Natural Juice Regenerates the Body

Start every morning with a natural juice, a vitamin bomb that will give you energy and strength to withstand the day.

In today’s modern times of our body, it really needs a healthy diet, and it’s best to do it with natural multivitamin drinks.

Drinks such as freshly squeezed juice.Health and fresh juices that will purify the body from accumulated toxins.

The juices of vegetables regenerate the body, at the same time they strengthen the immunity of our body.

All in the kitchen have a juicer, and even they can not have it, manually can to be squeeze the juices and enjoy their consumption.

An apple juice.

It is a juice with excellent properties that contain pectin, which helps to cleanse the liver and intestines in our body.

It removes toxins from our bodies. The best is to be 100% pure apple juice.

Carrot juice.

This juice contains folic acid, beta carotene, a whole set of vitamins C, B, and E so-called longevity vitamins, and contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium.

The carrot juice is a great saver for the beauty of the skin, nails, and hair.

It contains vitamin A stimulate the growth of cells, normalizes the exchange of substances, maintains the chemical reaction in the body.

It enhances immunity and improves vision.

A recommendation because it contains a lot of sugar, it is best to drink it mixed with water or with other vegetable and fruit juices.

For a quick refresh, the best drink is to put in juicer two carrots,  one apple, and one celery.

For better immunity, drain in a juicer two carrots, two pieces of beets and one lemon, add a little parsley, a spoonful of royal jelly, and a teaspoon of sesame.

The juice is good for smokers, reduces carcinogens in cigarettes.

Tomato fruit.

It contains a large amount of lycopene, which is useful in the fight against cancer and heart disease.

The tomato juice is successful in protecting against ultraviolet radiation.

Vitamins C and E are useful for relaxing, and relaxation of the body. Consume either pure juice, or mixing one part juice with two parts

Cabbage juice.

The Cabbage contains calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, iron, and selenium that prevent cancer. It also prevents the appearance of an ulcer in the stomach.

There are many vitamins B, C, E, and provitamin A. Because juice has a strong taste recommended the combination with carrot juice or apple.

Potato juice.

Of vitamins has B, C, and K vitamins. Like potassium, iron, magnesium. It works well in digestive organs.

It can be consumed in a combination of juices from cabbage or carrot.

It is best to drink juice when it is the most mature, and it is in the period o July through February.

During the rest of the period, the poisonous substance is accumulated in the potato.

Beet juice

This juice is very rich in minerals and vitamins, mostly with phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur, which contribute to the formation of red cells.

it also helps the nervous system, rheumatism, and high blood pressure. It purifies the organism from poisonous substances.

The beets should be kept in the refrigerator for three hours before use, as it contains substances that cause nausea and which are destroyed in the fridge.

At night is the ideal time is to consume this juice and only one glass per day. An excellent combination is beets juice with apple juice and lemon, in combination 1: 3: 1.

For one very popular drink, a combination of one carrot, one beetroot, one lemon, one tomato, and one spinach hand.

Just before use, the foods that make the juices to be well washed,

the husks are used because they are the most important and the healthiest substances.

The freshly drink juice, need immediately to drink, except the beet juice, which we said we must have a certain time in the refrigerator.