How Cell Phone can Reveal Whether you are Depressed or Impulsive

How you use your cell phone can easily reveal whether you are depressed or impulsive. The use of cell phones is a necessity nowadays.

We all always have a mobile phone in our hands or in our pockets. You may or may not have known that the way we use our mobile phones can reveal our current state.

Do you use your mobile too often and check notifications every few minutes? This would probably mean that you are impulsive and stressed most of the time.

What cell phone surveys say and how they can reveal our personal condition

According to the study, women spend an average of about 600 minutes a day on a cell phone, and men 459 minutes.

That time includes work tasks such as sending emails but also surfing social networks and scrolling.

Did you know that using a phone can reveal a lot about your personality?

6 Ways how the use of cell phone reveal whether you are depressed or impulsive

Here is what mobile usage says about us and the situation we are in.

1. Do you check notifications too often? – You are impulsive

According to the study, if you are constantly checking your cell phone and you are addicted to it, it may mean that you are impulsive.

People who are more addicted to their phones are more likely to be more emotional than those who use them less.

2. Do you use your phone often? – You are under more stress

People who use phones are more likely to have higher levels of stress than those who use them less, research suggests.

And stress, on the other hand, makes them less satisfied with their lives.

Conversely, if you use your cell phone less, you will reduce stress.

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3. Are you on the phone for more than an hour a day? – You are depressed

It can also be an indication of signs of depression.

The frequency of telephone use has been found to be associated with higher levels of depressive can reveal whether you are depressed or impulsive

4. Use the phone after midnight? – You are at risk of anxiety

The study found that people who frequently use their phones after midnight are more likely to sleep much worse. And because sleep deprivation greatly affects our mood, it can make us much more nervous and anxious.

People who have responsibilities and normally want to rest, stop using their mobile phones before midnight.

5. Are you waiting for your cell phone to charge? – You are a good organizer

This behavior, as research has shown, is a predictor of one’s organizational inclinations.

Conscientious people do not want their battery to be empty, and for those who want to be organized, the battery is always somewhere over 60 percent.

6. Do you make and receive too many calls? – You are extroverted

Research has shown that more open-minded people tend to make more phone calls than others.

Given this, extroverts make and receive many more calls (even at night).

Extroverts use WhatsApp much more often, writes Bright Side.

Lastly, find out which group you belong to so that today’s tips will help you find out in time what to do and how long to use your mobile.