Pineapple Diet to Lose 10 pounds for 5 days

Pineapple is a diet for fast weight loss and fantastic results. Using this diet you lose 2 to 5 kilograms in five days. The most important thing is that during the diet you will not have negative effects on your health.

The main ingredient that is consumed and contributes to weight loss is pineapple.

With the pineapple diet, the results are very fast and visible immediately after starting the diet.

Why pineapple, what is so good about this fruit that it can be used to lose weight?

Pineapple and its composition

Pineapple is a type of fruit that belongs to the family Bromeliaceae.

There are many varieties of pineapple, but the most famous species of this genus of plants is pineapple comosus, a fruit with a unique appearance, aroma, and taste.

Pineapple is primarily used for food, but it is also used in pharmacy as a natural remedy for the prevention and treatment of many diseases and occurrences.

Pineapple originated in the Caribbean and was discovered by Columbus in 1493.

It originates from places where there is a tropical climate, so it is a highly prized fruit. Its name comes from the Indian word “anana” which means “great fruit”, which is why pineapple is rightly called the “king of fruits”.

Why is it good to consume pineapple?

The energy value of 100 grams of fresh pineapple is 48 kcal / 202 kJ, of which 12% are carbohydrates, 0.1% fat, and 0.5% protein.

Fresh pineapple contains enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, ie: calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, provitamin A, vitamin E, C, B vitamins (biotin), fiber…

It is an excellent source of manganese, which is essential for strengthening bones, and also protects the body from free radicals, while antioxidants fight them.

One cup of pineapple contains 30% of the recommended daily value of manganese.

You will also get a decent amount of copper and thiamine and more than 60% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C.

Eating pineapple reduces the risk of injury.

Potassium in pineapple helps maintain a stable level of electrolytes in the body and prevents muscle spasms during physical exertion.

Regular consumption of pineapple provides a large number of antioxidants for the body.

The effect of Bromelain – the natural enzyme present in pineapple stem and juice – has been shown to be most effective.

This natural enzyme has an effective effect on overall health.

Pineapple diet for health

Pineapple – diet can be quite effective with very good results, the only thing that is needed is a special approach.

This great fruit contains enzymes, which play an active role in fighting fat accumulation and improving the work of the entire digestive system.

It also has a positive effect on the intestinal system and the pancreas.

In its composition, pineapple contains very few calories (about 50) and a high amount of potassium, which helps to remove excess fluid in the body.

Due to the presence of bromelain, this fruit makes it ideal for losing weight because this enzyme is an excellent fat burner.pineapple diet

Two-day pineapple diet

Ingredients needed for this diet are 2 kg. fresh pineapple and 1 liter of pineapple juice without sugar.

Pineapple should be cut into pieces and divided into 4 portions – breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner.

During the day you should drink a liter of juice also from pineapple.

With this two-day pineapple diet, you can easily and efficiently lose 2 pounds without compromising your health.

Protein and pineapple-based diet

In addition to short diets, you can try a diet based on pineapple and protein, which is intended for consumption for 2 weeks.

In addition to pineapple, you can include meat, mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits in this diet.

A simple meal in one day:

600 – 700 grams of pineapple;

200 – 300 grams of meat or mushrooms;

Vegetables or fruits.

The meat should always be cooked without oil.

Fat must be eliminated and carbohydrate consumption limited.

In two weeks, with this pineapple diet, you will lose 3-5 kilograms of your weight.

A five-day diet with pineapple consumption (first variant)

Here is the main diet for today to lose weight, it is a pineapple-based diet, designed for a 5-day period.

During the day you should consume 2 liters of water, mineral or ordinary, mountain or fruit teas.

The diet is made with 4 meals during the day, the menu differs in steam and odd days.

Here’s what a draft menu should look like for odd days (first, third and fifth day)

Breakfast – a slice of pineapple and a cup of green tea without sugar, low-fat yogurt (2 dl) with a tablespoon of muesli.

Lunch – vegetable soup, cooked seasonal vegetables (no restrictions on portions), and a slice of pineapple.

Snack – pineapple slice up to two, a cup of green tea, squeezed lemon juice

Dinner – 200 grams of fish (baked in foil), fresh salad, a slice of pineapple.

Proposed menu for the steam days (the second and fourth day of the diet):

Breakfast – a glass of freshly squeezed juice, a slice of pineapple.

Lunch – 200 grams of white chicken (boiled or grilled), vegetables (roasted), 2 slices of wholemeal, and a slice of pineapple.

Snack – Crushed pineapple and 2 dl low-fat yogurt

Dinner – Vegetable soup, hard-boiled egg, fresh spinach salad, a slice of pineapple

Five-day pineapple diet (second variant)

Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.

Breakfast for all five days

100 grams of pineapple, 100 grams of low-fat yogurt, and oatmeal.

or it can

Eggs, toasted bread with butter and salmon, 50 grams of pineapple.

Day 1

Lunch: 1 cup cooked rice, seasoned with curry or other spices

Dinner: 2 baked potatoes, 1 plate of pineapple, 1 cup of low-fat yogurt

Day 2

Lunch: Grilled chicken fillet, garnished with pineapple and spinach

Dinner: shrimp salad, green leafy vegetables, celery and cucumber

Day 3

Lunch: Pineapple salad, fresh pepper, and tomatoes

Dinner: 100 gr. grilled fish fillet, 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 1 plate of pineapple

Day 4

Lunch: salad with chicken fillet and pineapple

Dinner: 1 bowl of celery cream soup, 1 bowl of pineapple

Day 5

Lunch: 1 cup low-fat yogurt and 2 fried buns

Dinner: 1 plate of cooked rice and 1 plate of pineapple

We have presented two versions of the five-day pineapple diet, you can choose the one that suits your tastes best.pineapple diet

Why is the pineapple so good for weight loss?

Pineapple contains few calories, a lot of fiber, and a large percentage of water, so it will saturate you very quickly, without fear of gaining weight.

Feeling full will prevent you from overeating. Fiber will speed up digestion and burn calories. It is easily incorporated into the daily diet because you can prepare it in different ways.

It is a great addition to frappe and a substitute for dessert.

Although pineapple can help you lose weight, it can not work wonders.

If you include it in your daily diet, you will notice a gradual and slow weight loss.

At first, you will probably notice the results much faster, because the body will start to get rid of excess fluid.

The biggest advantage of introducing pineapple in your daily diet is that you will enjoy healthy and nutritious fruits without consuming excess fat.

Vitamin C in pineapple

One raw pineapple contains about 432 milligrams of vitamin C, which is about 50% of the recommended daily allowance.

The same amount of canned pineapple contains only 7 milligrams of vitamin C.

A diet consisting of fresh pineapple on a daily basis provides an excellent source of vitamin C that promotes fat burning.

Vitamin C for fat burning

The body needs vitamin C to burn fat. The less vitamin C in your diet, the greater the risk of fat accumulation in the body.

One study showed that vitamin C will not give fast results, but the results achieved will be long-term.

Many people suffer from vitamin C deficiency in the body, probably because vitamin C in food is destroyed when the food is exposed to light or treated under heat treatment.

Fewer calories

Experts believe that the calories in pineapple are actually negative calories. Some foods require more calories to be shared at all. This creates a calorie deficit.

Although this belief has not been confirmed by science, it is true that raw pineapple does not contain many calories and significantly fewer calories than canned pineapple.

Bromelain in pineapple for weight loss

Bromelain is an enzyme that is 100% natural and is found in some types of exotic fruits, especially pineapple. In one study, scientists isolated bromelain and prepared a concentrate by distillation.

Bromelain has been used for centuries to alleviate digestive problems and reduce chronic inflammation in the body.

It is also often eaten with meat because it improves the breakdown of proteins. Judging by bromelain, pineapple will boost metabolism and fat burning.

Effects visible from the pineapple diet

After two days of using the 5-day diet, you will feel much better and you will have a better and better sleep.

On the third day of the diet, when you look in the mirror, you will see that the diet works great and that you are starting to lose weight and your figure is starting to change.

On the fourth day of the diet, you will already be used to and loaded because your body is getting used to the new diet.

The fifth and final day of the pineapple diet is gone, you not gonna haven’t any problems from the first two days, like headaches and other negative effects.

Do you need to practice during the pineapple diet

It is true that diet is the main part of this diet, but you should not neglect exercise and daily physical activity during the diet.

Physical activity should be with regular lighter exercises for the body.

After any exercise, whether we are more or less physically active, we feel hungry and tired.

So drink pineapple juice, which will refresh you and restore your energy.

Pineapple juice for weight loss

We will show you two varieties of pineapple juice for weight loss, it is up to you to choose which one to use.

1. Pineapple juice with honey for weight loss

Pineapple juice for weight loss is great and easy to prepare:

  • 1 cup chopped pineapple
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1/2 juice of one lime
  • a little Himalayan salt

Method of preparation:

The preparation is quick and easy, put all the ingredients in a blender, blend until well blended and get a liquid form.

Put the pineapple juice prepared in this way in the refrigerator, and then you can consume it after physical activity. Pineapple juice helps with fewer colds, less appetite, and cleanses the body of parasites.

Fresh pineapple juice is a great substitute when you want to change the drink while hydrating your body and encouraging the elimination of toxins.

By drinking pineapple juice regularly, it helps to have whiter teeth.

2. Pineapple juice for weight loss with linseed oil


  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 tablespoon linseed oil
  • 200 ml of cold water
  • a little lemon if desired


1. First we need to mention that the most important thing is that the pineapple should be fresh and ripe. Then you need to put it in the fridge to cool.

2. Next you need to cut the pineapple into cubes and put it in a blender together with the water and linseed oil.

3. In the end, all this is nicely blended, and then put in the fridge, if desired, you can add a little lemon.
If you want you can add an extra amount of water.

Consume it for breakfast or as you wish.

Feel free to prepare any variant of pineapple juice and do not forget that you will consume a healthy diet drink, for slim shape and weight loss.

Allowed and restricted drinks during the diet

In addition to diet, it is important to know what kind of drinks you will drink because they also have an effect on the end result.

You should not drink carbonated beverages during the pineapple diet, as with any diet.

It’s a good idea to avoid coffee.

If you find it difficult to quit, drink it without sugar, milk, or cream.

Green and black teas are recommended, again without sweeteners.

Advantages of pineapple diet

The feeling of starvation is very rare, which is important whenever we are on a diet because we will have fewer hunger attacks.

Another advantage of the pineapple diet is the elimination of toxins from the intestines and kidneys.

Consuming pineapple can help prevent osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Pineapple increases and improves the immune system of the whole organism.

Negative effects of pineapple diet

Diet can be contagious in people who suffer from ulcers and have problems with gastric juice.

Huge amounts of acid can also be harmful to healthy people, so you need to know when to stop.

For some people, pineapple juice can also affect some allergies.

You must not follow the diet for a long time and after returning to a normal diet, the weight usually returns very quickly.

If you experience side effects such as excessive body weakness, then you should stop dieting immediately, try it again sometime when you are ready.


Pineapple is a fruit that has a great composition with few calories, and many vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other healthy ingredients.

It contains the enzyme bromelain – an important ingredient that has a positive effect on overall health.

Pineapple diets are fast and with them, in a short time, you can achieve fantastic results in weight loss.

When using a diet with pineapple, the advantage is cleansing the body of toxins, reducing the feeling of hunger, and improving our immune system.

Like any diet, a pineapple diet can cause side effects such as heartburn, weakness, allergies, and other symptoms.

It is best to consult your doctor before using a pineapple diet.

Good luck to everyone who wants to try this quick pineapple diet, we hope you will have great results in losing weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you lose weight by eating Pineapple?

Pineapple is a great fruit that is healthy with many vitamins, and at the same time low in calories, which is why it is an ideal food for losing weight and getting a great figure.

Does Pineapple burn belly fat?

Of course, it helps reduce belly fat. The enzyme called bromelain helps the most.
It helps speed up the metabolism, which automatically leads to faster fat burning.

What happens if you eat Pineapple every day?

Diet with pineapple can be contagious in people who suffer from ulcers and have problems with gastric juice. Also eating too much pineapple can cause side effects such as heartburn, weakness, allergies, and other symptoms.