Moms nutrition-Breast feeding nutrition 22 Tips

Moms nutrition of new mothers is an interesting topic since it is very important for mothers to eat healthily after childbirth. The new mother’s body is still recovering and needs nutrients and good sources of energy to return to normal functioning. For faster healing, you need to bring the best for your baby, more precisely healthy food.

Many breastfeeding mothers point out that they are constantly feeling hungry and therefore need to get the body the nutrients it needs.

The American Society of Pediatrics says babies are breastfed for a year, but it may be best to breastfeed as much as you think is necessary.

Moms nutrition


Eggs should be eaten for breakfast for moms nutrition. This will reduce the weight gained during pregnancy.

By consuming breakfast eggs will help you burn fewer calories for the rest of the day.

Egg yolks contribute to vitamin intake D, which is important for the development of bones for both the mother and the breastfeeding baby. Egg choline helps develop the baby’s brain.


This meat is very important because it contains zinc and iron, which are extremely important for restoring lost energy as well as for better milk secretion.

The less fat the meat, the fewer calories you burn, which will help restore normal weight to new moms. It is best to eat veal three times a week.

Brown rice

New mothers should consume brown rice because of the carbohydrates it contains.

Brown rice will improve your energy and regulate blood sugar levels. Brown rice contains high fiber, magnesium, and B vitamins. In new moms it is usually low, so eating brown rice will improve it.


Avocado reduces hunger. It contains many ingredients needed for new moms. Contains folic acid, potassium, vitamins B, C and E. Provide healthy fats for your heart.


Salmon is the best fish to eat for new moms. It is known to contain very important omega-3 fatty acids.

These fatty acids are extremely important because they help improve heart function and are also useful for the baby’s brain and eye side if breastfeeding. Practice eating salmon two to three times a week.

Muesli with fiber

Eating muesli with a high percentage of fiber helps especially if you eat them for breakfast.

The best combination with this breakfast is probiotic yogurt. This yogurt is excellent because of the presence of calcium in the bones, and beneficial bacteria for better digestion


This healthy vegetable has two very important ingredients for new moms, folic acid and manganese.

Folic acid in its action helps to create new blood cells, which is important for new mothers, due to the loss of certain amounts of blood during childbirth.

Manganese is great for mothers who have had a cesarean section, helps with bone development, cartilage, and collagen.


Nuts are important because of the high amounts of essential minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, as well as vitamins K and B.

Apart from these minerals they also have essential fatty acids and protein. New mothers have enough to eat one hand a day.


Curcuma is widely used throughout the world by new mothers, although there is no evidence that it helps in the production of new mothers’ milk.

However, the anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin have been proven by clinical trials.

They are important for maternal health. It also helps strengthen the immune system.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are on the list of foods important to new mothers. This is due to the excellent properties and the presence of omega 3 fatty acids.

They contain amino acids in an ideal proportion for our body’s needs. They are rich in minerals and vitamins, among zinc and iron, which are important for mothers and babies.


Eat one serving of blueberries a day, and here’s why?

This great fruit is rich in antioxidants that inhibit free radicals and contribute to maternal and baby health.

Blueberries contain all the important minerals and vitamins for new mothers.

Not to mention that it also contains carbohydrates that will give mothers the needed energy to recover faster after childbirth. They also help stabilize blood sugar levels to always be at optimal levels.

Moms nutrition what new moms should not eat


When you drink coffee, tea, or other beverages containing caffeine, some of the caffeine ends up in baby milk.

Since babies cannot process and dispose of caffeine as quickly and efficiently as adults, the rest of the caffeine can cause insomnia and irritation.

it is best not to reduce your intake of coffee and caffeine drinks. Or if you can drink caffeine-free coffee.


You should also reduce chocolate, as it contains a small amount of caffeine.

If you find that your baby has sleep problems, try avoiding chocolate for a few days. The effect will be seen very quickly and the baby will sleep better.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit may contain infants that may interfere with the baby.

Gastrointestinal disorders may develop, as well as vomiting, rashes, and other problems.

Do the same test as with chocolate. If you find that when you do not eat citrus fruits your baby is better off, discard these foods from the diet. Replace them with another vitamin C fruit.


Vegetables such as broccoli can lead to baby cramps and gases. New mothers should avoid eating broccoli for a few days if they notice the symptoms we listed.

Or try eating small amounts of broccoli to see what effect they will have.


New mothers can consume alcohol, but moderate for example a glass of beer or wine. More than one glass affects the baby badly.

The American Academy of Pediatrics claims that drinking alcohol can be uncomfortable for the baby.


We all know about the benefits we get from consuming garlic. It is really good and beneficial for our health.

But when it comes to new mothers it is not recommended. Garlic can work by changing the taste of milk.

According to scientists even and two hours after consuming garlic, it can affect the taste of a baby’s milk. Often babies will grimace when they feel the taste of garlic in milk.


We all like to eat peanuts while watching TV, they are quite healthy for the body.

New mothers can eat peanuts, but they need to be careful. Because babies can easily get allergies because peanuts are allergenic.

Babies may develop allergies such as rashes, eczema, and difficulty breathing.

Dairy products

New mothers consume yogurt, cheese, ice cream, milk products.

These products can cause allergies to the baby. There are various symptoms such as cramps, vomiting, insomnia, and more.


Although we do not eat a lot of shells, new moms should be careful. Shells are allergenic, they can cause allergies in babies.

Parents who are allergic to shells should avoid consuming shells because of the possibility that the baby may be allergic.


Protein shakes and energy products that contain soy protein can cause allergic symptoms in mothers and infants. If you experience some unusual allergy-like symptoms, then avoid this diet.


As with other foods with allergy symptoms, the same can be true for corn.

If you find that after eating corn the baby shows signs of allergy (cramps, discomfort) then avoid corn in your daily diet.

Final conclusion

New moms after childbirth need high quality and healthy nutrition. Nutrition with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates or simply versatile foods to restore energy and energy lost during childbirth.

In today’s article, we’ve reviewed foods that are best for new moms.

Carefully we choose foods that will meet the body’s needs.

We also point out foods that should be avoided.

Luckily for new mothers and their babies and watch out for nutrition, it is one of the most important elements for proper baby development.