Is it Better to take a Shower in Morning or Evening?

Is it better to take a shower in the morning or at night before going to bed, of course, we take a shower but when is it better and healthier for our body?

Over 70 percent of the world’s people take a shower once a day.

There are also people who take a shower every two days, depending on the time available to them. Different shower times, however, have different effects.

Have you been showering at the wrong time of day for years, let’s find out.

Morning shower

If your routine is a morning shower, then listen to what the experts have to say on the subject. According to them, the morning routine of showering before going to work is characteristic for many of us.

This way of waking up helps you to relax, refresh and at the same time warm up on colder days.

But is it good for you?

Is showering generally considered healthier than bathing? Because it does not sit in water full of dead cells and impurities.

An evening shower will help you fall asleep faster

According to the latest research, showering with lukewarm water for ten minutes, two hours before bedtime, greatly improves the quality of your sleep.

Of course, the shower is pleasant for the whole body, which at the same time allows you to fall asleep much easier.

By washing away all the dirt and grease, you also eliminate the feeling of tension, anxiety, stress, and restlessness that can be the cause of sleep deprivation.

Hot water signals your body to start secreting melatonin.

Melatonin is a sleep-inducing hormone, along with signals that it is time to relax and fall asleep.

Your bedding will also be clean if you take a shower before bed

If you could see under a microscope how many bacteria and germs bind to your clothes and body every day you would be surprised.

Then you would probably spend the whole day in the shower.

So, the evening shower, in addition to the mental signal that it sends to the mind that it is time for rest, also has health benefits.

By taking a shower before going to bed, you wash away dust, pollen, traces of deodorant, perfumes, sebum, and dead cells that accumulate on the skin.

There are also day creams and all other cosmetics and impurities, you actually prevent the growth of bacteria in your bed.

You will be healthier, and your bedding cleaner, which means double the gain.

Taking a shower in the evening is better for your skin and health

Wet skin is always more sensitive and therefore subject to more pronounced external influences.

Even if you apply day cream or sunscreen when you take a shower in the morning, there is a better chance of irritating its protective layer.

While if you took a shower the night before, be sure that it will not happen.

In addition, showering at night will successfully lower your blood pressure and reduce stress.

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Showering in the evening is better and healthier than in the morning.

By showering in the evening, the bedding will stay cleaner.

Showering in the evening will relieve you of stress, will help you have a more pleasant, more relaxed, and better sleep.