Myths and Effect of Alcohol

Facts and misconceptions about drinking alcohol. We want to drink some cup of alcohol, but we can sometimes overdo it in its consumption. In the following, we will write you a few myths and truths about its Effect.

It is true. People can more alcohol drink, especially when it comes to drunkenness, men are more resistant. The effect of Alcohol is related. the main reason for this is the greater weight of men.

1 Men can drink more alcohol than women.

which allows them to have a lower amount of alcohol in the blood. In men, 62 percent of water in the body, while in women it is 52 percent.

So, more water helps to dilute alcohol. For example, if a man and a woman are drinking the same amount of alcohol, the effect of alcohol will be more pronounced in the woman.

2 Coffee is sobering?

When alcohol enters the blood, it takes several hours for the body to get rid of it. So neither COFFEE nor the cold shower can help.

The coffee is more precisely concealing drunkenness, you will only feel a little better. In such a situation, the inconvenience may occur, because Declare that you are better, and e you decide to drive a car.

At such moments it is best to leave someone else who did not drink alcohol to drive your car.

Coffee not only helps you but worsens your condition causing dehydration of the body.

After alcohol, the best thing to drink is water, or possibly some sports drink.

The spirits contain electrolytes that are lost from the body during vomiting as a consequence of drunkenness.

3 Eat always before drinking alcohol.

True, do not go hungry at a party where you know that you are safe you will consume alcohol. The diet helps to reduce the absorption of alcohol, allowing it more time for the organism to handle the amount of alcohol consumed.

However, this does not mean that you can then drink alcohol as much as you like.

However, it is a fact that you do not need to drink alcohol on an empty stomach.

4 consuming noodles.

It’s a misconception. Consuming food after a stormy evening with lots of alcohol will not help you at all. The rule remains always to eat food before drinking alcohol. cand help, although they contain carbohydrates?

Foods are a much better choice because of fat supplements alcohol, or more precisely, its absorption in the blood.

5 Alcohol destroys the brain.

It is not true that alcohol kills brain cells, it can affect only the way their communication.

Although alcohol does not destroy the brain, it can affect neurological disorders, it more accurately affects memory and causes problems.

6 Colorless drinks are easier to drink.

Red wine is not the best solution if you want the next to mum the headache. It contains a tannin substance that causes pain and weight on the head.

The vice also belongs to the group of dark drinks, causing a headache. While consuming colorless drinks like vodka and gin, you will not cause such headaches the next day.

7 Mixing more drinks.

You can always come in the situation of drinking beer, so someone can offer you to try whiskey or red wine, you can think about what will happen to you.

The truth is that alcohol is alcohol, regardless of the type of drink But the mixing n and more drinks,

it will cause you to lose your temper, or you will come back to the situation and get hurt your head.

8 Does alcohol add more energy?

In the beginning, when you are under the influence of alcohol you will feel happy, because gives you more energy and because it suppresses your inhibitions.

Effect of Alcohol.

If you overdo alcohol consumption, the reverse process will start to start, you will start slowly moving, talking, and thinking slowly, and the mood itself will start to decrease.

Drink alcohol, but beware of the amount, so which is moderate whether alcohol, food, sports should be done moderately or very little.