Easy to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Summer and warm weather come in. The heat itself makes us wear as little clothes as possible for us to be more comfortable on our skin. Stretch Marks is a problem that we take care of in the summer.

However, Stretch Marks is here. The fact we should wear smaller clothes, many women feel insecure. This is because of the appearance of the stretch marks. Strips destroy the beauty of our skin.

They concern mostly with pregnant women. But figures show that about 85 percent of the female population was in a situation with this skin problem, more precisely with stripes.

We all agree that it takes a lot of time to get some positive results for reducing the strips. The results are sometimes better, sometimes weaker, it is very difficult to overcome the stretch marks and completely disappear.

We all wonder why they appear?

The basic quality of our skin is above all its elasticity. If you withdraw it always returns to its original state.

When the moment comes, it is too stretched, it will not return the same as before.

There are several different moments that cause this stretching of the skin. For example, with a certain physical activity like exercise or may occur with the hormonal natural disorder.

Strips appear during bodybuilding, pregnancy, puberty, obesity and similar activities. Of course, there are always exceptions when some of the above mentioned will not receive stretch marks.

What exactly happens to the skin for the appearance of stretch marks?

When our skin stretches, collagen thinning or tearing occurs. Collagens are elastic fibers that are found in the middle layer of the skin, in particular, the dermis and then come to a loss of the elasticity of the skin.

As a consequence of this process comes to the appearance of stretch marks, which can be of different sizes.

They look like scars or wavy lines. Stretch marks change color, in the beginning, they have a red or pink color, while further their color changes to white or possibly silver.

Sometimes, as soon as they appear, they have a white or silver color. The most common ones are the stomach, lower back, thighs, chests, upper legs.

In terms of chances of matching on the stretch marks, of course, have their genes, the skin type.

Those women who have dry skin suffer more from this problem with stretch marks.

Is there a way to overcome the stretch marks?

In today’s modern times, there are many preparations and cosmetic treatments for this problem. Still found It is necessary to stop them, even before they occur.

Prevention is always the best solution not only for stretch marks but in general for all diseases and occurrences that harm the human body.

1. Avoiding too much weakening or obesity.

When you are already solved to keep a diet or to increase your weight, do it moderately, avoid fast, extreme diets.

We do not benefit from either of them, neither will our body improve our health.

2. Timely care and protection of the body’s skin.

is when you are in puberty and during pregnancy, then the most pronounced change in the skin. It causes stretching of the skin and because of the change of the hormones in the body.

Use a moisturizing cream, special creams designed exclusively for stretch marks. It is also beneficial to use various natural oils such as castor oil and olive oil.

3. Moderate physical activity.

Exercise is certainly good in the prevention. When exercising in a gym, start with less weight, so that stretch marks do not occur.

Gradually increase your weight, gradually increasing your muscle mass so you do not have a problem with your skin.

4.Feedback using massages and exfoliation.

Massage and exfoliation are a real refreshment for our skin, improving the circulation of the skin. For more efficient treatment you can use gloves or brush.

As for stretch marks, this procedure is excellent for dealing with the cellulite.

5. food should be used to combat stretch marks.

Spread the diet with proteins, zinc, vitamins C, and E. This balanced food will synthesize the formation of collagen, which is crucial for the elasticity of the skin.

Eat foods such as eggs, nuts, fish, carrots, and more milk.

Can stretch marks be hidden?

For a certain period of time, they will become very poorly visible.

However, there is always a slight trace of them, in the form of white lines. There are several ways to cover up those thin lines that we do not want to be visible to the people around us.

Use some cream.

Some people think that sunshine can cover up the traces of stretch marks, which is not true at all in such a situation they will become even more visible.

The safest variant is self-tanning cream. It is used because it helps to level the skin and stretch marks in one color so that they are less visible.

 Stripe corrector.

First, you need to find a suitable corrector, which will most suit your skin. Very carefully with a brush apply from the corrector to the places where they are lines of stretch marks, just look to the application right online.

Next, you take a small dust sponge and level the pieces where you put it from the corrector so that you do not know the boundaries of the corrector.

When you go to the beach, take a corrector that is waterproof.

Protection from the sun. When sunbathing on the beach, apply a cream with a protective factor, because the sun can additionally harm the skin.

 Cocoa powder for nice skin.

A large number of experts in the field that deal with skin diseases recommend cocoa butter.

The result will certainly be positive, only this treatment requires longer in to see the results of its use.

There are several other types of oils that successfully treat the stretch marks,  these are sesame oil, olive oil, and castor oil.

We hope that with the tips that we have offered you will have a result in combating stretch marks, and you will be pleased with the look of your skin.