Quickly lose Weight for one Week

We all want to quickly lose weight. We want to have a top form of our body. With weight loss, we will not only look more beautiful, but we will also be healthier.

We do not want diets that last for a long period, we want to see the results immediately.

In the following text, we present you with such a fast diet that quickly lose weight eight kilograms in seven days if you abide by the rules that you read now.

The first and most important rule is not to skip meals during a diet. If you eat once a day, it will not help you in the reduction of kilograms.

A very important thing that should be respected is that it does not last more than three hours between meals.

The second important rule is when you are eating, freely eating. Do not wait to starve, as soon as you feel hungry, do not hesitate to eat.

The experts say that with the following diet plan, the results will surely be visible.

The most important thing is to strictly observe the rules for the diet and the results will be visible.

First day.

The first day of the diet is the most important day. Eat only fruit. You can eat any fruit except bananas. Do not eat vegetables.

From the fruit, the best choice is to consume as much melon or watermelon.

This kind of fruit has very few calories, you do not have to be afraid at all how much you eat, and because it’s good it will be very tasty.

If you feel hungry eat again. It’s a good thing to not forget is to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water.

The second day of the diet. The second day is eaten only by vegetables. It can be eaten raw or cooked. Only salt or any oil for eating doesn’t use.

Once we can consume a serving cooked potato. From the vegetable eat tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin, and carrot.

You can freely eat indefinitely how much you need so you can eat.

It may happen that the second day has diarrhea, but without worries, it is cleansing on our organism.

Just like the first day you need to drink eight to 12 glasses of water.

Day three.

This day is a combination of fruits and vegetables.

You can make any combination, except eating bananas and potatoes, we should forget about them.

It is important not to mix in a meal of fruits with vegetables.

For example, to breakfast can fruits, lunch a seasonal salad, and for dinner only fruit.

The same amount of water should be drunk as the first two days of the diet. Now we are half the diet. The results will slowly begin to be seen.

The fourth day.

This day is reserved for bananas and milk. A whole day you only need to eat those foods.

You can consume them as much as you like, but you will not be able to eat more than 10 bananas and three glasses of milk.

The menu will be breakfast, lunch, and dinner milk, and between these three meals, you should eat bananas.

you will not feel hungry. The water and this day in the same amount are obligatory.

The fifth day of the diet.

It can be called the day of tomatoes. For breakfast and dinner should be eaten 7 tomatoes.

Handled boiled rice without any spices is for launch, the amount of rice to be as much which collects in a glass.

This day you need to drink a little more water from the previous days 12 to 15 glasses of water.

Six days.

For breakfast and dinner, we should consume fruit and vegetables. While for lunch again you need to eat rice.

This day of the diet will already be felt that the body is accustomed to the amount of food that we are entering it,

therefore our organism will not need food as before, it will satisfy the quantity we enter every day.

 the last day of the diet.

It is permissible to consume a platter of rice and many vegetables best if it is cooked.

As for fruits, the seventh day can be consumed exclusively as squeezed juice, it must not be eaten in its natural form.

With this great diet, we can lose up to eight kilograms in a week. Your diet can be applied only once a month or one week in the month.

After a month’s break, you can use it again.


In today’s text, we presented you with a very popular diet with great results.

Many of us will try the diet, believe you will not be disappointed,

most importantly as in every diet adhere to the rules and diet as we have described it to you and the kilograms will start melting, with luck at all.