How to Protect your self from Oral Cavity Cancer

We all care about our health and strive to stay healthy and beautiful. However careful we can sometimes get various kinds of illnesses, which can be very dangerous to our health.One of those dangerous illnesses that have to do a lot of cancer of the oral cavity.

This type of cancer is much more common than we might think. It most commonly occurs in people over 45 and especially in smokers and those who consume large quantities of alcohol.

Otherwise, oral cancer is one of the ten most-represented tumors that occur in humans.

It most commonly appears in the mouth, namely the tonsils, the root of the mouth, the bottom of the oral cavity, the lateral parts of the tongue, and appears on the front of the gums. salivary glands.

There are also tumors of dental origin, bone tumors.

People usually don’t notice the first symptoms

The first symptoms may be different, for example, sores on the inside of the cheeks or lips, which do not pass very slowly or at all.

A lump or stain may appear red or white in the oral cavity.

Other symptoms that may occur are stiffness of the lips mouth, pain, bleeding for no apparent reason. It may start to hurt your teeth, discoloration of the voice, inflammation of the throat that does not pass.

Certainly, the symptoms we have listed may be a sign of some other illness, in any case. you should visit a doctor to check their health condition and to see if these signs represent a risk to your health.

Which people are in the critical group?

Generally, regardless of age, all people are at risk of oral cavity cancer, but people over the age of 45 are still more likely to develop the disease.

People who are less immune or have chronic illnesses are at greater risk. with the immune system.

Cigarettes and smoking a big danger?

Unfortunately, 90 percent of cancer patients around the neck or head are smokers, which is a true indication of how much this group of people is likely to get this type of cancer.

places where lips come in contact with pipe smoke. This risk covers a large group of people, given how many people in the world smoke cigarettes.

It is, therefore, best to quit smoking and reduce the chance of this. type of cancer.


Alcohol is also a particularly high risk for those who consume more than one drink daily.

If you smoke and drink it is even worse, especially for people over 50 years of age.

How Do I Find Out About Oral Cavity Cancer?

Dentists and doctors recognize it during a routine medical examination. If they notice symptoms, then they will thoroughly examine your oral cavity to see if there is anything suspicious.

Then if they notice something, they will refer you to a specialist who will confirm or rule out a tissue biopsy. this disease.

Method of treatment

If the disease is just starting, then surgery to remove cancer and some of the surrounding tissue is done immediately to remove the diseased cells.

In some cases, part of the tongue or another part of the oral cavity must be removed when needed.

An oral cavity reconstruction operation can then be performed.

Radiation treatment and chemotherapy

When it comes to this type of treatment then it depends on the stage of the disease.

Sometimes even though surgery is already done, the patient may continue with chemotherapy. the occurrence of cancer.

How to protect yourself from this cancer

The rule is always better to prevent than to cure. The following habits will help you reduce your risk of oral cavity cancer :

– when exposed to the sun use a protective factor, more precisely a balm with a protective factor of 15 or more

-It’s best to quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake

– Teeth should also be cleaned regularly with a toothbrush and a brush.

Maintaining oral hygiene is very important to reduce the chance of developing this cancer,

but it also helps to detect it at an early stage when the chances of healing are much higher.

– Food is certainly one of the most important factors. You need to consume as much fruit and vegetables as you can.

Vitamin A is very important in reducing the chance of this type of cancer. Consume as many fatty fish, eggs, milk, carrots, spinach, and veal liver.


In today’s article, we learn about the ways, symptoms, and treatment of oral cavity cancer. Unfortunately, this disease is widespread worldwide.

We have described what preventive measures can be taken to protect each of us before this cancer occurs. So live a healthy and nourishing life to have a happy and long life.