Quote about Running, and Healthy Advice

Quote about running, and healthy advice about how to do it. Running is one of the most basic natural ways of exercising the body.

Sometimes we run to improve health, sometimes when we rush to get to work, get on the bus, or simply to run is a daily activity for more, for less. Running contributes to health, but there are also some risks of injury.

In today’s article, we will learn what to look for when running, and how to protect ourselves from injury,

as every single slightest sign in our body can be a reason to be careful not to run. we get some serious injury.

Our body gives us signs

Perhaps the easiest, oldest, and simplest way to recognize a moment when our body gives us signs before we get injured while training.

When we feel pain, it may mean that it may be the first symptom that we can be hurt. consult your doctor,

but you should take a break until the pain has passed. When you listen to your body and immediately take action on its signals, be sure to prevent serious injury.

Running should be moderate, not near the limit

The main reason for injury during training is the body’s unwillingness. Every time you run, you need to gradually increase the time.

For example, the first day is 15 minutes, and each subsequent training is gradually increased so that the muscles can be lifted and with longer running intervals.

That way you will certainly protect your body from injuries. It is best to increase your training distance by 10% on a weekly basis.

Your body must rest before it can continue to the next training intervals.

In the event of injury, the shoe method should be used

In the event of injury, muscle strain, wrist injury, and similar injuries during training, the following steps should be taken to speed recovery.

These include ice, rest, stretch, and compression. reduce pain, prevent swelling to a certain extent to protect the injured area, which is most important for the quickest recovery.

When after 48 hours the pain and swelling do not diminish you must see a doctor.

Stretching the body and muscles

Many recreational runners do not pay too much attention to stretching the body.

Stretching the body before training or any training is necessary to avoid causing injury to the body.

Basic stretching exercises improve joint, muscle, and tendon mobility. from injuries and improves circulation in the muscles themselves.

When it comes to training, special attention should be paid to the legs and their good stretching, and blood and temperature in the muscles, and supplies them with oxygen and nutrients.

Suitable running shoes

In today’s modern world of technology, more and more attention is being paid to running shoes.

Scientific research is also being done to improve their functionality, quality and reduce the possibility of injury.

An important factor is the choice of running shoes for nowadays more and more are made to fit the foot and make running easier and more comfortable.

To withstand the effort of running the sole of the shoe has to be dense and soft to dampen the impact of the foot against the ground.

It has been found that the pulse rate when running on heavy sneakers is 5 strokes faster than running on light sneakers.

Rest from running

Whether it is for athletes or for recreational training, muscle rest is needed. faster running without rest can make injury because the muscles are too tired.

More power for more running?

There have been many studies on whether strength helps to improve performance in sport as well as training.

Results vary. According to one force does not help to produce better results,

while others suggest that strength helps to improve performance in running.

leg muscles are used, while other body muscles are not as used.

Over time, this creates an irregular balance of muscles and body development.

Therefore, it is recommended to train and run alongside other parts of the body.

This will create better muscle balance which will result in better training results.


In today’s text, we have introduced the basic rules of running. For easier and better running, better running results.

We have learned about preventive measures for a proper running system, how to warm up, how to behave and protect ourselves from injury, to use running in the best and healthiest way possible.