Tips for summer sleep much better

Increasing temperatures in the summer can disrupt the atmosphere in your bedroom, shorten your dream, that we all need to rest and prepare for the next day’s tasks. To sleep every summer night nice and easy, in the following text, we will present you with some tips.

1 Place the wet bedding on an open window.

Then the air will have to pass through the wet bed, while the passage will cool down, and as such it will enter the room and will lower the room temperature.

2 Bottle with ice or a bottle of frozen water before the included fan.

In this way, you will improvise a cooling air conditioner. This is a very effective way, known earlier, to get the much-desired cold air in your home. When you turn on the fan, you will feel the air cooler. Be careful not to direct it directly to the place where you sit.

3 Put a little baby powder on the bedding.

The powder has the capacity to absorb the sweat and thus keeps the bed linen cooler

.4 Do not cover your feet, they are your source of energy when covered and your body is warmer.

It’s best if you cover yourself when you sleep, leave your legs uncovered.

5 Lower the blinds when it’s a hot day.

Whenever the sun is strongest, try not to allow the sun’s rays to get in your home, to reduce the blinds. The blinds are successful solutions because they reduce the heat in your home. For 45 percent, which is certainly great.

6. Put the bedding in the fridge?

Although this peak may seem a little funny, experts are instructed to put bedding in a refrigerator for an hour before using it in the bedroom.

First, tie them nicely so that they do not take up much space, put them in bags, and freeze them in the fridge.

When it’s time to sleep, remove them from the fridge and cover them. The effect can be short-lived, but enough to fall asleep easily.

7 Get a shower with cold water as much as possible.

When you are finished with a shower, do not completely wipe it, leave the skin of your body to remain slightly moist.

8. Place your feet on a plate with cold water.

The ankles and legs have pulsing points that affect the temperature of your body. When the weather is warm, place your feet in a bowl with cold water and cool the body.

These pulsating points are located on the neck, and on the ankles of your hands, when you cool, you will notice that you will feel refreshing your body.

9 Use cotton linens.

We want to use satin bedding in the bedroom, but we try to cancel the summer period.

All synthetic materials do not absorb moisture, unlike them, cotton will absorb your sweat from your body and you will feel comfortable and pleasant.

Do not forget that the pillows, which contain foam for filling, create more heat

10 Observe the sleep position.

Interesting is the fact that the human body generates heat at 100 watts per hour. So, when it’s hot, it’s best to sleep away from your partner. The best sleeping position is with the spread of your arms and legs, so at least you will not create heat around your body, and sleep will be better.

11.Height at the place where you sleep

Always the heat rises, you sleep at a lower height so that it will be cooler and more comfortable If you sleep on the lower floor of the house or on the floor if you do not fall asleep in a cool bed.

12 Use socks with cold rice for cooling.

When you need a quick cooling, use the rice as follows. Take the rice into a sock, fasten it and place it in the fridge for an hour. when you go to sleep, you will have  20 minutes with cooled rice, we hope to get sleep This procedure can be used for wintertime, but this time for warming.

13 Use very little wet roofing linings.

Put some water on the bedding. This will help to cool down and make it easier to fall asleep.