groceries.

When you buy vegetables instead of meat, eggs, cheese you will find that the vegan diet is not as expensive as some might think.

You will be happy

Not only animals will be happy that you switched to plant foods. You will be happy to eat vegetarian food yourself. It is because you consume less arachidonic acid, which affects your mood, the less happy you are.