5 Spices With Health Benefits for Everyone

Cinnamon, bay leaf, oregano … 5 spices with a minimum of 25 health benefits for everyone. Spices not only improve the taste of food, but they also have benefits for our health.

In today’s article, we will find out what are 5 spices with excellent health properties.

What are the spices?

Spices are concentrated sources of antioxidants, ultra-healthy, seductively aromatic, and super affordable. Spices deservedly have a special corner in our kitchen.

Because spices not only beautify the delicacies, but they are our powerful allies in terms of health. For centuries, the benefits of consuming spices have resonated throughout the nations.

While modern research confirms that their healing properties are not “fabricated stories”.

What do nutritionists advise about spices?

Nutritionists advise to include spices in meals daily. According to them, if possible, combine several different types of spices in one dish.

To achieve the possible mission of nurturing a healthy life, we recommend 5 spices that offer numerous health benefits.

For each, we will list 5 characteristics or important benefits for our health.

Spices with health benefits are Cinnamon

Cinnamon has an explosive aroma that is associated with memories and attractive culinary specialties. Exotic taste that is associated with comfort and warmth.

A distinctive accessory that can be recognized with just one inhalation. Cinnamon is definitely one of the most used spices in the kitchen.

Apart from charming us through the senses of smell and taste, cinnamon knows how to positively affect our health.

Top 5 benefits of cinnamon for our health

Cinnamon is our ally in the battle against type 2 diabetes

Regular consumption of cinnamon can significantly affect and lower blood sugar.

Cinnamon successfully helps diabetics control the disease. This spice has also been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels in people with a condition called prediabetes.

Cinnamon for better memory and concentration

Studies show that the smell of cinnamon improves cognitive abilities.

It improves memory and performance of certain tasks and enhances alertness and concentration.

Cinnamon successfully lowers cholesterol

Results from several studies suggest that cinnamon helps lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.

At the expense of bad, it also raises the level of good (HDL) cholesterol.

Cinnamon helps control appetite and reduce fat deposits

By regulating blood sugar, cinnamon prevents “hunger attacks”. The most recommended very tasty snack that hardly anyone can resist is apples with cinnamon.

Apples with cinnamon is a combination that results in a lower calorie intake during the following meals.

People who practice this snack also have a plus gain, which is less fat deposits.

Use cinnamon for better digestive health

With the dietary fiber it contains in its unique composition, cinnamon helps with constipation.

However, it also helps with irritable bowel syndrome, which is impressive.

Oregano one of the best spices with health benefits

Widespread spice with a specific aroma that unequivocally associates us with pizza.

Rarely is a pizza without oregano, because this spice has a wonderful taste and smell. Oregano can freely be called the king of the Mediterranean diet.

This spice is also a very powerful antioxidant. Oregano has a good reputation for a reason, so let’s read its 5 benefits for us.

Top 5 Oregano Benefits

Oregano contributes to the prevention of cancer because it is a source of antioxidants

Like many other spices, oregano contains many antioxidants. Therefore, with the help of antioxidants, it helps the body eliminate free radicals that can stimulate oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is a terrible enemy that causes cell damage. Such damage to the extremities can lead to the development of many diseases, including cancer.

Apart from cancer, there are also possible outbreaks of cardiac disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

Oregano is a good source of vitamin K

Just one gram of oregano contains 6.2 mcg of vitamin K.

This value of vitamin K represents 7% of the recommended daily intake of this vitamin.

Oregano helps strengthen bones

By containing calcium, iron, and manganese, oregano helps maintain bone health.spices with health benefits

The normal level of these ingredients is especially important when our body begins the aging process.

Oregano is a spice that helps relieve the inflammation of cold sores

Oregano oil reduces the size of sore blisters on the lips. At the same time, oregano alleviates inflammation.

Oregano spice is used as a natural remedy for conditions of the respiratory tract

Regular consumption of oregano improves lung health and function. Oregano oil helps with the following diseases: asthma, bronchitis, and cough.

Sweet pepper is a spice with health benefits

In world cuisine, sweet pepper occupies a very important place. Many of our specialties will not be the same without this striking red spice.

In addition to enriching the dishes, sweet pepper is our versatile ally for good health.

Top 5 benefits of sweet pepper

To preserve eye health, the solution is sweet pepper

Sweet pepper combines several vitamins: vitamin E, beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.

All of the above are especially important for good eyesight and for reducing the risk of macular degeneration.

Sweet pepper has an anti-cancer effect

Studies show that beta carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin reduce oxidative stress.

As mentioned above in the article, oxidative stress increases the risk of cancer.spices with health benefits

Use sweet pepper spice to lower cholesterol and protect against heart disease

Thanks to the ingredient capsaicin, sweet pepper increases the level of good (HDL) cholesterol.

The carotenoids in peppers simultaneously lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure.

Thus, they have a positive effect on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Sweet pepper helps prevent anemia

Sweet pepper also contains good amounts of iron. With just one teaspoon of spice or 2 grams of sweet pepper, you consume 8% of the recommended daily intake of iron.

In addition to iron, there is also vitamin E which helps maintain a healthy blood flow.

Sweet pepper is a great source of vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for good eyesight, strong immunity, and embryonic development in pregnant women.

This exceptional vitamin is also important for maintaining the good condition of bones, skin, hair, teeth, and gums.

One teaspoon of sweet pepper contains 21% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin A.

Bay leaf and health

Bay leaves are commonly used as an aroma spice and are removed after cooking.

But in addition to beautifying pots, pans, soups, and dishes in the pan, these aromatic leaves have potent healing properties.

Top 5 benefits of bay leaf

Bay leaf improves digestion and reduces bloating

The gastrointestinal tract will be grateful if you include bay leaf in your meals regularly.

Not only will you have no stomach upsets, but you will also reduce gas production.spices with health benefits

Bay leaf leads to lowering triglycerides and cholesterol

A study of people with type 2 diabetes showed that consuming bay leaf for a period of 30 days leads to lower triglycerides and bad (LDL) cholesterol.

The participants in the study received bay leaf in the form of capsules.

Accelerates metabolism in combination with cinnamon

Bay leaf, when combined with cinnamon in the form of tea, stimulates metabolism and promotes weight loss.

In one liter of water, put 5-6 bay leaves and a stick of cinnamon or a spoonful of ground cinnamon. Cook over low heat for 10 minutes. Sweeten with a little honey and you can add lemon if desired.

Relieves headache or migraine with bay leaf

If you suffer from a headache, make a tea with the bay leaf that will relieve your headache.

Or put a few petals in a bowl of warm water, lean over it and inhale the steam while covered with a cloth.

Bay leaf reduces anxiety and stress

Bay leaf has a calming and relaxing effect, so it is often used in aromatherapy.

Many argue that inhaling burnt bay leaf smoke is a particularly effective relaxation tactic. However, for now, there is no solid research that confirms this.

On the list of spices with health benefits is Cumin

An elongated seed that reminds us of soft, salty pastries and always develops the strongest aroma when bitten between the teeth.

Cumin is a spice that will not disappoint you at all with its taste or nutritional composition.

Top 5 benefits of consuming cumin

Cumin reduces abdominal pain and discomfort after overeating

For centuries, people have consumed cumin after a hearty meal to prevent digestive problems.

More research shows that this is the right tactic and that cumin, especially in combination with mint, is effective in reducing abdominal pain. It is an excellent remedy for bloating and flatulence.

Use cumin for more energy and better circulation

Cumin speeds up the circulation and raises the energy level of our body.

As for the athletes, for them, it means much greater endurance during training.spices with health benefits

Cumin has anticancer properties

Cumin is a source of antioxidants that balance the damage done by free radicals.

This spice slows down aging and helps prevent degenerative and neurological diseases and infections.

Cumin is a significant source of fiber

In just one teaspoon of cumin, it has 10% of the recommended daily intake of fiber, which means that it is an ally in the smooth digestion of food.

It also offers satiety for a long time, which helps to reduce weight.

Cumin contains a wide range of minerals

The amounts may not be very large, but cumin has more minerals in it, which is important for better health.

Minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, and selenium.


Spices play a significant role in preventing and improving health.

They are present in the kitchen, and not only enrich the taste and smell of food, but they are also a source of health.

Cumin, bay leaf, oregano, and others that we have listed in today’s article are just some of the spices that we should use every day.

Season your food with these spices and enjoy the taste and health they give us.