Toxins in Body, how to Clean naturally

Very often we feel powerless, the coffee we drink does not help, we eat but we feel bitter, all these are symptoms that something is wrong, that our body, has many toxins in the body that cause this condition.

Experts have calculated that human 70 years, consumes about 100 tons of different foods, drinks about 40,000 liters of liquids.

From this figure, we mentioned a fifth are foods that our body can not digest, can not use as energy.

The fact is that in our body there is waste that is collected in the body. The list of foods that stay in the body is really big, which is understandable when you consider the years and the amount we consume.

These foods include a variety of refined sugars, grains, caffeine, alcohol, fried foods, and fats, foods with chemicals used to extend the shelf life of products, fast food, dry food, and the like.

All of this has the effect of introducing a small amount of water, which is extremely important for food processing, irregular nutrition, and other bad habits.

Estimates are that in our lifetimes, we accumulate about 15 kg of toxic waste, which needs to be cleared from the body since that toxic waste can be the cause of various diseases.

Hippocrates has long said that all diseases originate in the intestines.

To date, all nutritionists and many physicians support this view. Toxins can cause gout, diarrhea, asthma, allergies, arthritis, and various inflammatory processes.

Liver fading and digestive system problems may occur.

What are the most common symptoms that your body is full of toxins?


Whenever there is a large amount in our body, it is manifested through sleep or insomnia.

Sleep in most cases is associated with the liver and its problems at work.

To purify the liver naturally it is best to beverage broccoli, cauliflower drinks. and similar vegetables.


When you have a chronic headache, more precisely when it recurs, it means your body is full of toxins.

A greater amount of toxins is a sign of a migraine headache, follows a period of headache reduction and disappearance.

Change the color of the tongue

The tongue is a great indicator to know that something is wrong with the body.

Food and its harmful substances can disrupt the digestive system, and so does the tongue.

When our body is full of toxins, it is immediately detected in the tongue, some of it changes color to white or yellow.

Feeling of heat

The most natural way to get rid of toxins from our bodies is through sweating.

When there is an excess of toxins in our body, the body is heated more to expel them from the body.

So sometimes even though it is cold, we feel warm.

Fatty tissue more than normal

Toxins that accumulate in our organism through food, drinks help to build up fat in the stomach.

This is due to the fact that toxins find shelter in the abdomen, and thus we are in a position to accumulate fatty deposits, to remove you need detoxication.

Constant tiredness

When you feel tired and powerless, even though you have not had any physical work, then it is a sign that you have toxins that need to be removed from the body.

Coffee and caffeine are often consumed in such situations, in the hope that this will help caffeine will only improve your current state

for a short time, but it will not last long, for a short time you will be tired again and without energy.

The only thing that can help in detoxification of the body.

Tired eyes

Poor nutrition, insufficient sleep, and increased stress are signs of toxins in the body, expressed by tired eyes.

In that case, you need to consume more water…

How to get rid of toxins from the body?

  • Water is the first thing you need to increase and consume to get rid of toxins from your body.
  • Exercise is also very important for reducing toxins. It is enough 30 minutes a day of exercise for a healthier body and fewer toxins in the body.
  • You should also clean your tongue when brushing your teeth because toxins accumulate on its surface.
  • Eat healthy foods and avoid sugars, meats, practice eating more fruits and vegetables.

Quick recipes to reduce toxins

Carrot – Grate 2 carrots and eat them. By eating them you will immediately destroy the parasites and prevent your body from further infecting the parasites.

Coconut – Consuming coconut is great for toxins and the destruction of parasites.

Tomatoes – Eat this wonderful vegetable and purify your body.

Lemon and mint – make great juice toxins from these two foods and drink them freely whenever you can.

Recipe for cleansing the body of toxins

– 1 cup freshly squeezed apple juice
– 2 tbsp squeezed lemon juice
– 1 tbsp ginger juice
– 1 tablespoon of sea salt
– half a glass of warm water

Take a bowl and heat the water in it, just be careful not to boil it.

Pour the heated water into a glass and add sea salt and mix until melted. Then gradually add the ginger, lemon, apple juice, and mix well.

This drink will allow you to clean up toxins as well as improve your overall health.

It works best if you drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. All the ingredients we use are extremely good with a wealth of minerals,

vitamins and antioxidants drink more water throughout the day to get even better benefits from its use.

If you have a serious health problem, consult your doctor before using this drink.


In today’s article, we have focused on the health of us all, and the need to remove toxins from the body.

As we have noted over the years, they accumulate in our bodies, a process we all go through more or less.

Food, alcohol, sugars, and the like. We’ve shared the symptoms that are characteristic of toxins, and tips on how to get rid of them.

We hope the topic is quite interesting and that many of us will take the advice and improve our health, will have a body without toxins and all will be healthier and happier.