Nutrition Food in Summer

Nutrition Food in Summer all we need to know. Summer is coming slowly but surely when the temperatures begin to climb over 30 degrees Celsius. During the summer we all dress more easily.

Nutrition Food in Summer we can take some advice. Yes, we can spend the hot summer days in a more pleasant atmosphere.

We lower the amount of makeup on the face, more liquids, of course, most in the summer, we need water, but are all this enough to cope with summer temperatures?

Nutritionists recommend some minor dietary changes and the use of beverages so that we can handle it more easily summer days in order to make our body more beautiful and pleasant.

We all think that in the summer the best thing about cooling is a glass full of ice, but that’s not true.

Use the following tips to help you cope with the summer days and hot temperatures on the air.

1.Energy during the hot summer days?

During the summer it is advisable to eat early in the morning, around 7 am to 8 am. Because if we have breakfast earlier then, and we will lunch earlier at around 12 o’clock.

If we are lunch in this period of the day, we can freely eat the big and nutritious a meal.

We eat sooner, we will not experience difficulties in the body, and we will bring more energy.

After lunch is over, the best is just consuming small and light meals during the day.

2. How to cool the body?

In the summer days instead of drinking cold coffee, it’s better to drink warm green or black tea. We’ll suddenly notice that it will be sweating a lot less than with cold drinks.

3. Treat the diet with potatoes, bananas, and sesame.

It’s important to work at a summer meal rich in potassium. Foods rich in potassium are bananas, sesame, green leafy vegetables, potatoes, and similar products.

This food is very important in the summer, as potassium facilitates the work of the heart and blood vessels that are consumed in the summer period.

4. Less meat consumption, more yogurt.

Meat accelerating the metabolism by 40 percent. In the winter period, it is great for warming up the body when it’s cold.

During the summer, eating meat causes more sweating, weakness and relaxation can occur.

How much can you avoid meat at the expense of the meat, eat more fermented milk foods

5.Ice cream.

Eat ice cream but only moderate. When we eat ice cream and cold desserts in the summer, there is a quick download of our body temperature, which is certainly not good and useful for the body.

Ice cream is quite difficult to process in the body, while cold drinks can adversely affect our immunity.

6. Avoid foods rich in iodine.

In hot summer days, all nutritionists and food experts and ingredients recommend avoiding iodine.

Avoiding iodized foods and a larger amount of salt. The cooked dishes with as much less salt as possible, or they can use it in small quantities.

The ice is an opponent of the diet, because it slows down the decomposition of food, and makes it difficult to digest.

This may cause problems and difficulties in the stomach. How much can you avoid any stimulants that you think will increase your energy? Coffee is a beverage that needs to be avoided, it increases energy, but it is only with immediate effect.

7. Use some lemon or salt in the water.

The daily amount of water needed on the body is 30 milliliters per kilogram of weight.

Depending on the weight, it is easy to calculate individually how much water we need for the normal functioning of the organism so that dehydration does not occur.

This calculation applies only to water, for other drinks, we need another type of calculation.

The water is desirable to drink it well, that is, to put a little squeezed lemon juice or a few grains of salt.

This procedure will reduce sweating or evaporation.

We hope that these tips we write you will find application in every day in our lives and will make it easier to cope with the long hot summer days, and we will easily wait for the arrival of autumn …