Sugar cookies Healthy or Not for Our Diet

Sugar is a white crystalline carbohydrate. We eating everyday sugar cookies. Sugar finds it in nature in many plants. It is most present in sugar’s composition cane. The sucrose is obtained by the extraction of sugar from sugar cane or sugar beet. The fructose is a sugar got naturally from the fruit.

Lactose is a sugar that naturally has in milk. These sugars in our body arrive in the bloodstream as glucose.

The glucose is used by the body as energy.

How does our body use sugar?

Carbohydrates are converted into glucose, that glucose is used by the body as the energy we use to function and have the strength for everyday tasks.

The energy that will remain unused in our body is stored and converted into fat.

For our body, our organism has proper the amount of sugar and its proper use, the food should be allocated,

that is, to eat properly arranged meals during the day so that we have a normal blood sugar level.

Of course, we should avoid large amounts of sugars, especially those found in various kinds and beverages, but that does not mean that we should avoid all sugars.

For example, sugar in the fruit should be consumed because they are natural sugars.

The biggest concern among people is the importation of added sugars that are not in the natural way as they are in the fruit.

We also call these added sugars empty calories. As a matter of fact, we import sugars containing calories that our body uses for energy.

But they do not have the necessary ingredients in terms of vitamins and minerals, and the lack of plant some kinds of foods and drinks will not saturate.

With such drinks, we will bring in calories, but then we will have to eat other foods in order to consume it.

The seeds, cakes, and chocolates in their composition contain many sugars, calories, and fats.

Food manufacturers that produce this type of product are quite satisfied because they satisfy the great need of consumers,

for candy products that are quite affordable for everyone because sugar is cheap and food is tasty

It’s best to eat foods with natural sugars, more precisely fruit.

Depending on your needs, it’s best to avoid carbonated and sweetened drinks.

An excellent choice is the integral cereals in which fresh fruit can be added.

What more can you? fruits and vegetables, and fruit yogurt, which does not contain much fat in the composition.

If you are already used to carbonated drinks then try to reduce them as much as you can.

Keeping the optimal level of blood sugar.

Since it represents the energy for our cells, it must be alert to its condition.

The sugar varies depending on whether it is measured before or after meals. It does not itself cause diabetes.

Diabetes occurs with the abundant ingestion of large sugar. Because of the fast way of life and nutrition, the number of people with increased body weight increases.

You need to get in the amount of sugar, To keep the optimal sugar level,

we need to pay attention not only to how we eat mild products but also to the attention to avoid products containing hidden sugar.

For example, ketchup is one of those products with hidden sugar.

It is always necessary to read the nutritional values ​​and the composition of the food we consume.

The weight plays a role in maintaining the level of sugar.

Maintaining optimal weight is best combined with healthy nutrition and physical activity. and should mean selecting products with a lower glycemic index.

On the other hand, when we enter foods with a high glycemic index, white bread, flour,

sweets abruptly increase the blood sugar level, causing more secretion of insulin in the blood.

This decreases the level of blood glucose and we come in a situation for the need to re-import something to eat.

Such foods cause weight gain, resulting in fatigue-leveling of energy from the sugar.

The high amount of insulin leads to high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, triglycerides.

Low-glycemic index foods help maintain association, prevent various diseases, optimize weight, and maintain a healthy psychophysical state.

Foods with low glycemic composition slowly break down, slowly lift up blood glucose levels, thus helping to maintain long-term energy in the body.

Consumption of foods rich in proteins, fiber and healthy fats for a good level of sugar.

proteins are excellent because they are processed in the body, which means they give a fuller period for a long period of time,

more precisely, regulate at the optimal level of sugar in the blood.

healthy fats.

Healthy fats do not allow rapid changes in blood sugar levels.

Dried fruits are a great choice as they are a natural source of unsaturated fatty acids that allow maintaining the health of the cardiovascular system.

Combination of flax, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of healthy fats.

Vegetable fibers.

Flaxseed is an excellent source of fiber that regulates blood sugar.

With fiber plants, we get more satiety and we have the energy for a long period.

The nuts also contain a lot of fiber, which means that we should use it for eating whenever we can.