Swimming the Benefits to have a Perfect body

Swimming the Benefits to have health. Swimming is a sporting activity that is extremely healthy for all of us. This sport is great for everyone, regardless of age. Swimming has existed since people existed long ago in many storybooks.

Swimming has many benefits. The original swimming competition was held in Europe around 1800. It first appeared as a discipline at the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896.

One of the most important benefits is the great performance of heart and blood pressure. When swimming your joints and spine is not loaded like in other sports the muscles of our body.

Another very important feature of swimming is increasing the capacity of our lungs. Therefore, people with asthma are recommended to swim to strengthen their lungs.

According to a study by scientists at the American Institute of Seattle, women who swim five times a week have a 20% lower chance of developing breast cancer.

Athletes who are already involved in sports add swimming as a supplement to their exercise regimen. It is also recommended for anyone with joint problems.

You can also do water exercises such as aerobics in water, running in water, and the like. This exercise is good for both pregnant women and people with leg pain or lower back pain.

For all beginners in swimming, it is very important to master the technique of breathing. Once you have learned the technique of breathing afterward you will be able to swim faster and improve the effectiveness and results fromSwimming the Benefits

harmonizing breathing with body movement. This will increase the ability of the lungs to absorb more air.

Breathing techniques depend on the style of swimming

Swimming is a great sport for people who are overweight, Swimming suits them because they cannot practice every sport.

Swimming in freestyle for 30 minutes burns 350 calories. If we swim in the heaviest style dolphin burns 400 calories.

This great sport reduces fat especially when you swim on the back. Swimming will save you more energy and flexibility. Swimming strengthens all body muscles in the arms, legs, stomach, back, and chest.

Experts recommend 30 minutes swimming daily, or three times a week, depending on the time available and the daily commitments.

Swimming for 30 minutes replaces 45 minutes for the dry activity.

It relieves stress and improves sleep

All people who are actively engaged in swimming have less stress and better sleep. It has a similar effect on yoga.

For example, while swimming you are focused on your breathing rhythm while listening to the noise of the sea which has a relaxing effect.

When we swim in the water we do not feel our true weight. For example, when we are in the water up to the waist we feel 50 percent of the weight, and when we are up to the neck, then only 10 percent of our weight.

Due to this weightlessness, the presence in the water and swimming is pleasant and relaxing for our body.

This physical activity is also recommended for people who have various injuries because in the water we do not feel the weight, and it helps to recover from injuries.

Who swims is much happier

It is absolutely true because of the release of the hormone endorphin, more precisely the hormone for happiness and good mood. It also improves the memory and functions of our brains.

Slower heart rate

In addition to strengthening the muscles of the whole body, as we mentioned earlier, it strengthens the most important organ in our body’s heart.Swimming the Benefits

Swimming itself stimulates the work of the heart and pumps blood.

It improves blood vessel health and helps reduce the chance of blood clots and Arteriosclerosis.

The American Heart Health Association says that 30 minutes of swimming a day reduces the chance of coronary heart disease by an excellent 30 to 40 percent, which is really great.

Anyone who wants to have beautiful skin should swim

More precisely swimming in the sea has a positive effect on the skin, while swimming in the pool does not have such effects because of the chlorine in it.

The seawater itself is full of magnesium, sodium, and calcium, which nourish the skin, giving us healthier skin.

Swimming at sea greatly improves its appearance due to detoxification and hydration. It helps reduce psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

By swimming for longer life

We are all aware of the fact that every physical activity improves health and vitality, swimming largely extends life.

One study was conducted over a long period of time. Respondents were aged between 20 and 90 years, and the study lasted 32 years, showed that those who swim regularly had a 50 percent lower chance of death than those who only ran or walked.


Today’s topic of swimming is really worth reading for all the benefits we get from this physical activity.

We get a whole lot better body health, healthy and strong muscle, a healthier heart.

Swimming has only positives for us, so swim freely whenever you are able, you will be healthier and live longer.