Raspberry the Best red Fruit in Nutrition

Why do we eat raspberries, what are its benefits to our body? Raspberry is a fruit with a very nice smell and taste. The raspberries are actually around the world. There are as many as 195 kinds of raspberries.

The most important is the red raspberry, the black American raspberry, and the purple raspberry.

The red is divided into two European and American red raspberries.

The raspberries are mostly found in Asia, Europe, North and South America.

The largest variety of raspberries is in Asia and the least in Europe.

American red raspberry is much more resistant to low temperatures in contrast to The European Red Raspberry is a very popular and precious fruit in many countries of the world.

According to some studies, raspberries have ten times greater antioxidant properties than tomatoes,

50 percent more than strawberries and three times more than kiwi.

Care should be taken when it is in the frozen form loses antioxidants.

The raspberries with the very fact that cleanse the blood vessels prevent thrombosis.

When children help in the situation when eating, they improve their appetite.

This fruit helps with nausea and vomiting. Also, the juice from raspberries can be freely used if children have a temperature,

helps them to overcome it. One should be careful about people who have kidney problems.

The energy level in 100 grams of fresh raspberries looks like this:

  • 52 calories
    86 percent water
    1.2 percent protein
    0.65 percent of fat
    12 percent carbohydrates
    6.5 grams of dietary fiber

Otherwise, raspberries are harvested in the middle of the summer period.

All recipes made with raspberries are excellent for your health, although it is best and the best to eat fresh

because then the maximum benefits for our health will be maximized.

If we regularly consume it, we will have much nicer skin, healthier, and stronger hair, a much better cardiovascular system.

Other positive moments are certainly a stronger immune system and a lesser risk of various types of inflammations that may occur.

These fruits have excellent antioxidant properties.

With this fact it helps in the fight with free radicals, which on the other hand means that it prevents the appearance of various types of cancer.

Especially the phytonutrients found in raspberries are those that prevent the spread of cancer because they encourage the destruction of these cells that are infected.

When we eat about 200 grams of raspberries, we will satisfy the daily need of our body from vitamin C.

Also, this fruit is rich in fiber, folic acid, vitamin K and vitamin E5, copper, potassium, magnesium,

manganese and of course omega 3 fatty acids.

With everyday use of this wonderful fruit in our diet, the chances of diabetes are significantly reduced,

as well as that it is an excellent food for those who use diets.

The ketones in this red fruit have a role in controlling the amount of sugar in the blood, more precisely glucose.

The fat improves metabolism and successfully reduces the fatty deposits in our body.

When we enter the raspberries, the hormone adiponectin is activated.

This hormone is very important because when we have a deficiency it comes to diabetes type 2.

This hormone also restores blood balance, reduces the risk of heart attack and other diseases associated with type 2 diabetes.

With the consumption of raspberries, our skin becomes more resistant to harmful rays sun.

When it comes to sunscreen protection, raspberry oil can also be used.

It has a high level of omega 3 fatty and omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E,

which estimates that this oil has a protective factor somewhere between 30 and 50 protection factor.

In addition to protecting the skin, it successfully nourishes our skin.

It reduces wrinkles and all kinds of inflammation of the skin.

The fat except for the Raspberry itself and its leaves are very healing.

Raspberry helps with various feminine problems and diseases.

This tea strengthens the gums of the teeth, makes protecting of the tonsils and prevents various eye diseases.

Raspberry tea.

This tea is very easy to prepare like any other. It puts raspberries in warm water.

It is allowed to stand for ten minutes, and then it can be consumed.

The best effect is if you drink two to three times a day and drink while it’s warm.