Quince Fruit Benefits For Health, and Skin

Quince is a healthy fruit that has many healing properties and benefits for our health. This is why they say that quince is the most healing fruit in the world: Eat one every morning and see what happens! Must be found on your table!

Quince helps to lose weight, lower cholesterol, better cardiovascular health, better digestion, protects against cancer, hemorrhoids, nourishes the skin and many other health benefits for our health and beauty.

Origin of quince

Quince (Cydonia oblonga) is the queen of autumn fruits. Because her time is short, from October to December, she, unfortunately, is not often at our table.

The ancestors of today’s civilization knew much more about its value, which to some extent even received mythical features.

It originates from Asia, ie from Iran and Anatolia, and appears as a wild plant in Central Europe under the name Sidonian bulb.

The golden-yellow colors, the hard fruit, and the sour taste were worshiped by the Ancient Greeks.

They symbolized love and happiness with them, and they mostly prepared it by carving it, filling it with honey, and baking it that way.

In fact, in ancient times the quince was considered a symbol of fertility. Before the wedding, young people had to eat quince in order to have fertility and happiness in marriage.

The Romans, on the other hand, extracted essential oils from it to make perfumes.

And the French have been making quince cheese for centuries, a delight that was a favorite of Jovanka Orleanka.

Properties of quince

Quince, the fruit of autumn, is a real vitamin bomb. In addition to a minimal amount of calories and fat, it is rich in protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and contains a lot of tannins and pectin.

From vitamins, it has the largest amount of vitamin C, but also a large amount of carotene (provitamin A), vitamins B1 and B2 as well as niacin. It is rich in copper, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, sulfur, and chlorine.

Quince seeds contain as much as 15 percent oil and large amounts of the important ingredient amygdalin, or vitamin B17, which has an anti-cancer effect. The seeds are also rich in fat, tannin, pectin, sugars, malic acid, emulsion, and proteome.

Due to all this, quince is an extremely medicinal fruit that we should certainly consume more often. Quinces are considered a good medicinal fruit.

The fruits, the leaf, and the seed are healing, and especially the juice and the syrup from the fruit.

Thanks to the tannin and mucus, it has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestines and is useful for preventing infectious diseases.

Quince juice cooked with the same amount of sugar helps with a persistent cough, asthma, and acute diarrhea.

Roasted quince is recommended for inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, but also for the treatment of anemia.

The quince flower tea helps soothe a cough. Quince seed tea has a calming effect, removes insomnia, as well as bad breath.

Quince fruit benefits why you should start to eat quince today

Amazing quince is a precious fruit that is rich in antioxidants. It is a great ally in the fight against free radicals that cause cancer.

This fruit can be eaten fresh in the fall and can be used to make various juices, jams, and sweets. Its healing properties are impressive, so today we will find out about some of them…

Anticancer properties of quince

This is exactly how few people know that quince actually has powerful antioxidant properties that help fight cancer.

Its properties help to fight free radicals more easily and destroy cancer cells more easily.

The tannins contained in quince are the real weapon in the fight against cancer cells.

Quince fruit benefits break down fat deposits and help weight loss

Quince contains very few calories, salts, and fats.Quince fruit benefits breaks down fat deposits

This means that we should not be afraid if we eat more quinces, because it will not affect our weight, ie we will not gain weight.

That is why quince on the other hand has a lot of fiber and vitamin C. That is why quince is a great choice for anyone who wants to regulate weight.

There are only 57 calories in 100 grams of quince. Quince is low in saturated fat and sodium and cholesterol.
That is why quince is a great choice for weight loss.

Potassium in quince helps lower blood pressure

That’s right, quince contains potassium, which is one of the most important minerals for good blood pressure.

It helps to better transport fluids into the cells throughout the body.

This mineral relaxes the arteries and blood vessels and helps the cardio system to function properly, thus reducing the chances of heart problems and atherosclerosis.

Quince kills cancer cells and is good for the heart

Quince is rich in antioxidants, which are useful allies in the fight against free radicals that can cause cancer.

It protects the heart and cardiovascular system and improves blood count.

This great fruit contains pectin which lowers the level of bad cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, this fruit is great for preventing clogged arteries.

Potassium in quince lowers blood pressure, and vitamin C has a beneficial effect on heart health.

The high content of iron in quince prevents anemia and has a beneficial effect on the blood count. Quince fruit contains antioxidants such as quercetin, kaempferol, and rutin.

Therefore, it has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antifungal, hepatoprotective, and diuretic effects.

Quince strengthens the immune system and improves the digestive system

Quinces help treat stomach ulcers, but also diarrhea and indigestion. Vitamin C in quince gives the body excellent protection against infections and strengthens the immune system.

It has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on the respiratory organs.

Quince tea for cough and bronchitis

Quince fruit tea is useful for soothing coughs, airways, runny nose, and bronchitis: Wash it, clean it, and cut the fruit into four parts.

Remove the seeds and the hard part around them, and cut the fleshy part into leaves, and immediately put it in a liter of water so that it does not change color. Cook the quince on low heat for about 15-20 minutes, then leave to cool.

Strain the tea and drink it in sips throughout the day. This amazing fruit is also used to treat mucous membranes of the pharynx, tonsils, and respiratory tract, as well as to relieve profuse periods.

Quince seed tea cures insomnia, relieves tension, and removes bad breath, while mucus seed heals burns and wounds. You must use quince leaf tea because is a great natural remedy for stopping diarrhea.

Quince has anti-allergy benefits

Exactly like everything else, quince helps and protects against allergic reactions.

It alleviates and reduces various allergic reactions with its ability to reduce the activity of certain cells that caused the allergy.

The combination of quince extract together with lemon juice helps prevent allergic reactions, such as asthma.quince fruit benefits and face care

Quince cheese to improve digestion

For centuries, the French have made quince cheese, which is a great combination of roast meat, chicken, duck, and beef.

This cheese is a powerful source of energy and can be taken as a medicine to improve digestion.

Not recommended for diabetics and overweight people.


Cook two kilograms of quince, along with the peel, until completely softened.

When cool, cut into pieces and mash. Weigh the resulting mass and add the appropriate amount of sugar.

One kilogram of sugar is added to one kilogram of quince puree. Cook again over low heat for 45 minutes, stirring constantly.

Immediately after cooking, pour quince cheese into a suitable saucepan, shallow glass jar or bowl. When cool, cut the cheese into cubes, whisk the powdered sugar, and place it in a dark, dry place to stand.

Quince against stomach disease

This amazing fruit is a really amazing natural medicament for morning problems with your stomach.

Also when you mix quince with honey, you can help yourself against diseases like constipation and other stomаch infection.

Quince syrup is used very successfully in the treatment and reduction of hemorrhoids.

Quince is great for eye health

This action is primarily due to the powerful antioxidant effect of vitamin C.

With the effect of vitamin C it plays an excellent role in the metabolism of synthesis and collagen.

And as we already know, collagen is a key protein to have beautiful and young skin.

Quince is a sweetener

You can also consume quince as a sweetener, for example, teas, so you can alleviate many problems.

Preparation: Grind one kilogram of quince, squeeze the juice, then add 2 kg of sugar and boil briefly, and when it cools, pour into sterilized bottles.

Quince fruit tea

This tea has a beneficial effect on respiratory problems, soothes coughs, hoarseness, and relieves the symptoms of bronchitis.

Quince bronchitis syrup

The folk remedy for cough and respiratory infections can be made very simply and with just a few seeds.


Grind five quince seeds and pour over 100 ml of water. When a thick slimy mass is created, add 15 g of fresh juniper juice and 100 g of sage honey.

Take one teaspoon three times daily before meals.

Quince gastric juice

You can easily eliminate digestive problems with quince juice.


Wash and finely chop a kilo of quince, then process it through gauze. Drink the juice immediately because it oxidizes quickly.

It is best to drink it before eating.

Quince fruit benefits for the skin

Let’s find out the best benefits for the skin using quince and its extraordinary properties.

Quince is also used in cosmetics, in various lotions, creams, and medicines for wounds, burns, and more.

Because it contains valuable ingredients such as pectins, sugars, malic acid and more, quince fruit is great for the care of oily skin and skin prone to wrinkles.

Raw quince strongly narrows open pores, so use its peels.

Quince fruit benefits are also great for the skin

In addition to other healthy ingredients, it also contains antioxidants. Due to a large number of antioxidants, quince contributes to keeping the skin healthy and young.

For everyone who wants, you can try this simple recipe for healthy skin with quince.

Just boil quince seeds and you will get healing mucus. The mixture is great for healing and soothing various types of wounds and mild skin burns.

Quince fruit benefits and face care

Make a face mask from the autumn treasure – quince! If you have problem skin, oily skin, or a lot of acne, this is the solution for you.

Grate the quince finely and add almond oil. Put the mask on your face and rinse after 20 minutes.

Quince fruit benefits is a balm for burns

Quince seed balm can be useful in treating mild burns and wounds.


Grind 10 g of quince seeds, pour over 200 ml of water and wait for a slimy mass to form.

Apply to the affected part of the body, directly or as a dressing.quince fruit benefits

Quince against wrinkles and chapped lip

For a face without wrinkles and well-groomed lips, folk medicine recommends quince seeds.

Preparation of seed lotion:

Finely chop 1 teaspoon of seeds, then grate them in a pestle and pour over two teaspoons of boiling water.

Mix well and leave for 10 minutes.

With this preparation, you can lubricate cropped lips and blemishes on the face with pronounced wrinkles.

Preparation of skin lotion

Store 200 grams of quince peel for about two weeks in three decilitres of stronger brandy.

Then squeeze the brandy and pour into three bottles and seal it tightly.

With the prepared lotion, rub the parts of the face with wrinkles twice a day.

Skin peel with quince seeds

Quince seeds are used for facial care masks, they penetrate deep into the skin and clean it of toxins and dead cells.

These masks clean the upper layer of the skin and make it elastic, soft and shiny.

Peeling enables the creation of new and healthy cells and better protection against external factors

Quince seed masks help with acne

If you want your skin to not have problems with acne and pimples, it’s time to start using quince seed masks.

Quince with the action of the seeds hydrates the skin and controls excessive sebum formation in oily skin.

At the same time, it cleans it from acne, and pimples making it smooth and elastic.

Quince for pregnancy

We all know that during pregnancy the mother, ie her baby should receive the necessary minerals, vitamins that will contribute to the proper development of the baby.

Quince is one of the best sources of nutrition for the mother.

By eating quince during pregnancy, quince iron contributes to blood circulation, supplying oxygen to all organs of both mother and child.

The small amount of fat helps the mother not to gain too much weight, and at the same time to get the necessary healthy ingredients.

How to eat quinces

Even when ripe enough, quinces still have a specific taste (slightly sour, but also slightly bitter taste). For many, this taste is unacceptable, so quinces are rarely eaten fresh, like other fruits.

Of course, in today’s text we can see that despite their taste they are extremely healthy. You can boil quinces before eating them.

By cooking quinces they have a more acceptable taste, and at the same time, they do not lose much of their nutritional value.

When you cook them, it is best to do it together with the shells and to enhance the taste, you are free to add some additives such as honey, cinnamon, ginger and others.

You can combine quinces with other foods such as oatmeal, probiotic yogurt, and even roast chicken.


Quince is a great fruit with few calories and many vitamins in its unique composition.

It contains large amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants that help prevent the formation of cancer cells in our bodies.

By consuming quince we get many benefits for our health and beauty.

It helps for better digestion of food, immunity, a healthier heart, healthy skin and hair, and more.

Quince should certainly be included in the daily diet because from it we have only benefits and beneficial effects for our health and beauty.