Summer and Skin Care

Summer comes a little more. In summer, taking care of your skin should be your priority, because sunlight can be harmful when the temperature is very high.

Skin Care definitely does not mean that you should be under a shadow all the time, but you should also look carefully for the skin when it is exposed to the sun.

Buy a sunscreen with a factor of 15.

Avoid the sun when the radiation is strongest, and when you must be exposed to the sun, moisten with a sunscreen with at least 15 factors.

Children have more sensitive skin, they need it and use at least 30 factors.

Fewer than 6 months old should not be exposed to sunlight at all,

When you are somewhere at high altitudes, in places with tropical climates or with higher humidity, make sure to use a cream with a higher protective factor.

Also, be careful when buying a sunscreen, be with the protection of as many types of rays.

Take care of the label.

Take creams that contain zinc and titanium dioxide, they are excellent protectors of your skin in summer

Do not use creams that contain perfume or other substances that may cause an allergy. Always before using a sunscreen first put a bit on your hands and wait a bit to see if an allergic reaction.

You will then be sure that there are no signs of an allergy to continue applying the body.

Check the shelf life.

Usually, the shelf life of sunscreens is 12 months, which means the one you used last year, will not use this summer.

It’s time to apply the cream.

It’s best 30 minutes before going out in the sun, moisten with the cream, then it is the most useful protection.

Create enough quantity of cream. Many people make mistakes by infusing a small amount of cream. It’s best to put 30 milliliters so that the entire body of an adult has an appropriate moisten with cream.

Take care of your lips, ears, neck.

You should take care to apply sufficient cream to your ears, neck, lips. The most important thing is to put a cream on the neck, face, and shoulders because they are the most exposed in the sun. It can also protect the lips with a balm of lips with a protective factor.

Apply sun cream every 2 hours.

Experts recommend every 2 hours to renew the cream or apply a new layer again. If more often you get into the water to swim, then you need to put more sun cream.

.Sunscreen is also applied when it is cloudy.

Whether it’s sunny or cloudy, sunscreen should be applied in the summer period with a shielding factor.

Avoid the sun from 11 to 17 o’clock.

During this period you need to get rid of it exposure to the sun’s rays, then the radiation is the strongest, and the skin can get damaged.

When you sunbathing you should do it gradually.

In the summer period, we all want to get a quick color and get dark skin, but beware do not make a mistake, and the first day to sunbathe a lot of time.

It’s best to sunbathe for the first day for 10 to 15 minutes, and then every day you gradually increase the time spent in the sun. In this way, you will get a nice tan, and you will not have unpleasant burns on the body.


And the eyes will be felt by the harmful influence of the sun. Get sunglasses with protection.

Get clothes for extra protection. It’s helpful to wear clothes that protect against sunlight, although this is not sufficient protection from the sunlight.

Because the sun’s rays can pass through bright and transparent clothes and reach your skin again.

When using sun protection, it’s best to be dark in color and not to be transparent.

Cotton clothes are the best because allows the skin to breathe. Put a hat, it will protect you and your face. Use these rules and enjoy the summer.