Sleeping too much is Good and Healthy, but How Much?

Sleeping is one of the most important things for the proper function of the whole human organism. Without a dream, we could not function, it is one of the basic things like food, water.

The sleeping is something that comes by itself, we can not choose whether to sleep or not, it is simply something that is a natural process that all people have.

Sleep is resting on both the body and our brain, whenever we need to make some important decision in life when we are sleepy, we will better bring it.

Everybody said that the morning is smarter than the night so that in the morning we make a decision, it’s because the brain is resting and thinking better in the morning.

The latest research shows that dreams play a major impact on the onset of heart disease.

Precisely American research shows that the very health of our heart is closely related to a night of good and quality sleep.

The results have shown that in order to have a healthy heart, we need at least six hours of sleep.

When we do not sleep enough or have a night of poor quality sleep, the chances of getting up you arteriosclerosis or the formation of fatty deposits in the arteries themselves,

which further leads to greater chances of a stroke.

Nowadays, when medicine is much more advanced than the past, many ways to fight or deal with heart disease are provided.

It is medications, physical activity, and of course healthy eating, these are three important elements to keep our heart healthy and young.

In a study conducted in Spain by over 3,000 people aged around 45 years who did not previously have any heart failure and illnesses.

Investigations cannot be supported by evidence and facts, but have shown that those who slept less than six hours

had a 25 percent greater chance of having arteriosclerosis than those who slept seven to eight hours a day.

An interesting fact was noted that sleeping more than eight hours a day causes arteriosclerosis.

This means that it is determined that it does not need anymore or less, but from six to eight hours of daily sleep for the proper functioning of the heart.

Another important feature that is noticed is the quality of the very sleep.

It’s not just the time interval but it needs sleeping to be quality, without disturbances and awakening and difficulty in sleeping.

Consumption of alcohol and caffeine at bedtime also adversely affects sleep.

Although many think alcohol has a good effect on sleep, it shows that it can cause a counter effect.

After drinking alcohol, sleep can often be wakened and interrupted, and we have difficulty falling asleep again,

resulting in poor and poor quality sleep that will produce bad consequences for our health.

Scientists associate the dream with the proper function of our cardiovascular system and this is the opinion that

most doctors in the world share as a reason for having a healthy heart and of course an overall healthy organism.

When we have a quality and healthy sleep, we have more energy and we can better handle the daily obligations.

How to sleep more easily.

Before sleeping, you need to avoid too much work on a computer, mobile phone or tablet,

since before bedtime, we should not be exposed to too much light and our brain will think that it is still day.

The time before bedtime should be relaxed.

That’s why it’s better to be in silence and less light before bedtime. Arizona doctor recommends the

the morning when we wake up for 15 minutes to be exposed to a strong light, best in sunlight.

In this way, the next dream is strengthened and we get a more and better mood for the rest of the day.

It is also desirable to wear a sleeping mask so that we have a darker light around us.

The temperature in the sleeping room is important for a night of quality sleep.

Because sleeping also reduces the temperature of our body, the lowest is about five o’clock in the morning.

The best temperature in the room where we sleep should be 19 degrees.

Before sleeping, the body should be relaxed,

if we have some tasks and obligations three hours before bedtime we should either finish them

or write them down and leave for the next day, not to be stuffed with them, so they do not consider us relaxing before falling asleep.

Food and exercise before going to bed.

A New York-based specialist says the consumption of caffeine should be at least six hours before bedtime.

The last meal should be two to three hours before going to bed. Since our body needs to be relaxed,

not to deal with food processing that we eat.

To drink wine, but not more than two glasses.

Exercise is one of the most important things for a quality dream.

Physical activity exhausts the body and it is easier to sleep,

only when it comes to training with the greater physical effort they should be done in the morning hours.

Sleep time.

The ideal time for sleeping is from 22:00 to 6:00 in the morning. It is shown that this period it’s ideal to wake fresh and rested.

It’s even better if our biorhythm is accustomed to sleeping at the same time.

In this way, our body gets a habit to sleep and establish order and discipline.

The worst option is when we are sleeping in the late hours. The day’s sleep can be in the afternoon,

but not after 16 o’clock, because then it will be reflected in the night’s sleep.

If you feel the need for a day’s sleep, there is no need to abstain, because your body may not have been resting enough the previous night,

or your daily routine has to need sleeping for about two hours.

The need for a daily short sleep is welcome because the effect of insufficient sleep contributes to the onset of diabetes, heart disease, and depression.

Sometimes sleeping doing dehydration of the organism.

Therefore, when we get up in the morning, we immediately have the desire to drink a glass of water.

Insufficient sleep and quality sleep causes the appearance of dehydration.

The latest research in England made to half a million people over a period of four years has shown that those who were sleeping very late,

lay down in the morning, they had many health problems such as diabetes, psychological and neurological disorders,

and an increased occurrence of respiratory problems.

People working at night work have more time a chance of occurring various health problems.


Keep quality sleep from six to eight hours, healthy eating, physical activity, do not stay up until the morning

and you will have a healthy and quality sleep that will allow you to look healthy and beautiful,

and of course, you have more health and fewer health problems and diseases associated not only with the heart but with the whole body.