7 Warning Signs that He did not Get over His Ex-Girlfriend

The relationship when it starts is very interesting and fun for both partners, but what if he did not get over his ex-girlfriend?

There is nothing interesting about starting a relationship with someone who suits you perfectly when something shows you that he did not get over his ex-girlfriend.

And naturally, there are times when you say to yourself that everything is just your fantasy and that you are exaggerating things, but there are also times when reason and instincts tell you that there is reason to doubt.

Ignoring the instincts and signs that his heart is far away from you can bring you disappointment and pain.

So before you start building a relationship, you need to determine if your doubts hold water or are just momentary healthy jealousy.

7 Signs that he did not get over his ex-girlfriend

Here are some signs that he may not be getting over his ex.

1. He constantly talks about her

He constantly talks about her and compares you to her.

Her name often appears in your conversations, and it does not come from your mouth.

One day you may ask yourself: “How does he somehow manage to connect everything with her to mention her name?”.

It is a sure sign that she is not coming out of his thoughts.

Do not be fooled by sweet words like “You are much prettier / sweeter than her”.

Comparisons with the former are never a good sign, even when they come in sweet packaging.

2. Wants to replay their meetings

You go out in a romantic cafe and through a conversation, he mentions that that was his first meeting with his ex.

The next day she says to you: “Let’s go to billiards, it’s a lot of fun”, and the movie that they regularly played with her immediately comes to your mind.

And when you accept to go to those places, you notice that from time to time he stops pensive with sadness in his eyes.

It is quite normal in such a situation to doubt whether he is interested in a new relationship or longs for the old one.

3. She constantly mentions that her new partner is an idiot

His ex is already in a new relationship, but your loved one does not respect her choice at all.

It is okay to mention once that the ex-boyfriend’s new boyfriend is an idiot and that he is not worth anything, but if he does it often, it is a sure sign of jealousy.

In that case, he probably still has strong feelings for her.

4. Continues to communicate with her regularly

He does not stop communicating with her, even though the relationship is over. Whenever you tell him something about it, he becomes protective.

Many people try to stay friends with their ex after a breakup.

If your partner is one of them, then he will probably continue to communicate regularly and meet his ex.

It should not immediately drive you crazy and turn you into a jealous possessive girl, especially if you do not do it secretly, but it should at least make you think a little if their meetings and contacts are not a threat to your relationship.

If you care about their communication, talk to them.

If he becomes overly protective and refuses to reduce his association with her at all costs, it is likely that she is more important to him in life.

And you certainly would not want to be with someone who does not put you first, right?

5. Use your relationship to make her jealous

Think well.

Does he take you to places he knows you will meet her or her friends?

For example, you enter a cafe and he immediately pulls you by the arm to go to her company to say hello.

Then he constantly hugs you so that she can see you together and you notice that his gaze often runs towards her.

Do all your photos end up on his Facebook profile right away?

Men usually do not want to shower their profile with cute romantic photos at the beginning of the relationship.

If he does this too often, he may be upset with you, but do not rule out the possibility that he may use your relationship to provoke jealousy in his ex.

6. Do everything for the two of you not to meet

He does everything just not to meet his ex-girlfriend. He always wants your relationship to be a secret.

Also, he recently broke up with her and after a short time, you started dating.

But he avoids appearing in public places where you can meet someone he knows, and when he accidentally sees someone he knows, he suddenly walks away from you.

In addition, there is no evidence on his Facebook profile that he is in a new relationship.

Such signs should sound the alarm.

Maybe he wants your relationship to be kept secret in order to preserve his chances of reconciling with her.

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7. Their long relationship has just ended

Their long relationship ended less than a month ago. If he was in a long relationship, he must have loved her.

And if he loved her, he would not be able to forget her in a month. Make sure he does not get over it.

But do not run away immediately, especially if you see that he is doing his best to dedicate himself to you.

Just be careful.

To really determine if he is still banging on your ex, observe with your eyes wide open and do not ignore what your female instinct is telling you.


The relationship between two partners is a really wonderful and beautiful thing for each of us. But be careful, do not be blinded by love.

There may always be remnants of the previous relationship at the beginning of each relationship. There may be mixed feelings and division, especially in the beginning.

So use today’s tips that we have told you, and we hope that your relationship will be great and will last as long as you love each other.