sweet products yes, but no too much

We like to cope with sweet products. We’ve often been in a situation when we see chocolate in front of us, which we have already eaten half and we are thinking of eating the rest, not leaving it for tomorrow.

We are anxious when we will forget to buy our favorite croissant with cream.

So every day we find ourselves in various situations when we feel a strong desire to eat chocolates and other products.

In some ways, we become dependent on them. The truth is that we can really become addicted to sugar.

When only on a certain case we feel the need for candy products, it’s not worrying, it is now if this desire arises very often it’s time to take something around it.

Too much eating of sweet products creates various problems like increased body weight, problems with teeth are easier to break down, flatulence of the stomach, and others.

Whether eating sweet products is a habit, or need, it can change.

Tips on how to reduce the intake of sweet products, and of course to be within the permitted range, and the level of sugar to be normal.

1.From the eyes.

When an example of chocolate is in front of you or in your vicinity, it’s very difficult to resist it, and you will probably eat it.

While chocolate is not in your vicinity, there is a greater chance of staying for another day. Or if you need to go to the supermarket to buy some sweet pleasure, there is a great chance not to go.

2. Coffee and tea without sugar.

Gradually, for two to three days, reduce the amount of sugar in tea and coffee. In this way, you will slowly train the body to satisfy less sugar.

For example, if you drink tea with 2 tablespoons of sugar in about two months, you will get used to drinking tea with less than one tablespoon.

3. Avoiding sweets.

When the time comes to eat something like chocolate tries to withstand 15 minutes. The strong need for eating something sweet lasts for up to 20 minutes, after which the desire is lost.

Try to keep it for 15 minutes, after which you either completely leave it for another day, or you eat less than usual.

4. Washing your teeth helps to wean the sweet products.

When the time comes for eating sweets, immediately brush your teeth, after washing your teeth you will not really like the taste of chocolate.

5. Chewing gum.

If you want to get rid of eating sweets, always take a pack of chewing gum, it will help you not think so much of the sweet products.

6. Gradual reduction of sweets.

The best and easiest way is the gradual weaning of sweet products. Once thrown out for some sweet pleasure, you will notice that this product will no longer need you.

Make a combination. Do not try to remove the sweets at once. If you try it so you will one day eat everything that is sweets in your kitchen. It’s best to make a combination.

For example, half a chocolate and apple or banana, so you will saturate yourself, and you will not enter only sweet. Much better take one tablespoon of honey, which is a much healthier alternative to the diet.

7. The poor mood justification for eating sweets.

We were in a situation when something did not as we want or we were depressed, in such situations, we eat more sweets, it’s still called an emotional diet.

The sugar helps for a better mood. However, try when you need to eat chocolate, talk to a friend.

8. Drink water.

In fact, the moment when you eat a sweet dessert, the body is dehydrated, so before you eat cake drink is a glass of water, you may lose your desire for sweets.

9. Go eaten regularly.

Less sugar in the body is when it is not eaten regularly, then there is less energy in the body.

The brain at such moments sends signals for rapidly charging the batteries in the body. Consume 5 meals a day at intervals of 3 to 5 hours.

10. Go shopping after lunch, do not go hungry.

Because if you go hungry, because of the low sugar level, many candy products will look attractive to you, while you go eaten will not buy as many candies, and you may save from your home budget

11. Do not eat in front of a TV or a computer.

It’s easy to get in front of a computer and forget how much you eat and swallow candies with them.

Or, at least, when you eat, look at the sweets. In that way you gonna send information to your brain, and maybe you will stop eating sweets.