Running Benefits for Body, Health and more…

Running is a great choice for anyone who wants to be in good shape, look better, and have many other health benefits for the body. Running is the perfect and free way to look and feel good.

You do not need any special equipment or a special place for training, gym or similar. A pair of good running shoes, willpower, and a little perseverance are enough. One of the best ways to keep your body in shape is to run.

It is great for melting fat, as well as defining muscles, especially in the legs and abdomen.

In addition, running is great for good health and functioning of the body. Running is useful and effective for treating many diseases.

The indirect effect on the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system has positive health effects on the whole organism.

In today’s article, we will find out what is so good, what are the reasons to start running, diet, and many other important things for everyone who wants to start running.

Why start running?

Better, stronger, and healthier heart

Running improves the work of the cardiovascular system.

The heart becomes much healthier, more powerful, and the blood vessels more elastic.

It creates better circulation in the body and thus better nutrition of the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

Stronger lungs and more oxygen

Increases the capacity of the lung system.

It contributes to increased circulation and greater flow of oxygen and nutrients to all organs, tissues, and cells.showing running

Less stress better health by running

A great tool against tension and stress is of course running.

Stress accumulates throughout the body throughout the day, causing nervousness and irritability.

Running will help you reduce stress and literally forget that you were nervous.

Running will make you happier

The happiness hormone endorphin is released during the bloodstream.

He is the reason for the positive energy that is always felt after training.

Troubleshooting  running helps

If you have a problem all day, take a short break with a run or a walk in nature.

Then go back to the problem and you will be surprised when the solution is in front of you.

While you are physically active, you increase the blood flow to the brain, thus refreshing it.

During this time, your subconscious is still working on the problem and looking at it from a different perspective, then it comes. The moment of finding an answer.

Increased immunity and better blood count

Running boosts immunity and improves blood counts.

Running increases the number of red blood cells (erythrocytes) and increases the concentration and presence of hemoglobin in the blood.

Accelerated metabolism by running

Running lowers blood cholesterol and improves the work of the intestines and the digestive system in general.

It all speeds up the metabolism, which in turn contributes to the normalization of body weight.

Liver regeneration with active running

Many scientific studies show that running causes liver regeneration.

There is also an improvement in kidney function.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis

Running has a positive effect on the overall musculoskeletal system.

It helps to increase bone density and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in old age.

Running also reduces the risk of developing degenerative changes in the joints and muscle tissue of our body.

When is the best time to run?

Running in the morning

In the morning, the concentration of the hormone cortisol (a stress hormone that begins to be secreted immediately after waking up) is increased in the blood.

Running during this period will relax you and restore your body to harmony.

This is a good reason to take a break from your morning coffee and dedicate yourself to morning running.running in nature

Running at night

Running at night has even more benefits than running in the morning.

If you are a busy person, running at night is the best way to forget all the worries of work and recharge your batteries.

As a bonus, you will successfully reduce your appetite and have a great and quality sleep, you will simply sleep like a baby.

Where do you go wrong when you run?

If you have just started running, or if you already have a few serious marathons behind you, there are reasons why you may not be able to stretch your legs at all.

Take a look at this list of mistakes that can stop you from having beautiful legs until the summer.

You do not change the running route

If you always run the same way, you will quickly get bored with running.

If you always choose a different running path, you will last much longer on your feet!

Your diet is not as it should be

You should not run when you are hungry, but also with a full stomach.

Eat two, three hours before you go for a run or half an hour before your workout. Eat a light meal that is full of protein.

Warm-up exercises before running

If you do not do warm-up exercises before running, you can seriously injure yourself.

Warm-up your whole body, jog for a few minutes, and then start serious training.

You don’t relax before running

After training, it is extremely important to stretch and relax.

Give your muscles a chance to recover and relax, as this is an important factor when running.

You are running in the wrong equipment

If you are one of those people who claim that while exercising you do not care what equipment you exercise with, you are wrong.

You must have soft-soled sneakers and a wardrobe that will allow you to have freedom of movement without having to sweat too much.

You push yourself too hard while running

It’s good to set high goals, but if you push yourself every time you go for a run, it won’t be good.

You can seriously injure yourself or get so tired and get muscle inflammation that you will not be able to get out of bed for the next few days.

You are not constant in training

Little by little, you run faster and faster every time. And that’s exactly the point.

But if you run now, then in two weeks, then in a month, you will never be able to achieve the desired result.running on group

The food you must eat if you are running

If you plan to introduce running in your daily schedule, then you should consume the food that will provide your body with the necessary energy.

Running reduces the need for mild because it lowers the level of insulin in the blood.

But still, don’t forget to provide your body with enough energy.

Minerals and proteins are necessary because they allow the body to function normally.

Eat potatoes, cereals, bananas, dried and nuts, and yogurt every day.

Take vitamin C regularly and drink plenty of water.

While running, it is important to drink small sips of water, whether you are thirsty, because when you feel thirsty, it means that you are dehydrated.

Pasta from whole grains

They are full of carbohydrates and will be of great help to your body if you consume them before training or running.

With this food rich in vitamin B (among other things), you will improve your endurance and you will be able to run better.

Bananas number one food

Bananas are a fruit that is used by everyone who runs.

They are great for before and after running because they will boost your energy and replenish what you have lost by running.

In addition, bananas are high in potassium, which regulates blood pressure, and bananas are one of the main products for anyone involved in running.

Dark chocolate for more energy

If you run, you don’t go anywhere without dark chocolate, and here’s why.

Thanks to the high percentage of cocoa, dark chocolate is a perfect anti-inflammatory for tired muscles after training.


Broccoli is full of vitamins (especially vitamin C), calcium, and vitamin K, all of which help heal muscles and strengthen bones.

Although it may not be a favorite food, it should certainly be consumed.

Broccoli is good to eat before and after training.

However, mistakes are often made before running, which should be avoided for this training to be completely successful.

One of the biggest mistakes made before running, and generally before any workout, is overeating, which can cause nausea.

Limited food intake before training is mandatory, with the ideal time to eat is two hours before running.

Before running, it is necessary to warm up the muscles properly so that there are no stretches and inflammations of the muscles that are neither pleasant nor good for your body.

So take a few minutes for a short and dynamic stretch.

One of the mistakes that are made is the intake of water.

Neither too little nor too much – find the right measure when it comes to water.

If you drink too much water before running, your stomach will not function properly and you will not have enough energy.

Frequent drinking of water in small sips is the best solution for quenching thirst.

The most important thing is to follow the signs that your body is giving you.

It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

If you are feeling energetic and relaxed, then feel free to run around as much as you like, but if you are feeling tired, it is better to shorten your run or postpone it for another day, because rest is just as important as training.

As we have mentioned a million times before, each organism is different, individual, and for itself.

But there are some types of food, which has been confirmed by numerous studies, that it interferes with the body during running and that it creates discomfort in the abdomen.

Like any well-lubricated machine that works perfectly, the human body must be well-tuned to have a good workout or, to put it better, a nice, comfortable feeling during a workout.

Basically, what can be called in one word, and what we should avoid before training, is a protein diet.

We know that proteins are building blocks of muscle and they are used to accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues after training. But not before training.

What to avoided before training


Believe it or not, protein-rich food is eggs.

Eggs are a great source of protein, but that doesn’t mean they should be taken before a workout.

Avoid them in any variant, and for those that are too tolerable, avoid them even with roasted macaroni.

They know how to cause serious discomfort to the abdomen.

It manifests itself with weight, with the urge to belch, and simply knows how to move our workout very easily.

Green plants

That is vegetables in the form of a salad. We call it lettuce, and it includes broccoli, kale, spinach.

This food is rich in a high concentration of fiber and can very easily, during the first steps of training, create a murder in our stomach.

Flatulence, bloating, belching, etc. are common.

There are some other alternative ways to combine vegetables with some types of fruit, water, and similar combinatorics, so experiment and find your formula.


Also, high protein foods, which she needs almost all day to digest in the body.

You will have absolutely no benefit from it before training, and you will feel a huge weight.

Especially if you ate fresh fish and its skin.

But the same goes for tuna. Personally, when I made these mistakes, I ate tuna in the morning at work around 9-9 and a half, and I went to training around 18-19 and I expected that during such a long period, the food should already be cooked and not present no problem with training.

No! Huge nausea plagued me during training.

Legumes and nuts

In that sense: beans, lentils, peas, green beans, etc. etc.

All this is high protein food, which creates a lot of gas and makes the stomach uncomfortable when digesting food.

This food can also reduce oxygen consumption.

Just try and find out. Nothing terrible will happen to you, but you can just look for a bush as soon as possible and closer, somewhere in the park.

Nuts, such as sunflowers, seeds, peanuts, corn, and the like, can sometimes be added to oils, which in themselves cause nausea.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. And a handful of peanuts can ruin your comfort while running.

Protein bars

Who needs protein bars if he can get a bar on a hydrated basis?

Notice on the cover a bar that says a roughly equal ratio of carbohydrates and fats, and that’s something you can enter before training from the bar palette.

And another thing: don’t fall for marketing tips.

As long as what you eat doesn’t taste like fish, chicken, eggs, and tastes like chocolate and cookies, then, of course, these are too sweet bars that say they’re protein.

The last word

Running is a great way to stay healthy and fit.

By actively running our body gains a lot of health benefits better heart on group, lungs, and oxygen, better muscles especially in the abdomen and legs, and other benefits.

As with any sport, there are several factors to consider when running.

These factors are proper nutrition before running, running time, and other important factors.

In any case, running is healthy and each of us should practice it whenever we have free time.