Salad with Kale for Better Immune of our Body

The kale is a relatively well-known vegetable, with a very rich amount of vitamins. The salad kale was first cultivated by the Greeks and Romans and then spread throughout Europe. It mentions in the United States in 1669.

The salad kale is increasingly used and is known as a food with excellent healthy ingredients with many benefits to our health, while formerly used as a supplement to soup and salad.

More precisely, just one glass of it meets the needs of how you eat one week of other products,

it replaces their weekly nutritional value

One glass of this vegetable has, for example. 684% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin A,
134% of the daily intake of vitamin C, which is a really great amount of these vitamins.

The kale can freely call it a superfood, because research shows its high antioxidant activity on these vegetables.

It contains phytonutrient indole 3 carbinols which successfully aids in the recovery of cellular DNA, and slows down the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Another important ingredient is the presence of a sulfurafan ingredient that protects against colon and prostate cancer.

Studies have shown that kale helps improve the functioning of the lungs, stomach, liver and the whole human immune system.

Its ingredient’s lutein and zeaxanthin help protect your eyes from macular degeneration. It is often compared with beef, which is known as rich in iron, protein, and calcium.

The anti-respiratory properties of the kale are far superior to other herbs in terms of its healing when it comes to arthritis,

heart disease and some autoimmune diseases.

The presence of omega-3 fatty acids

These acids are also called essential because they are extremely significant for our body to stay healthy.

The only important thing is that they must be extracted from an external source.

Is the right solution that is an excellent source of these fatty acids? The Omega Benefit 3 Fatty acids in the regulation of blood clotting, the building of cellular dams in the brain, protection against various heart diseases and stroke.

One serving will contain 121 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 92.4 omega-6 fatty acids.

Because of all these benefits of kale, it can be concluded that it is a great food for our health.

What does the research show for kale?

Studies show that these vegetables have remarkably positive properties in the fight against many cancers.

It contains flavonoids that improve our health with our work. Specifically, 32 phenol compounds and three hydroxamic acids, which by their action help maintain cholesterol levels always have normal values and collect harmful radicals from our body.

Of these, the two most important flavonoids found in the kale are kaempferol and quercetin.

It should be emphasized that when the kale is thermally processed it reduces the effectiveness of some of the antioxidants and vitamins it contains.

The kale belongs to the cabbage family, has very few calories, and many vitamins and minerals.

Minerals in the composition of kale

People often lack minerals, so kale is a great solution. It has a large amount of calcium, potassium, and magnesium as well.

It has the advantage of spinach because it has less oxalate, which is important for all those who have a problem. with kidney disease.

Kale and diets

Great for those on a weight loss diet. Because it has low calories and a lot of water it can be freely used in diets.

Excellent for healthier nails

As we know, hair and nails are made of keratin, and the nail stimulates its production. It makes nails healthier and firmer

and allows them to have better hydration. Many cosmetic companies produce polish with kale extract.

Hair Care

This vegetable helps moisturize the scalp, improves hair growth and helps to remove dandruff.

Healthy recipes with kale

With this vegetable, you can make extremely healthy shakes and detox treatments, Because it contains ingredients that regulate the number of toxins in the body.

Here’s a recipe for a healthy shake from the kale.
Squeeze a banana, an apple, a little cinnamon and a spoonful of honey in a glass of yogurt. This shake will help protect your skin.

Care mask with kale

To make a mask it is necessary to put in a blender 4 leaves of kale, a tablespoon of olive oil, and a little juice of the freshly squeezed lemon.

After it is mixed in the blender, the resulting mixture is put on the scalp of the head. After 20 minutes wash your hair and scalp well with water.