Tips on What Food to Eat for Muscle and strength

Very often when we are on a diet or we want to have a clean muscle. We care about our diet. When it comes to dieting, there are foods and drinks that we can consume when we want to quickly rest and strengthen our muscles from the body.

With that, we will reduce the time for recovery of our muscles after training.

In today’s text, we will show you what types of foods we can consume for quick recovery of our muscles and reduce fatigue after training,

whether we train in the morning, at noon, or even in the evening.

We, therefore, need to have these foods in our fridge.


It has two types of whey protein and casein. The whey is well-known for its ability as fast and excellent food for the recovery of our muscles after training.

The casein is also a protein for muscle recovery after training only with this protein the recovery is slower.

With these two proteins, the Curd is the perfect dish for all those who train daily or engage in sports activities.

With Curd, our muscles recover when we rest or sleep. The body, besides these very important proteins, contains tank substances that help break down and absorb nutrients.

You can consume it with different types of food or you can eat it without any other food.


Nuts are a great source when it comes to omega 3 fatty acids. These acids help with inflammation.

Other important ingredients in nuts include protein for muscle mass,

electrolytes for better hydration and zinc that provides better immunity to the body.

Although nuts are perfect dining for vegans and vegetarians,

but also excellent sources of protein and other nutrients for those who eat meat and products of animal origin.


Curcuma is rich in curcumin, an excellent antioxidant that battles a large number of inflammation.

It reduces fatigue and muscle fatigue after strenuous training.

The condition of this spice helps to reduce muscle damage and helps to make it easier and faster to recover the muscles of the body.

Improves performance during training.

Curcumin reduces muscle pain, blocking inflammatory enzymes, which is great for our bodies.


Cocoa contains a large amount of vitamin B, antioxidants, and magnesium.

These ingredients are very important when it comes to reducing our body’s stress,

caused by intense training, more precisely balancing electrolytes and increasing levels of energy.

These antioxidants are able to cause relaxation of the blood vessels,

which reduces blood pressure and improves the general health of our body. Can be added cocoa in a drink after training.

Green tea

Green tea is widely known for its healing properties and benefits for human health.

This tea has an extremely rich antioxidant content, which restores our muscles before and after training,

in order to prevent injury and damage to cells during intense training.

It also allows us to be sufficiently hydrated, which is one of the most important things when we train and play sports,

because when the body is not sufficiently hydrated, the results of the training will be weaker and more unsuccessful.


In its nutritive form, it contains omega 3 fatty acids.

These fatty acids are the basis for the fight against inflammation.

It also contains high-quality protein.

This protein allows for the building of the much-desired muscle mass, which is certainly the main goal of intensive training.

It is best when we train in the morning or afternoon, for lunch and dinner to prepare salmon for consumption.

To have the maximum effect of salmon, it is best to eat 45 minutes after completing the hard and intense training.

mild potato

Simply consume mild potato always after training, and you can relax because you will not have any fatigue in the coming days.

This excellent choice of carbohydrates from potato complements the glycogen stores in our body,

which are certainly spent after intense training.

mild potato a great source of both beta carotene and vitamin C.

They actually give strength and durability to the body and muscle mass.

You can consume grilled baked goods, or stewed with olive oil and spices in the oven.


Spinach when it comes to recovery from training can be freely called a superfood and it is for good reason.

This powerful antioxidant is extremely helpful in fighting free radicals.

In addition to helping to prevent cancer and other serious cardiovascular and other illnesses,

but also for faster recovery of our muscle mass after intensive training.

Spinach should be used in everyday meals, as it improves the health of the whole body and strengthens the muscles.

Besides, spinach also contains magnesium that keeps it well condition muscle and nervous system. Spinach also helps to normalize the level of sugar in our blood. we can consume spinach alone in salades in combination with other types of food.