The Healthiest Drink, you Must Consume Every Day

The healthiest natural drink. Say goodbye to the clogged arteries and too bad cholesterol and to high blood pressure. In the following text, we will present you with a recipe that will surely reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the body, on the arteries, and will normalize your blood pressure.

In today’s modern lifestyle, it exposes us to many harmful substances that cause various conditions in our bodies.

Recipe lemon and baking soda

Prepare the following, a recipe for you need to take the next 1 kg of lemon, one baking soda, five to six crushed parsley, and twelve glasses with water.

First, wash the fine lemon with cold water, then transfer it to hot water, add the baking soda, mix the mixture, and let it stand for an hour. Rinse the lemon and place it in a new amount of water.

Cut the parsley finely and add it to the mixture it cooks for about two to three hours in low heat.

They should store the made drink once it cools well in the refrigerator for 20 days. When you drink from this drink 4

teaspoons must be consumed on an empty stomach together in combination with 30 to 40 milliliters of pure tomato juice.

Tomato juice is not mandatory, but it is desirable to consume it. The lemon has a shelter applied to households, for example doing neutralization of the unstable residues of odors in the fridge It also helps in our body.

It contains potassium, helps regulate blood pressure. the healthiest drink helps maintain mental health, and thanks to lemon increase energy.

Lemon is a very strong diuretic, which means it helps there is no water retention in the body, and it cleans from all the toxins in the body.

The lemon in combination with water helps to reduce respiratory problems and provides better breathing. It reduces inflammation and can help fight against acne.

The lemon juice helps when you have a toothache, removes toxins from the blood. Bits of help fight free radicals that cause signs of aging. You can drink it with water and a little honey.

The pigment is excellent because it has its own composition many vitamins K, B12, C, and A. It has a great role in preserving the nervous system and immunity of our body.

Reduces excess fluid and regulates kidney function. With regular consumption of parsley, they regulate blood pressure regulation.

The pigment contains the folic acid line, which represents a true tonic of our heart.