Quit Smoke, or Eat Healthily Nutrition

For all people who smoke cigarettes, it’s best to quit the cigarettes. Smoking threatens the lungs and overall health. Smoking cigarettes is one of the most severe addictions, it’s very difficult to get off this bad habit.

Our brains get used to nicotine, causing dependence, and constantly demanding that we import nicotine. Most times, long-term smokers experience cancer.

But if they can not, then we should at least reduce the presence of nicotine, of course, it can not completely cleanse the nicotine organism, but they can reduce it.

There are several products that successfully reduce the nicotine present in the body. The latest research show that there are foods that in a successful way reduces the presence of nicotine injected with cigarettes.

The apples, bananas, and tomatoes

are the three golden products that help with the high presence of antioxidants, and who surprise doctors around the world with them the effect of reducing nicotine in our body.

I have done a study of 500 participants in a study. The results showed that those of the examiners who consumed these three products showed a great effect in improving the health of the lung.

They found it that eating these three products for a longer period of time, contributes to the cleaning of the lungs.

Smokers that consume this food become healthier and more resistant. Ultimately, this does not mean that the effect of all smokers will be the same, or that to let’s continue to smoke.

All this means that eating this food will improve to a certain extent the health of smokers, so eat this food because it will continue our life and will contribute to having better health.

The tea is also good for smokers. Before ginger tea is excellent because it purifies the lungs.

Eat lots of fish and lamb, they contain in the composition the same as the fruit we mentioned in large quantities of antioxidants, in this case, it is selenium.

You need to eat eggs and grains, sugar beet is very well known for having beta-cryptoxanthin that protects the lungs because it is a powerful antioxidant.

Similar effects are also oranges.

The onions have an anti-cancer effect. People who already have cancer, with regular use and consumption of onions, are prevented from the emergence of new cells.

Green tea for cleansing the body of nicotine.

This tea is especially good because of antioxidants. The smokers lose water faster than the cells, and dehydration starts. I should consume green tea one to two cups a day.

Drinking tea is cleansing the body of toxins and nicotine. The carrots are also extremely good vegetables that after nicotine destroys the skin; the carrots recover.

Contains large amounts of vitamin A, C, B which by their action cleans the remnants of nicotine in the body.


The excellent plant that contains a lot of iron. It purifies the lungs and fights against infection.


This incredible spice is rich in vitamins and minerals. Let’s not forget that it contains omega-3 fatty acids. The Turmeric has antiviral, antioxidant and antibacterial action.

Recipe for cleansing the lungs of nicotine and other harmful substances.

The following ingredients are needed

400 grams of onions,

1 liter of water,

400 grams of sugar,

2 tablespoons of the excellent turmeric spice,

and a little root of ginger. In the dish put water and sugar, and begin to cook. The onions and ginger are added inside.

When the water starts to boil, reduce the temperature, continue cooking until the mixture has become twice as small as the beginning.

When it cools down a little it is overtaken in a glass bottle or a jar, and when the base will cool down and put in a refrigerator.

It uses two small tablespoons on an empty stomach, and in the evening two tablespoons before dinner.

Council. As much as we try to find a way to prevent the deposition of nicotine in the body, the best for all of us, it is still to try to completely quit cigarettes, of course, it is very difficult, but our organism will be eternally thanked if we succeed in this, the results in quitting smoking cigarettes begin immediately after we smoke the last cigarette, and we will say no to smoking.