The top 15 Proteins Food daily Eat

Proteins food is one of the most important substances for the proper functioning of the organism. With proteins, the organism receives food for muscle; it controls our appetite control.

In today’s text, we will show you which foods have the most proteins, which we should naturally have in the daily diet to have a healthy organism.


In one glass beans have 20 grams of protein. The beans are cheap food with extremely good nutritional properties.

Rich in proteins and fiber. Besides these important ingredients, it contains magnesium, iron, vitamin B6 and calcium.


In one glass there are about 7 grams of protein.

I should use this product in the daily diet.

Besides proteins, it also has a large amount of fiber, magnesium, and iron in its composition, which helps in controlling appetite.

Besides these ingredients also contain vitamins A, C, and B6.


In 100 grams of lentils have about 9 grams of protein that is really great.

Besides rich amounts of protein, it contains fiber and very important minerals.

The advantage of this nutrient is its price and very quick and simple preparation for consumption.

Chicken breasts.

One piece of 100 grams has about 30 grams of protein, which is a great choice when it comes to protein.

Athletes always have in their daily diet, because they are rich in protein, and on the other hand, have very little fat compared to other types of meat.

The advantage of chicken breasts that can be combined with many types of vegetables and spices, and thus, we get diverse dishes and a greater choice of flavors when we consume them.


Contains 3 grams of protein in 100 grams. Among the proteins, they have a wealth of vitamins A, B, C and K.

Also contain minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

With broccoli other than protein intake, we also get better immunity.

The bones become a tougher and better cardiovascular system.

The second important feature of broccoli is its low caloric value, in particular in 100 grams contains only 28 calories.

Baked turkey breasts.

In one piece of 100 grams, there are 20 grams of protein.

This meat is extremely healthy, has great taste, a great quantity of protein, and a small amount of fat, it is therefore recommended to eat athletes for building muscle mass.


The protein content in 85 grams is excellent 25 grams of protein.

Apart from high-quality protein, the composition also has a large number of B vitamins and selenium that is a good antioxidant.


The protein content is 25 grams in a piece of 100 grams of sardine.

Consumption of cans with sardines is a good meal for protein intake, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin D.

When it is eaten it is best to combine with boiled potatoes or something else to reduce the strong taste of sardines.


are one of the best solutions when it comes to muscles and their feeding because they contain amino acids.

Cheap and very simple, very quickly prepare in various ways in the diet.

Peanut butter.

Two tablespoons have 8 grams of protein. An excellent supplement to the daily diet rich in the presence of protein.

One should only keep an eye on the amount of sugar in their composition.

It is therefore advisable to eat home-made peanut butter, made only from peanuts.


It is half a cup contains about 15 grams of protein which is a great quantity.

The curd can serve as a dinner meal.

This is due to the fact that there is casein milk protein, which unlike other proteins food is processed much slower.

Because of this, when we eat it at night, feeds our muscles while we sleep at night and we will not feel hungry overnight.

sour cream

In one sour cream of 200 grams has a protein content of about 23 grams.

The sour cream is known for its quantity protein or more than twice the other dairy products.

There is also calcium and probiotic bacteria that are excellent for maintaining the overall health of our organism.

Only when choosing sour cream to pay attention to the proportion of fat percentage.

Nutritional fruits.

In 50 grams of these fruits has excellent 6 grams of protein.

When we want to add protein and healthy fats to the diet, it’s best to combine almonds, peanuts and Indian walnuts.

It’s best to eat unsalted and not overweight with their consumption.

Wheat flakes.

Protein 6 grams in 30 grams of wheat flakes.

Contains a large amount of plant protein.

Can be combined with pancakes or a protein supplement.

The Council. Proteins are one of the most important nutrients.

We showed which foods are high in protein, we only have to consume them in our daily diet,

in order to have a balance in terms of their representation in our body.