How Rainy Weather Contributes to Weight Gain?

Does Rainy weather contribute to weight gain? Yes. Do we know why when it rains we gain weight, why it happens, and what are the main reasons?

Many argue that a sudden change in the weather causes them to develop or intensify pre-existing pain. We primarily think of bone and joint pain, caused by arthritis or some other rheumatic diseases.

People who suffer from migraines also often blame the weather for the onset of pain or migraine symptoms. In today’s article, we will read more about how rain affects our mood and appetite.

Autumn – a season of sudden change

The arrival of autumn often brings quite abrupt changes in weather conditions.

It happens every year.

For a long time now we sometimes have had changeable weather and rains every day.

In addition, how the rain contributes to more difficult weight control and what we can do to help ourselves.

How can rainy weather contribute to weight gain?

When it rains for particularly long periods of time, you are more likely to spend most of your time at home, hiding from the rain.

It is also very likely that your appetite is significantly increased then, ie you have more frequent urgent food needs.

But can time really make us eat more? How to avoid overeating?

We associate rain with colder weather

The increased feeling of hunger when the weather is colder seems to be something biologically predetermined. People simply eat more when the weather is cold.

From a physiological point of view, that makes perfect sense. By eating we warm ourselves through the gradual “acceleration” of metabolism.

Thus, in a way it can be said that we are “programmed” to look for warmer meals in colder weather that will provide us with a feeling of warmth. However, this applies to the winter period.

Usually, when it rains outside, the temperatures are not really that low, but despite that for our brain the rains mean cold and uncomfortable weather, encouraging us to eat more or to eat something that will warm us.

Basically, rainy weather does not mean that we need extra calories, especially considering that when it rains we are usually inside our homes.

When it rains, we are more inside and eat more

The period of quarantine due to the pandemic taught us well that the more we are at home, the greater our access to food (the refrigerator).

That is why we are even more exposed to the temptations for tasty and, most often, plentiful and unhealthy food.

Experiences and analyzes indicate that easy availability is one of the most important factors for leaving the so-called “fast food” with empty calories.

This would mean that while it is raining outside, a jar of Nutella, chips, or a piece of cheese in the fridge looks much more “attractive”.

How can we help each other in this regard?

In short, it is very important to find a certain digression, which will keep us away from the dining table, kitchen and refrigerator.

The best option would be to go for a walk.

But when it rains outside, what can we do, then we think of eating.rainy weather contributes to weight gain

We watch more TV and interesting things online

While eating, do not think about other things, do not watch TV, do not touch the phone, and do not be in front of a computer.

One study on this topic found that, unlike those focused on eating, those with some distraction had a much greater desire to finish a meal or empty a plate.

Because of these results, and empirically, experts say that the risk of overeating is higher if we have some distractions.

Therefore, while eating, focus on the plate and forget at least for a moment the responsibilities and electronic devices.

Learn to enjoy food and you will eat less and you will be fuller.

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When it rains we are more bored and we eat again out of boredom

When we are busy, food falls below the list of priorities.

Staying at home increases the risk of spending time without any obligations.

This is especially true for the holiday periods, but also the periods when we have constant rain outside.

Rain is a “good” excuse to delay physical activity

As we have already mentioned, in most people the rain stimulates a disturbed mood, which leads to a significantly reduced motivation to exercise.

On the other hand, the easiest way to improve our mood is to eat delicious food.

Most often voluminous food.

Physical inactivity combined with an unhealthy and extensive diet will certainly affect our weight gain.

Lastly, use these tips to know how to more easily deal with the urge to eat when you are at home when it is raining when you are not out for several days.