Skincare Questions how to Protect in April?

Tips for winter skincare. Winter care of our skin lasts longer than how much which is assumed, more precisely by April. Although spring comes, it may still be cold days.

For no effects of wind and cold weather, you can with 10 natural tips to keep the feeling of oily skin and be young and fresh.

Be hydrated always.
By paying attention to the regular hydration of our skin. If you have a problem with your skin.

Recall that we need a quantity of water you need to put a reminder or with the application of your Android,

which will remind you to drink water.
Hydration of the skin.
You need to use a rich moisturizing base for the time
in winter months.

It will help you to keep the water in your skin with additional moisturizing lotions. It’s best to choose organic to have good hydration.

Hydration with air.

Winter is by nature carries low air humidity, but also at home, heating at home can
reduce the humidity of the skin. Buy a humidifier for your home to have moisture on a higher level.

Nutrition plays a big role.

 Celery and cucumber contain in themselves
plenty of water,

that’s what you need during this period, especially when you want your skin
to be hydrated, they are also excellent for your line at the same time.

Sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers, are great for your skin due to beta carotene and antioxidants they contain.

To increase your consumption of
vitamins A, E, and B, omega 3 fats, iron should add spinach and other leafy vegetables at your table.

It can easily notice that the skin of the hands is dry and dehydrated, in that case, it means that you have a lack of omega 3 fat.

They are mostly found in nuts, olive oil, salmon.

Advice always dress as needed to protect your skin to stay warm.