How to Stay Awake When you Are Tired?

How to stay awake when you are tired? How can we stay awake when we have a big wish to sleep? Everyone has found themselves in a situation where they can not keep their eyes open and are forced to do so.

It is not at all easy to stay awake when you are in a boring lecture. Or when you need to study for an exam, when you are in a long boring meeting or when you drive at night.

But do not worry, there is a cure for this. In today’s article, we will give you some tips that are not variations of “Sleep more at night” and “Drink coffee”.

Completely different tips that will help you a lot to defeat the fairies who want to take you to the world of dreams.

Tips on how to stay awake when we are asleep

1. Sour candy so you do not fall asleep

That way, while it may seem very simple and easy, this way of staying awake really helps.

Keep sour lemon candy in your bag and whenever you feel tired and drowsy, put one in your mouth.

The sour taste will keep you awake and will keep you awake for a while.

2. Chewing gum

It is best to use menthol-flavored chewing gum, with them you will have the best results.

The fresh taste of menthol will open your eyes and you will be able to stay awake for a long time.

At the same time, chewing or moving the inside of your mouth will increase your ability to concentrate.

3. Expose yourself to light if you want to stay awake

One of the main rules to stay awake is to stay in a bright room, and here’s why. The darker the room you are in, the more you will be tempted to close your eyes.

It is best when you are asleep to sit by a window that will allow you daylight. You will get a similar effect if you turn on all the lights in your room.

4. Do not study in bed to stay awake

You have probably noticed that when you lie down comfortably and read a lesson, a book, read email on your mobile that you fall asleep especially if you are tired.

You can not expect to learn the subject if you are lying in bed and wrapped in a soft blanket. The relaxed position of the body will help you fall asleep very quickly.

Sit in a chair and keep your spine straight, it will be much harder to fall asleep.How to stay awake when you are tired

5. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices

Dehydration increases fatigue and with it the desire for a short nap.

Therefore, the best solution is to drink plenty of water or fresh orange, apple, or lemon juices.

On the one hand, you will prevent the appearance of dehydration on your body, and on the other hand, the freshness of the juices will make you feel better.

If you practice this, you will often go to the toilet, which will help you take a break and move around. It is only uncomfortable if you are in lectures that you can not often attend.

A few more short tips

In crisis situations, cause yourself a little pain– when other attempts fail, pinch yourself hard. It may sound strange, but the pain will keep you awake.

Get up and stretch – whenever you can, jog or jump 10 times. Stretch your arms and neck, then return to the chair.

Watch a funny video or think of a funny situation – if you are at home, play a video that always makes you laugh, and if you are at a lesson or meeting, imagine a funny incident. Of course, do this only if you can refrain from smiling out loud.

Brush your teeth – you learn, you learn and there comes a moment when you say to yourself “Well, I can not do it anymore”? In such a situation, get up and brush your teeth. This way you will move and relax with the taste of menthol, of course, your teeth will be grateful.

Talk to someone – take a few minutes break and talk to a friend, family member, or colleague. If you can not do it in person, then call him on the phone. There is always another colleague who studies all night just like you, so call him to ask how he is doing with the material.

Sing a dynamic song – you happen to study late, you have no one to talk to, and you are in a big crisis. Then, play rock or dance music that always raises your adrenaline and will make you get up from your chair. Put on your headphones and play at least 1-2 songs out loud, make sure this tip keeps you awake for a while.

Take a walk outside – go to the store and buy some fruit. You will return with more energy and more attention to what you are doing.

Cooldown – if you want to open your eyes immediately, wash your face with cold water. Also, reduce the heating in the room you are in. The heat closes your eyes and encourages you to fall asleep faster, which is certainly not suitable for you in this situation when you want to stay awake.

Move your arms or legs – in lectures, write as many notes as you can. Writing will help you to increase your concentration and not to fall asleep. Move your legs under the table, just like when you are nervous.

Change tasks to kill boredom – when you do the same thing for a long time, you start to get bored. At such times it is normal to think about sleep. If you feel like taking a nap while studying theory, start solving tasks if they are included in your subject.

Or start learning a new, more interesting topic. If you are at work, start doing something new. A variety of tasks will help you focus better and not fall asleep.How to stay awake when you are tired

Eat sunflower or pumpkin seeds – the movements you make with your mouth and hands will help you stay focused and alert.

Set an alarm that will ring every 10-15 minutes – if you are learning tired, the sound of the alarm will prevent you from falling asleep. Place the alarm or mobile phone away from you to force yourself to get up and turn off the alarm.

And when nothing works and your body tells you it can’t stay awake, nap for 15-25 minutes, but no longer. A short nap will refresh you and prepare you to get back to work.

Although you may think that it is a little time, it is enough to stay awake for a while.


Fatigue, strenuous daily activities are more often, forcing us to sleep.

But there are times when we need to stay awake for a long time, and we can do that with a few tried and tested practical tips.

In today’s article, we shared good and useful tips such as: eating menthol candy, exposure to light, using chewing gum, drinking more fluids, etc.

In the end, if you still feel sleepy, then get some sleep, which will refresh you before you continue with the responsibilities that await you.