Nutrition Healthy Food, after 30 Year of our Life

Everyday nutrition healthy food allows us to import nutrients, proteins, minerals, and all that is needed for the proper functioning of our organism. It is necessary to avoid foods that have already been proven to have bad effects on us.

Nutrition Healthy Food is an important thing. Age to be careful to always eat healthy, after 30 years of life, we need to be more careful, because then our organism begins to lose its resistance.

We should forget about fruit yogurts, soybeans, white bread, and other products.

After the 30 years from our living, it’s time to think more seriously about our health,

to watch out for nutrition and life habits, it is better to prevent than to cure.

As we approach the middle ages, we begin to be prone to the occurrence of various diseases,

much easier than when we were 25 years old, that’s why we must be careful about the daily diet.

If we eat properly and moderately, we will protect ourselves from the onset of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The more we throw away the harmful products from our diet,

will be Unhealthy foods should not normally be eaten at any time but after 30 years,

we should really be careful about the diet.

The organism shows us how some food we used to consume before,

already we can not eat it, it gives us signs that it’s time to make a change in the diet.

In the following text, we will be able to know which foods we need to reduce or eject from the daily diet.


It is quite present in our daily diet, she is considered healthy and food, but the same is the same as the meat that we want to replace with soybeans.

What is actually soybeans.? It is highly genetically modified food. As for its nutrients for our organism,

they are not yet well known. can cause various inflammatory processes in our body,

and may harmfully affect the work of the thyroid gland.

In its composition, there is a phytoestrogen, which imitates estrogen in the body.

Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the diet of soybeans, of children who are still in growth

It also has other vegetable-based products if we want to replace the meat.

Fruit yogurt

Yogurt is one of the most common products we almost always have in our refrigerator.

This fruit yogurt in only one cup has 47 grams of sugar, which is really a lot.

The daily amount of sugar that we have to put in our body is 38 grams for men and 25 grams of sugar for women.

If we already want and can not omit yogurt from the daily diet, the best variant is our regular yogurt mixed with fresh fruit.

Otherwise, yogurt helps digest food, when we add fruit and we will do a great job, and our organism will be grateful.

The fruit yogurts contain more artificial flavors of fresh foods.

Juice and drinks with a straw.

Maybe a little ridiculous but true is that if one hundred times we use straws when we drink something, wrinkles begin to grow around the lips.

After 25 years of life, collagen production begins to decrease. drinks with a straw will cause wrinkles around the lip.

The wrinkles, of course, must then emerge, but to prevent it from appearing so quickly is desirable.

Even in some countries drinking with a straw is forbidden because they are harmful to the environment.

Fish looked at.

Fish are more often grown in indoor pools, and fed with the remains of themselves,

because of which they do not are as healthy as fish that are raised on natural rivers and lakes,

maybe it is better to buy and pay more expensive,

but healthy and fresh fish bred in natural conditions better solution.

Even and sardines that have been frozen can be good.


Always when we were kids we were the one who was looking for bread, but when we grow older we need to change our habits.

White bread increases blood sugar and reduces protein and vitamins.

It also contains fewer nutrients, and as we grow older they will be even more needed than before.

The same is true for the warm baking of white flour, they have little nutrients and have a greater amount of sodium.

Fruit Juice.

Very often on the packaging of the juices writes 100 percent fruit.

When the juice will be extracted from the fruit, we get and we import too much sugar into the blood.

Nothing is better than freshly squeezed juice in the home, it is healthier for our organism.

The Fruit Juice we buy contain additional sugar, they are often pasteurized,

which means the nutritive ingredients sensitive to heat will be destroyed

and we will not use their positive substances when drinking such juices.

The popcorn with butter.

As we grow older, we are more concerned about our health, our brain and we see how much more we can stop it’s it crashes

The popcorn in the microwave is harmful over 30 years and here is why.

The popcorn coat has a large number of trans fats, which affect memory, adversely affect the brain.

They disrupt the production of omega 3 fatty acids, which are necessary for the health of our brains.

According to some claims, the inner shells of the sachet, which is used for better to not run out of popcorn, is harmful.

The popcorn can be for children and younger, but for over 30 years we should cut as much as we can.

 Cakes from the market.

Although domestic cakes are not the best, the solution is better than those in the markets.

They have bad things in their composition, so they can have more durability and to be beautiful and fresh.

The fact they contain is harmful to our health.

Best is home prepared cakes, where we decide on how much we will set an example of sugar or other ingredients to reduce the negative side of their use.

Council. In today’s text, we talked about health and nutrition after 30 years of our life, which we can reduce.

you can not quit about some of them, you will now know their nutritional properties, so in the future, you can use in planning the daily diet